March 2017

102 APAC / March 2017 , 30 years ago, Servcorp decided that interaction between South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand was going to increase and that business would need flexible office space solutions that would allow them to operate seamlessly fromHobart to Tokyo and across the globe throughHong Kong, London, Paris, NewYork, Chicago and LA. Global Workspace Solutions With an already established Serviced Office business in Australia, Servcorp was the first business operation centre to go international. Opening the first Serviced office in Singapore then onto Bangkok, Malaysia, Indonesia and across Japan. With 155 locations now across the globe, Servcorp is recognised as the world’s best in Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices and Coworking space. Our operation expands across 22 countries and all 55 major trading cities across the world including New York, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Servcorp continues to pioneer and now also operates in all major cities in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon. Servcorp is welcomed by building owners, cities and countries as it is a nursery for international branch offices and entrepreneurs. Startups take either a Serviced Office or Virtual Office with no long term leases. Small businesses have been shown within working in a serviced office rather than shackling business in a long term lease with long term commitments so you cannot grow or shrink your business. Traditional space locks substantial amounts of critical seed capital. Not only is Servcorp a home for entrepreneurs, but of the world’s top 1,000 corporations, no less than 500 have used Servcorp as a branch office or to start a new market. Microsoft and Dell expand through South East Asia and with new offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Tehran and Istanbul. Growing market places are where real return on investment is achieved. Servcorp is a real success story that allows companies of all sizes access to the Asia markets with a knowledgeable multi-lingual team in every location. In some of these markets you need to be a tourist. Whether it’s sitting on the Mediterranean in Beirut, an office in Tehran looking to the 4,000m high alps (which are twice the height of the French alps) or driving across to Abu Dhabi or Dubai or by the Persian gulf, there is a fabulous Servcorp Office in almost every location. Servcorp makes it possible for you not just to enjoy some of the world’s finest holiday destinations but with real ease you can really grow your business to be a small multi-national corporation. Finding and training a local and multi-lingual team is normally difficult and time consuming but Servcorp is competently managed by a 90% lady team that shows highly defined IT features and solutions – a must for a company that wants to succeed in the region. In every location, besides the fully trained multi-lingual secretarial and management teams, we also have IT resources all fully trained to help. In this industry, the 100 strong IT team is famous and thanks to them, every client is just one extension away from the other 35,000 clients. They add real value and give every Servcorp client that competitive edge. It is so vital to be in a business environment that has been built as managed workspace with your local business telephone besides 1703AP06 Your address in New York