March 2017

APAC / March 2017 17 K Company: Gumnut Systems International Name: Nedim Aydogdu Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: +61291882056 Motivating the Workforce g of experienced staff as we are finding that it takes at least six months for new staff to learn our systems and be useful. We are also more successful in finding the young talent and moulding them into our corporate culture and work ethics. Under heavy supervision of our management we are getting much better results. “We have also learned that looking after our staff is very important in many ways. We have lots of social activities, including an annual company outing where we take all our staff on a well-deserved four-day holiday. This keeps them motivated and loyal to our business. Currently our management team has been with us for average 10 years and we have a very low rate of resignations with average staff staying with us for approximately four years in our company.” With regards to the future, Nedim states that the firm just wishes to do its best to keep on improving its business and products. “We are constantly monitoring the latest technological trends and also the security concerns for server based systems and offer the best solutions for our clients.”