March 2017

66 APAC / March 2017 , markets we serve. This program will be anchored on a fully digital information system that provides for access to information, diagnosis, and prescribed therapies in real time, anywhere, everywhere in the South. Tele- Radiology and telemedicine will be our chief enabler in linking the specialists needed with each patient in the community we serve that will allow Care as needed, Anywhere, Anytime. Increasing cost of healthcare. The Multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment is already in full implementation at our Asian Cancer Institute (ACI) and this is the foundation of the “collaborative care culture” we continue to spread and strengthen within Asian’s medical community. Asian is leading the industry in breaking the silos and barriers to collaborative care by creating Integrated Practice Units (ACI model) and therefore stopping the fee for service model that makes healthcare service costly and fragmented. Emerging Trends Trends in healthcare and how Asian has leveraged itself in pursuing growth opportunities: a. Increasing demand for chronic care i. Expanding our Step Down care facility (Telemetry-30 beds) ii. Expanding the scope and geographic reach our Palliative, Homecare and Hospice care service. iii. Creation of a sub-acute care facility and ultimately an assisted living community. b. Shift to universal Healthcare i. Asian Hospital’s goal of Better Outcomes at a Lower Cost that delights all patients is the game changer that will make Universal healthcare get implemented successfully and sustainably. c. Sustained migration of well- trained Filipino healthcare professionals to 1st World markets. i. Asian Hospital remains committed to training the best healthcare professionals as we strengthen our rewards and benefits for them by providing a strong commitment to support their family’s need for educational, health and housing subsidies. ii. Topped by our firm commitment to support the pursuit of higher learning (Master’s and Doctoral degrees) of our Nurses and staff to make them feel how much we value their service and strong desire to learn and grow with Asian. iii. Asian Hospital is determined to get the MAGNET recognition by 2020 or earlier. We have started our journey this year. Transforming the Quality of Care through Innovations and New Milestones Three (3) new centers were launched: (1) Asian Cancer Institute; (2) Brain Wellness Center; and (3) Pacemaker and Syncope Services. The Asian Cancer Institute The Asian Hospital and Medical Center, as a leading healthcare organization, envisions an innovative approach for cancer care in the Philippines by creating a world-class, multidisciplinary, and integrative cancer care facility where the cancer patient is totally comforted and cared for. It features a cutting-edge, innovative and evidence-based treatment following a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) approach, which consists of a group of expert medical and allied cancer specialists. ACI was launched in July 2015. The Asian Cancer Institute is unique among cancer centers in the Philippines and is a “one-stop shop” using the innovative team approach in cancer prevention and management, with access to the most advanced cancer therapy technology. It is manned by a competent group of dedicated oncologists and allied oncology professionals who are recognized experts in their fields. The Asian Cancer Institute is designed to provide the public and patients the following: • State-of-the-art, innovative, and evidence-based treatment by a group of expert medical and allied cancer specialists. • The most advanced Radio Therapy services with its state- of-the-art, image-guided, new TomoDirect™ Tomotherapy HDA-H Series machine system that treats a full spectrum of patients without compromise and ensures the highest standards of precision and safety. In addition, it has an advanced High Dose Rate capable Brachytherapy system and MX16 Evo CT scans. • Great convenience, fast, and easy access to screening and diagnostic procedures. • Individualized yet comprehensive cancer therapy and management. • Compassionate care where every patient is totally cared for. • A healing environment that comforts and heals the body as well as the spirit. The Institute, with its pursuit of further advancing cancer study and research, has invited top international medical practitioners to share their knowledge and expertise on their respective fields, gaining audiences from consultants and residents in training from DLSU, UST, JRRMH and others. They were: Dr. Mark Daniel Pegram, Professor at the Women’s Cancer Center of Stanford University in California, USA (Breast Cancer Management, July 11); Dr. Mark Kris, Chief of Thoracic Oncology Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA (Best Practices of Thoracic Oncology, July 17); Dr. David Schrump, Head Surgeon of Thoracic Surgery, Center for Cancer Research in Bethesda in Maryland, USA (Immuno- Thoracic Oncology & Stephen Solarz International Fellowship Program, November 10); and Dr. Vincent Gregoire, Radiation Oncologist and Director of the Center for Molecular Imaging and Experimental Radiotherapy in Belgium (Tomotherapy Training Workshop on Contouring for Head and Neck Cancers, December 19). Brain Wellness Center The Brain Wellness Center was launched last November 9, 2015. It is an integrated and patient- centered facility that offers a holistic program for general brain health and various brain disorders (such as Dementia) from prevention to early recognition and management. The Brain Wellness Center caters to clients who worry, as well as patients with impairments. It aims to provide a place to improve brain health, maximize cognitive potentials, decrease the risk of brain disorders and manage brain health problems. The roster of specialists that comprises the Brain Wellness Center Team includes adult neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatric neurologists, rehabilitation medicine specialists, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and psychometricians. They work together seamlessly to give our patients multidisciplinary care tailored-fit to address their unique needs.