March 2017

100 APAC / March 2017 , elitesco is a Hong Kong based translation and financial company, founded and operated by professional linguists. Through a combination of having a passionate attention to details and an understanding of their clients’ business needs and goals, elitesco is committed to provide integrated solutions to accommodate their client’s business objectives. We invited Jacqueline Ng to tell us more about the work elitesco Communication Limited do. Quality Integrated Solutions elitesco Communication Limited is engaged in production of literal materials for potential and listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for compliance purposes. 9 years ago, elitesco Communication Limited was set up, and today they are solely based in Hong Kong. Working within a dynamic and innovative industry, an usual operation for them is to be primarily engaged in the translation of financial and legal documents from English and Chinese, and vice versa for such purposes. Their capability to provide quality integrated communication solutions to the sales targets, which are potential and listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, sets them as a preferred vendor for clients demanding such services. “The development of our industry is directly linked to the business development objectives of HKEX (stock code: 00388). Hence the industry is well driven and being supported by favourable policies published by the Central Government of Mainland China as well as the Hong Kong SAR government.” elitesco Communication Limited upholds a high level of service that they provide for their clients. How they ensure that is being met, is by having staff who share those same beliefs, as Jacqueline explains. “Our clients are satisfied with the services we offer. Hence why we have stable orders flowing into the company from time to time. “Staff is the most valuable asset to the success of our firm, this is because we are 100% labour intensive. Technology does not play a significant part as the literal products in both English and Chinese require manual editing from time to time.” As for potential challenges that lie ahead in 2017, Jacqueline notes on the ones that may affect both the firm and the wider industry in which she works as part of. “The macro economic environment has always been the most significant factor affecting the development of the industry, so do our firm. Given Brexit and Donald Trump becoming the President of United States, it is widely anticipated that there may be a lot of changes ahead in 2017 that may shuffle the macro economic environment.” Looking ahead, Jacqueline reflects on the accomplishments that they have already achieved and highlights what the future holds for elitesco Communication Limited. “Working from the basis of successes we have achieved during the past years; we are diversifying into medical and health communication industry. We currently have a joint venture that was formed by the owner of elitesco, called Stay Healthy Group Limited. “Stay Healthy offers a Corporate Wellness Program that is designed to achieve significant returns such as; improved job performance and greater productivity and improved employee relation and morale leading to a more supportive and harmonious work place from shared wellness missions. Its aim is achieving a sustainable integrative well- being for people at work through the implementation of their programmes.” K Contact: Jacqueline Ng Contact Email: [email protected] Company: elitesco Communication Limited 1518 Metro Centre 1, 32 Lam Hing St, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong 85294447686 Web Address: 1703AP20