March 2017

APAC / March 2017 55 K Company: Manage Damage Website: Risky Business g and receive recoveries from poorly administered insurance: clients can rest assured that the cost reduction mechanism we advise is sustainable.” Ultimately, we believe any professional in a corporate environment must know their numbers and how you can quantify the costs and benefits of their work. Health, safety, environmental, quality (HSEQ) and administrative functions in business must understand and manage budgets and business cases. When true dollars are applied, action towards creating a safer workplace is created from new costs allocated to harm sources. In order to explain this, Manage Damage have created an innovative new course which will explore the positive impact an organisation by cost focusing and establishing true costing of harm; the course discusses key elements of this harm accounting model. This is the centre of the firm’s future focus as it seeks to develop this and provide it to a wide range of clients. “Personally, I am passionate about OHS’s/ Risk professionals being able to hold their own at board level, and as such we must be able to talk in financial terms and to have real financial and business acumen. Therefore, we have created a course for professionals called ‘Creating a Financial Relevance’”. “This unique course covers financial aspects for non-financial personnel; creating those parties an immediate financial relevance in business. This helps to enable HSEQ personnel to achieve their own KPIs of reducing harm, through fine tuning and remedying existing risk management strategies, as well as making HSEQ relevant by allowing these personnel to speak in financial terms. “The objective is to empower people to create a financial relevance for HSEQ and Administrative functions in business, which is essential for these personnel to aid and facilitate the platforms to achieve company KPIs of reducing harm. “Unfortunately, cost is often not addressed nor understood by the key HSEQ departmental players and hence zero relevance achieved in any meeting or call for action. To remedy this, we aim to make HSEQ relevant by allowing these personnel to speak in financial terms”. “The results are astonishing, and include significant cost reductions and reduced damage. As such we are keen to continue working to support our clients through the provision of high-end strategic management for reduced costs and we look forward to working with more clients and supporting them in all their risk management needs as we look towards a bright and exciting future.”