March 2017

APAC / March 2017 47 , Norman Draper of PKF Australia gives us an in-depth insight into the firmand how it is faring in the APAC region. Strong Relationships PKF Australia is a full service Professional Services Accountancy Practice which specialises in servicing the middle market. PKFA comprises twelve offices located in every major business market across Australia. It is ranked number nine by size and has more than 700 team members. Norman elaborates on the firm’s areas of specialism and its clientele. “We provide Domestic and International Tax, Audit and Assurance, Corporate Advisory, Wealth Management, Corporate Restructure, Bookkeeping, Outsourcing and Forensic services. “Our clients are predominantly in the Private Sector, High Net Worth families, Not for Profits and Listed Companies.” The firm’s aim is to be the best relationship based Accounting Firm in Australia. Norman states that this will be achieved through its commitment to its values of passion, teamwork, clarity, quality and integrity. “We are a network that prides itself on establishing strong relationships with our clients. At the commencement of any opportunity we ensure that we understand the client’s needs and then match these with the most appropriate team member that will be able to achieve the outcome. We ensure there is an opportunity to gauge one another’s integrity and compatibility.” PKFA ensures it differentiates itself from the competition with a network built on organic growth of independent firms with a common ethic to develop long- term personal relationships with its clients. “We have managed to retain extensive accessibility by our clients to Partner,” explains Norman. “We have also achieved strong staff retention rates which provide the consistency of relationships and this allows the development of a deep knowledge of our client’s commercial and personal circumstances. This builds trust which is manifested in lifelong relationships”. Norman gives a brief overview of his industry in the APAC region and the challenges it faces. “The evolution of technology has had a profound effect on the industry. With the sophisticated data analysis tools now available we are able to access and interpret information on a grand scale. “These changes have provided a wonderful opportunity for us to provide value added services. The challenge is to meet the ever increasing requirements of our clients as they expand their businesses both nationally and globally. “We have met this challenge by investing in technology and by becoming involved across the global markets through our extensive international network. “We are extremely fortunate that our network is located in 120 Countries and is represented in every key economic centre in the world. “This means that through collaboration with our international colleagues we are constantly providing and being provided with trends throughout the global market which are then able to be implemented through our Global Intranet training. “In Asia we have established Specialised Groups and a Strategy Committee which meets regularly to discuss emerging developments across Asia.” With regards to the future, both for PKFA and the sector it operates within, Norman has high hopes for continued growth. “PKF has recently appointed an Asian Regional Director who has the important role of providing connectivity with the Asian Market and our 20 plus offices located in the ASPAC region. “This is seen as an important emphasis for our Australian Network in order to both attract new relationships and to support our clients in the region. “There is no doubt that in order to meet clients’ needs in the future we must continue to invest in technology and to develop specialist expertise. “We must also ensure that we continue to communicate with our clients by offering them relevant value-added opportunities. “Our clients require global reach and solutions and this will only be effectively delivered if there are safe hands to look after them throughout the world. “We are therefore well aware of our commitment to the Asian Market and will continue to invest in the region.” “I think that despite the vast changes that have occurred in the past decade and will continue to evolve, the one attribute that must remain paramount is the maintaining of strong personal relationships between adviser, contacts and clients. “Without that old fashioned element of integrity and reliability we cannot earn the ultimate position of Trusted Adviser.” K Company: PKF Australia Name: Norman Draper Position: CEO, PKF Australia Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 12/440 Collins Street Melbourne Australia Telephone: +61 3 9679 2222 1702AP21