March 2017

114 APAC / March 2017 , 1703AP13 Cost Effective 360 Degree Feedback Surveys MultiRater Surveys is a fully customisable online people analytics provider that assists organisations of all sizes and fromall sectors tomaximise employee engagement and performance which also results in increased customer service levels. We recently spoke to the founder of MultiRater Surveys, Mark Purbrick, and asked him to tell us more about the company. “The original survey platform was developed in 2010 which provided us with the ability to customise 360 degree leadership surveys for our clients”. However in late 2014, Mark and his team believed that the future of people analytics would require a survey platform that empowered HR and management teams to maximise leadership potential at all levels within an organisation, not just at the executive level. “We also believed that to facilitate the required increase in employee and customer engagement levels the cost would have to be justifiable and affordable”. Over the last two years, MultiRater Surveys has developed and upgraded the original survey platform to achieve this goal. The result is one of the most advanced cloud based survey platforms available. It has become apparent that the key focus in HR today is to become more relevant to the C-Suite, and to do so HR professionals must embrace disruption and innovation and solve business problems, not HR problems. In response Mark states “In order for HR Professionals to solve business problems they need tangible measurements and hard data. People analytics are going to be one of the most important tools for HR professionals and management teams in the future and MultiRater Surveys delivers this outcome in a highly cost effective way”. Mark explains to us why MultiRater Surveys was created. “Due to the high cost of 360 degree surveys, leadership development was only ever offered to executive team. This meant all the other people managers were missing out on vital leadership development and support. We wanted to bring leadership development to all people managers, not just the executives”. “Our main goal is for all managers and supervisors to truly benefit from leadership development, not just executive management. We also want to ensure that all employees receive regular feedback about their attitude and performance and that they are able to provide regular feedback to management.” It appears that MultiRater Surveys provides clients with a low cost unlimited usage, subscription based and functionally rich employee and customer survey platform, but what do clients most value about this platform? “The customer feedback we get reinforces that they love the ability to easily develop and customise their 180 performance reviews, 360 degree leadership development, employee engagement and customer pulse surveys”. It is important that a business has qualities that make them distinct from their competitors. When asked about whether customisation and automatic reporting functionalities are the major factors that makes MultiRater Surveys different, Mark responds, “I believe the reporting capability and the ability to easily customise survey content such as questions, competency groups, survey scales and email notifications is certainly a competitive advantage, but our other features should not be overlooked. These include confidentiality of respondent data, open link technology and incorporation of the three NPS scores (leadership, employee & customer) to name just a few”. We have three distinct competitor types: 1. The first are consultancies that provide leadership development services. These organisations use non-customisable surveys, charge excessive fees for these surveys and then double down with high cost consulting charges. This virtually ensures that only the senior executives receive leadership development, totally ignoring the development needs of all the people managers at other levels within the organisation. 2. The second are survey providers that keep control of the development, implementation and reporting and charge accordingly. The more customisation you want the more you pay, plus you generally pay a reasonably high cost for each survey conducted, which once again restricts the development of managers and supervisors at lower levels within the organisation. 3. The third competitor type is the large survey houses like Survey Monkey. There is no doubt that Survey Monkey is a very powerful survey platform but it certainly does not protect the confidentiality of respondents (because the survey creator can access all respondent responses), it does not provide finished and professional reports (it just provides the data) and it is deficient when it comes to 180 and 360 degree surveys. We have made it really easy for anyone to test drive our survey platform. Simply go to www. and take advantage of the 14 Day Free Trial (no payment details required) As for what surveys can be developed by MultiRater Surveys, Mark highlights what the company can offer. “We are always developing new template surveys, our current range includes: • 180° Performance Review Survey