March 2017

60 APAC / March 2017 , 1701AP35 A Rise in the Importance of Content CEO of the Year, Murielle Paviet-Fanolliet of Cash CowConsulting, talks to us about the firm and what keeps her motivated to ensure ongoing success. Cash Cow Consulting is a boutique marketing and communications company that services leading and emerging organisations in all industries including information technology, professional services and engineering/manufacturing in Asia-Pacific and around the world. Murielle tells us more about the firm and its clientele. “We work with clients such as Infor, Intergraph, McAfee, GHD (not the hair straighteners!), and JCurve to name a few – on B2B and B2C projects spanning corporate communications and integrated marketing campaigns to social media. “One of our specialties is technical content marketing. We transform scientific and technical information into impactful communications that are benefit- driven, on-message and easily understood by the audience.” Founded and operated by Murielle Paviet-Fanolliet in 1995, Cash Cow Consulting is focused on helping its clients create compelling content that delivers quality leads and higher brand equity. “Our unique approach is to work as an extension of our clients’ marketing departments, and add value by providing simple, yet creative solutions that maximise the return on their marketing investment,” explains Murielle. “Our ongoing strategy is based on establishing strong partnerships with our clients and delivering client service excellence. We apply a number of best practices to our work. Upfront we assess and plan, continuing with execution, management oversight and leadership. Finally, we believe in measuring the results of our work. As such, we regularly connect with our clients to evolve and optimise our strategy and tactics to ensure valuable outcomes. “Cash Cow Consulting’s key differentiators are our passion, expertise, insight, and a keen sense of urgency. We believe in collaborating closely with our clients – we work with them, not for them – to help them realise their goals. Most importantly, everything we do is focused on generating leads, driving brand awareness and enhancing thought-leadership.” Technology is continuing to change the marketing discipline and that’s not going to stop any time soon. For Cash Cow Consulting, technology is key. “We certainly wouldn’t be immersed in the digital marketing field without it,” states Murielle. “With the changes in data-driven marketing and technology, it’s important to stay abreast of developments. Responsive web design, big data and the Internet of Things are technologies we are increasingly helping our clients leverage to improve the overall consumer experience. “So much has changed in the past decade. The digital transformation that’s taking place is affecting all industries and businesses. When Cash Cow Consulting first began, the marketing communications we produced for our clients were mostly destined for mass media. For example, we created and managed complex print media, advertising and direct mail campaigns across APAC. As technology evolved and social media platforms were unleashed, the world of marketing communications changed. Most of our work today is created for use across digital and social media platforms, and we’ve moved away from mass communications in favour of tailored and customised communications. “One the biggest changes I’ve seen is the rise in the importance of content. With social media becoming an essential part of modern marketing, there is now a huge focus on both verbal and visual content. As a marketing communications consultancy, we’ve had to change our business model. The work we produce today is shorter, sharper and more targeted. It is also highly visual and includes infographics, particularly when we are promoting technology- based solutions. Case studies and thought-leadership pieces are still a key part of B2B marketing, however they are now optimised for different platforms including print, video, web and social media. “Mostly we’re moving at an extremely fast pace. Campaign plans are shorter and execution is faster and more complex. Yet the use of business intelligence, predictive analytics and customer relationship management are enabling the realisation of integrated marketing campaigns like never before. “It’s an exciting time to be in business and one that keeps us on our toes!” Murielle keeps herself motivated with new challenges and projects, something she feels adds to her success as CEO. “Our business has grown steadily since inception based on three key principles – agility, perseverance and ambition. “The need to achieve and succeed keeps me motivated. I focus on setting realistic goals and tracking our progress. I also take care of myself with regular exercise and meditation. While I am invested in my business 24/7, I set regular times to unplug and give myself some time to recalibrate. “The cornerstone of my success lies in loving what I do, and getting immense satisfaction from helping our clients achieve an integrated brand voice across all media platforms. My attributes include credibility, expertise, loyalty and a caring nature. I’m a straight shooter, honest, tell it how it is, and am decisive. My unwavering focus is on my clients, and I have a clear vision for the company. I keep a low profile and shun the public spotlight, preferring to be a quiet achiever and let my work speak