APAC 2018 Malaysian Business Awards

9 APAC / 2018Malaysian Business Awards , Founded in 1985 in Mentakab, Pahang, Ismail Sabri Wee & Wong’s initial focus was in hire purchase, banking litigation and housing and commercial projects conveyancing. Over the years, the firm has survived two major recessions, and today Ismail Sabri Wee & Wong has expanded into additional specializations, including corporate commercial, intellectual property and information technology laws. In 2000, the firm was licensed to practice as a Registered Patent, Trademark and Industrial Design Agent and thus expanded its practice to include Intellectual Property and Information Technology laws. Currently, the firm’s practice area has also expanded to include Corporate and Commercial laws to serve a wider range of its clients’ needs. Later, in 2013, the firm was rebranded as ISW Legal IP to provide a holistic service of MAL18004 Best IP Law Firm & Patent & Trademark Specialist of the Year 2018 Ismail Sabri Wee &Wong (ISWLegal IP) is a reliable, dedicated law practice supporting a wide range of clients across a range of practice areas.We profle thefrmtofnd outmore and explore the secrets behind its success. legal and intellectual property by working closely with ISW Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd. Through this association, the firm is now able to offer its clients more than just legal advice, but also a dedicated team to serve our clients in the technical and business aspects of Intellectual Property for commercialisation and beyond. The wealth of experience and legacy accumulated by PDW has helped the firm to focus on one sustainable practice that is matured and stable without compromising the quality of services offered to its valued clients at an affordable price. Ultimately, ISW Legal IP adopts the best of the old and of the new practices in terms of experience, connection, confidence and value for money to all its clients, whether locals or internationals in this current changing legal environment and global markets. This focus on quality remain central to the firm’s ongoing success as it looks towards a bright future. Company: Ismail Sabri Wee & Wong Contact: Peter Desmond Wee Address: No. 5, Jalan Bangsar, Utama 1, Kuala Lumpur, 59000, Malaysia Phone: 0060 322 80 02 79 Website: iswlegal.com