March 2017

APAC / March 2017 67 Global Expertise, Filipino Heart g The Memory Wellness Program offers the following services: 1. Memory Screening & Diagnosis 1. Memory Screen Panel 2. Vascular Risk Screening 3. Neurocognitive Screening 4. Neuroimaging 5. Comprehensive Screening Package - All of the above with EEG and follow-up basic Psychological Tests in 6 months 6. Basic Psychological Testing The Memory Wellness Program This is a program designed to evaluate the patient’s memory function and identify risks of memory decline. The team provides neurocognitive screening, a comprehensive evaluation for patients with cognitive disorders as well as family sessions to educate the patients’ families and caregivers about the appropriate care plan. Memory Wellness Management Package (SOLO or GROUP) • A multi-disciplinary, person- centered, needs-based approach in managing patients with memory loss & dementia. • It will have group & individual sessions addressing different aspects of an individual’s memory & well-being. Pacemaker and Syncope Services Pacemaker and Syncope Services was formally launched and blessed by our officiating chaplain, Rev. Fr. Alfredo Biong, OSM last November 12, 2015. Arrhythmia Consultation, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) and Pacemaker Interrogation are the forefront of Cardiac Center’s outpatient services under the medical expertise of Dr. Anthony B. King Jr. and his team of Electrophysiologists and Interventionists – Dr. Luigi Segundo, Dr. Paul Quetua, and Dr. Giselle Gervacio.