APAC 2018 Malaysian Business Awards

6 APAC / 2018Malaysian Business Awards , DERMALOG offers a wide range of biometric identification solutions, including the latest generation of fingerprint and document scanners as well as high-performance Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS). This diverse range of products is complemented by biometric border control systems, biometric ID cards and passports as well as biometric voting systems. Aside from Germany and Europe, DERMALOG’s main markets are Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. DERMALOG technology is currently used in more than 220 large-scale installations around the globe. This includes one of the world’s largest biometric installations set up in Nigeria. The branches of 23 banks and the Central Bank of Nigeria have been equipped with DERMALOG’s ABIS. Bank customers are uniquely identified by fingerprints and face patterns, which effectively prevents fraud with false identities. The Nigerian banks have already successfully registered more than 32 million customers with DERMALOG’s Automated Biometric Identification System. As a pioneer in the development of biometric products and solutions, DERMALOG has MAL18001 Best Biometric Products & Solutions Provider 2018 Based in Hamburg, DERMALOG Identifcation Systems GmbH is Germany’s pioneer in biometrics and the largest Germanmanufacturer of biometric devices and systems. We profle the frm to fnd out more. shaped the world of security for over 20 years. The company keeps on revolutionizing biometric security products and solutions. The best possible solution is always developed in close cooperation with the customer and in the fastest possible time. This flexibility is one of the most important cornerstones of DERMALOG’s market success. DERMALOG’s innovative solutions also provide outstanding services such as project management, installation, and customization as well as maintenance and support of the delivered products. These and additional services form the basis for a long-term and trustful cooperation that connects DERMALOG with numerous customers. Malaysia is one of the most important markets for DERMALOG. More than ten projects have already been implemented with various companies and government agencies in the country. The firm operates its office in Kuala Lumpur to provide the best possible support for current and future projects. DERMALOG’s biometric solutions are very successful in the Malaysian market. The confidence in DERMALOG products is very high. Also, the local companies and institutions are open to