APAC 2018 Malaysian Business Awards

5 APAC / 2018Malaysian Business Awards may have been holding back in the past, to emerge now and invest with better confidence. With the general market welcoming an uplift in domestic and foreign interest in commercial investment properties, Carnaby firmly believes that there is much that should and can be done with clients in terms of establishing brand presence, identifying key projects that would attract local and foreign investors, and offering attractive yields that leverage on the country’s strong economic growth; particularly in product creation that appeal to the millennials. It is imperative to address the needs of these millennials because it is this category of consumers who will soon undergo a market shift and consequently assume the strongest buying power in the Malaysian market. Another signifcant measure of success that Carnaby perceives as necessary in driving the value of its clients’ brands is the adoption of modern social media strategies that provide platforms to generate awareness, increase sales and build relationships between clients and their target audiences. Recognising that it is far from just posting products and services with captions, Carnaby recently setup its social media arm specifically aimed to help clients launch engagement campaigns in fun and relatable ways that conceptually appeal to the lifestyle and demands of end users. Ultimately, Carnaby aspires to consistently support clients in implementing creative solutions that spark excitement, establish maximum brand recall and spur action towards impactful end results for its client’s objectives. Carnaby also frequently helps clients design award-winning books that gear their brands towards receiving internationally acclaimed property awards such as the prestigious FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award and The International Property Award (APPA). These esteemed industry accolades honour and elevate the identity and value of their clients’ respective projects. The firm is excited about the myriad of invigorating horizons awaiting the team for even greater success in the coming years. There is much to look forward to as companies begin to acknowledge the power of branding and its influences in forming the strength of a company’s image. One thing is for sure, Carnaby is every bit enthusiastic about its responsibilities to optimise branding initiatives for clients as much as it is in pushing the limits of conventional possibilities that defy the norms of creativity we know today. Best Full-Service Branding Solutions Provider 2018 g Company: Carnaby Production Sdn Bhd Contact: Amy Liew Address: B-01-12, 13, 13A & 15, Gateway Kiaramas, Corporate Suite, Level 1, No. 1 Jalan Desa Kiara, Mont Kiara 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phone: 0060 6201 4888 Website: www.carnabygroup.com.my KCC's Corporate Brochure OSK’s Ryan & Miho Website LBS’ 25th Anniversary Press Ad