March 2017

APAC / March 2017 111 , Paul Clark, Managing Partner, Advisory APAC of EY Advisory talks to APAC Insider about the internal culture at the firmand how it seeks to develop its staff for ongoing success. Developing Staff for Ongoing Success EY Advisory believes a better working world means helping clients solve big, complex industry issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow, optimize and protect their businesses. EY works with C-suite and functional leaders of Fortune 100 multinationals to disruptive innovators and emerging market and small to medium sized enterprises. EY Asia -Pacific Advisory has 13 sub-service lines working across 16 sectors, helping clients operate more efficiently and effectively no matter what their industry. EY Advisory works with clients — from strategy through execution — to help them design better outcomes and realize long- lasting results. The firm’s overall mission is to continually seek better ways of working. Clark explains: “We collaborate with clients to help them solve their complex industry issues and capitalise on opportunities to grow, optimise and protect their businesses. Our collaborative approach, combined with our global connectivity and understanding of industry issues, inspires us to ask better questions, design better answers and realize long- lasting results.” When it comes to differentiating itself from the competition, EY Advisory ensures it is always has the best option for its clients. “With a diverse team of more than 40,000 global consultants, we team globally to co-create more innovative answers with our clients. The unique global mind- set and ongoing collaboration culture between EY consultants and our client’s results in a better working business.” EY Advisory works across five Regions: ASEAN, FSO (Financial Services Organisation), Greater China, Korea and Oceania, this throws up certain challenges, as Clark elaborates: “The acceleration of change and the scale of disruption from data, digital technologies, globalisation and other forces means organisations have to evolve to survive. We help organisations to be better business innovators, so great ideas become better business outcomes and adapting, differentiating and making better decisions excels businesses.” To navigate the disruptive forces shaping the 21st century and stay ahead of emerging developments, EY provides research, insights and advice as part of the Beacon Institute to inspire and amplify the growing movement of purpose-led businesses. “This community of business leaders, board members and academics focuses on helping organisation create long-term value,” says Clark. “We also bring together early adopters and leading thinkers as a mean to drive real change in the working world.” The internal culture at EY Advisory ensures all staff are well-equipped to provide the best possible services they can to clients. “A distinctive culture starts with its people and at EY we win based on great people,” states Clark. “We create long lasting relationships built on trust and living our core values – respect, teaming, integrity, enthusiasm and doing the right thing. Whenever a team mate joins, however long they stay, the exceptional experience of EY will last a lifetime. “The global workforce is changing. Today people are attracted to organizations because they want to be part of something special. Providing this platform to allow someone to do good, grow and succeed quickly is a valuable experience. EY is committed to attracting great people by developing future leaders by creating a best in class recruiting experience through initiatives such as global internship programs and international assignments. We also execute EYU, an internal tool to increase focus on coaching alongside formal coaching. And we believe in building and delivering a ‘workplace of the future’ through effective technology, innovative space design and more flexible, output-focused culture that empowers people to deliver exceptional client service.” K Company: EY Name: Paul Clark, Managing Partner, Advisory APAC Address: 200 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia Telephone: +61 29248 5713 1701AP05