March 2017

APAC / March 2017 39 K Company: Nintex Name: CEO John Burton and APAC Sales VP Brian Walshe Web Address: Human-Centric World g Nintex’s approach to product development. Nintex has a proven track record of identifying dominant, growth-oriented applications that are becoming central pieces of their customer’s workday. “The value of Nintex’s platform to customers is evidenced in the company’s strong, sustainable growth in terms of both sales and customers.” The internal culture at the firm is that of hard work, but also fun. “One of our core values is that we’re “committed to the enduring success of our partners and customers.” It means that we need to provide a world-class workflow platform that delivers increasing value over a lifetime of use. “With regards to recruitment, we’re always looking for great talent and have a corporate culture that celebrates individual contributions and team collaboration. We believe every Nintex customer has a better day, a more productive day because of what we do. We make their jobs easier. We make their lives easier. It’s inspiring work, and we’re always looking to add inspired thinkers to our team.” Thinking of the future, John tells us a few key developments for Nintex to ensure its continued success. “Nintex is and will continue to be the workflow and content automation platform that enhances the value of and connects existing systems, content and the people who use them. “The firm keeps critical tenets in mind in all our activities. It’s easy to build powerful software; it’s hard to make powerful software easy. Our success is dependent on the successes of our ecosystem; customers, solution partners and industry partners working together. “Our platform must enable our customers for the future while encompassing and evolving existing investments to the future. Each new Nintex innovation builds on those of the past and enhances prior capabilities. “We must integrate the enterprise across its people, processes and content. To do so, we must empower the Line of Business and its relationship with IT.”