March 2017

44 APAC / March 2017 , 1701AP13 Delivering Excellence is Key K Raheja Corp offers exquisite residences to adaptive workplaces, skilfully created hotels, and convention centres to exceptional retail destinations. They also deliver aspirational spaces with distinct characteristics and attributes, making each of its offerings inimitable. We learn fromShabbir H. Kanchwala, Senior VP about how the firmoperates in the industry. K Raheja Corp has been around for six decades and stands today as one of India’s leading real estate developers. The business is diversified across realty, hospitality, retail and retail development. The company has pioneered the concept of self- contained residential townships and commercial business districts in the country. The firm is India’s leading developer having the largest green building footprint on PAN India basis. As a responsible developer, K. Raheja Corp understands the importance of client & customer satisfaction by delivering world class buildings either a commercial office space, residence, hospitality or retail space. Hence, the vision of K. Raheja Corp. is to deliver world class buildings to its clients keeping in mind that it should be sustainable & environment- friendly. Hence, the company has decided & is committed to have their projects as LEED certified Green buildings projects which K. Raheja Corp. is doing voluntarily & makes value addition to clients. K Raheja Corp has a reputation for commitment to quality, sustainability, and determination to continue to deliver to client’s top-notch spaces, which are possible only with the best quality materials. With an experience of over six decades, the company’s diverse extensions, focusing on successful formats and commercial business sets them apart from the others in the industry. K Raheja Corp is also the first Corporate in the realty sector who started branding their verticals because they believed the products needed to speak for themselves. Hence all their commercial properties are branded, Mindspace and Commerzone. Shabbir H. Kanchwala, Senior Vice president give us a brief summary of how the industry is operating at the moment. “The growing need for developing multiple projects across cities has led the real estate developers to invest in centralized processes to the source material and organize workforce and hiring experts in different areas. Keeping in mind the aspect of globalization and the well-informed customers, the developers have accepted the current challenges and are striving towards overcoming them. Better transparency, getting rid of fly by night operators, delay in approval processes and meeting due diligence standards are some of the challenges faced by the sector. “At K Raheja Corp, the prime focus is functionality. Strong emphasis is given to aesthetic appeal and environmental sustainability. Cost customized solutions and keeping the integrity of the brand name are of great importance as they directly impact the final product and sales.” Staff at the firm play an important role with K Raheja Corp hiring talented and diverse individuals. Shabbir explains more about their approach to hiring staff. “Thorough product knowledge, an aptitude for understanding the market and what the company has to offer to a potential customer is something every employee at K Raheja is well aware and trained for. Delivering excellence is key, and for this, K Raheja provides employees with various performance management tools including Annual Performance Evaluation and Mid-year reviews which help them assess their work. “Hiring the right person, with a positive service mind-set is a hire for value. Being in a very competitive arena, it’s an everyday challenge to find the best candidate for a potential or current vacancy. Sharing the company culture with the potential to grow as an employee is something we share with the candidate. We look for ambitious and craven employees who seek to improve and learn every aspect of the industry with keenness.” Heading into the future, K Raheja Corp are optimistic and have welcomed 2017 with high expectations. Shabbir explains the firm’s future plans and what developments he foresees in the industry in the near future. “The year 2016 has laid a solid foundation, results of which we hope to see fructify in the year 2017. There are some significant landmark policies that we may see coming into force that will change the dynamics of the realty sector going forward. Sustainability and the construction of environment-friendly projects are fundamentals of K. Raheja Corp. and these will continue in future projects. “We hope that the issues of the much-needed reality reforms namely, ease of doing business and recognition as an industry gathers momentum. The GST, IT Policy, and RERA will congregate to change the way the industry functions leading to more transparency and regulation. This will also result in a better inflow of FDI’s and better prospects for the industry. With sufficient support from the government, the reality market is expected to see good times ahead.”