March 2017

16 APAC / March 2017 , 1702AP26 Motivating the Workforce NedimAydogdu talks to APAC Insider about the firm, its strategic approach to technology and its intentions for the future. Gumnut Systems International is an Australian software development and marketing house specialising in Business management systems for SMEs. Nedim Aydogdu gives us a more in-depth overview of the firm, the services it provides and the type of clients it attracts. “Twenty years ago, when we had just started, our first systems were for businesses like physiotherapy, chiropractic, sports medicine centres,” he begins. “Then we have moved into the hair, beauty salons, cosmetic clinics, fitness clubs, hospitality and spas. “With our revolutionary spa system we have started marketing overseas, especially to 5-star hotel chains around 2010. Then we made a strategic decision and redeveloped our systems utilising Microsoft Visual studio, .Net and Sql server database. These new systems have been developed as a multi- location business management suite from ground-up. Since then we have also added many mobile apps and web functions to complement the main product. “Our systems are currently used by all the major hotel chains like Marriott Group, Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental group, Accor group, Q hotels, Aman resorts all around the world. We also look after Virgin Active, Nuffield Health and Fitness Express, Margaret Dabbs in UK and Endota Spas, Australian skin clinics in Australia. “We also have a 24/7 helpdesk to provide excellent support for our clients all around the world. The help desk is manned by our specialist who will connect to the clients systems and provide help. “Our current server based multi-location system is able to be utilised by businesses that may even have locations in different countries with their own taxes, currencies and legal requirements and languages. Furthermore each location can be completely self -customised and providing a different service. The client database is common therefore the business can offer loyalty systems, gift cards, memberships across the locations. We have also built special functionality for franchise operations to cover their needs. Adding a fully functional web environment for bookings and sales it makes the business operate 24/7. Our branded mobile apps also provide excellent operational features for the staff and marketing functions for their clientele.” The firm’s overall mission is to always keep striving to upgrade its systems with new technologies and keep the clients satisfied with its solutions. “Our dedicated team of developers and support specialists work around the clock to achieve this,” states Nedim. Indeed technology is of utmost importance to Gumnut Systems International and is one of the many reasons that the firm is able to differentiate itself from the competition and mark itself out as the best possible option for clients. “We are dedicated to provide the best solution for our clients this means that we are prepared to fully customise our system and develop additional functionalities for clients so that our systems are providing the best result. We have a team of developers who are constantly developing interfaces, reports, new functions for clients that require them. “We utilise the latest technologies and offer full customisation to our clients. Specifically, our branded mobile apps and web functions provide a unique solution. Our server based secure environment allows companies to easily manage their operations and grow.” Working in the APAC region is not without its challenges, and Nedim tells us more about how the firm overcomes issues and outside influences to stay ahead of the game and ensure it continued successful. “The most important is to understand the local culture of the countries that you work with,” he comments. “As we have been operating in this area for such a long time we have been successful in developing the special requirements for this region and the functions that they need. There are distinct differences in the way an Australian or UK business operates than an Asian business. “There are always a lot of outside influences that effect our region or regions that we are active in. We keep doing what we do best which is developing solutions and providing the best products to our clients. “The techniques we employ to stay head of emerging trends is simply to be always lead by our client base and their requirements - they usually will tell us what they need and we strive to fullfil their demands.” The internal culture of the firm is important to ensure that staff are happy in order to keep on achieving the same levels of success for Gumnut Systems International. “We are constantly improving the experience of our developers and training them in the use of the latest technologies,” says Nedim. “Especially the security concerns as these have been the main area of our developments for our server-based clients in their use of our systems, mobile and web apps. Our helpdesk staff are all very experienced in our systems and are able to provide solutions to clients on the spot. Their average staff expectancy is four years with Gumnut. “We have now made a decision to employ new graduates instead