Legal Awards 2023

Jul23140 Based in Indonesia, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law, PLLC is a full service corporate and commercial law firm that represents a range of clients, including start-ups, multinational companies, corporate executives, professionals, and other individuals. With extensive skills and experience, the firm is equipped to obtain outstanding results for its clients, even in the most unusual and complex cases. Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law provides an array of professional legal services and assistance. These encompass areas such as general litigation and dispute resolution, bankruptcy (insolvency and debt restructure), corporate and foreign investment, competition and antitrust, employment and human capital, aviation, maritime and transportation, property and real estate, finance and insurance, intellectual property, and extraordinary crimes. In 2015, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law was founded by Managing Partner Alexander Waas. He has been practicing law since 2012, when he became a member of the Legal Aid Bureau at his Law School as a Paralegal. Since then, he has worked hard to build his career, eventually deciding to start his own professional practice along the way. Today, Alexander is the best in his field. Clients can turn to him for counsel in corporate and commercial matters, especially bankruptcy and debt, restructuring, investment, competition law, and commercial litigation. He has worked with a wide spectrum of individuals and corporate clients, including creditors, debtors and investors, as well as government entities. Alexander leads an experienced team of professionals who are equipped with a variety of skills and knowledge. Together, they work to provide the best services to their clients in order to effectively protect their rights and interests. To this end, they are always working to enhance their abilities and become the best version of themselves. Over the years, the team at Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law have amassed a proven track record of success, having gained a wide range of experience throughout Indonesian law. This has enabled it to grow into the leading law firm it is today. In the services it provides, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law operates based on three core values. These are love, truth, and justice. Firstly, the firm loves what it does so it works tirelessly to provide the best standard of service to its clients. Secondly, it values truth, which is why it works to defend the rights and interests of its clients. Lastly, justice is the firm’s main goal; clients rely on its team to do everything they can to get justice for them. By combining love and truth, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law believes that justice will follow. “We love being lawyers because we can help people, connect with people from various backgrounds, and learn a lot of things from every client we help,” Alexander comments. “We are so proud of every accomplishment that we’ve achieved. It is not about winning but rather about how we can help our clients achieve their goals and ensure they’re satisfied with the result that we deliver to them.” For its commitment to its clients and the outstanding services it delivers, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law has been awarded Best Full-Service Litigation Specialist Law Firm, Indonesia, in the APAC Legal Awards 2023. Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law looks towards a bright future with ambitious plans. Aiming to become the best commercial litigation lawyers in its country, the firm works to continue learning and growing in everything it does. Furthermore, in the digital world, technology is continuously evolving, affecting every industry. The legal sector is no exception; law firms must adapt to the situation to move forward. Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law realises this, so it is working to develop apps that will be used to support it services. This will begin with a simple Lawyer Management App, designed to enable it to make project records, input progress updates, and inform clients about their case in real time. We congratulate Alexander Waas and his team on their success in the APAC Legal Awards and look forward to seeing what they will go on to accomplish in the future. Contact: Alexander Waas Company: Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law, PLLC Web Address: Best Full-Service Litigation Specialist Law Firm 2023 - Indonesia