Legal Awards 2023

Best Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Specialist Law Firm 2023 - Hyderabad Legal Win Consulting LLP is a mid-sized law firm focused on one key goal – to help clients succeed today by anticipating their challenges tomorrow. It’s thanks to this future-driven mindset that this specialist law firm has managed to succeed time and time again, and below we explore how its wealth of expertise has resulted in the timely, consistent delivery of justice. Specialising in offering both litigation and nonlitigation services to corporates, financial institutions, high net worth individuals, family offices, and MSMEs, Legal Win Consulting LLP delivers a plethora of options that are wholly catered to whatever the client requires. This is all accomplished whilst ensuring that clients are always placed at the forefront of its operations – their needs are prioritised above all else, and pressures addressed in a responsive manner. Making processes easy for its clients is where Legal Win Consulting LLP thrives, cementing it as a trustworthy firm that has become invaluable throughout Hyderabad. Due to its mid-size nature, Legal Win Consulting LLP has been able to amass a tight-knit group of 42 lawyers, each equipped with exceptional levels of industry prowess and expertise. As such, the firm has succeeded in contesting more than 3834 cases within the civil, criminal, IBC, SARAFAESI, CCI, SEBI, and Taxation jurisdiction over the past 10 years. This, combined with its 83% success rate, presents clients with an unrivalled confidence. So, no matter whether individuals hail from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vijayawada, Chennai, or New Delhi, Legal Win Consulting LLP has all of the necessary means to assist them in their legal journeys. As for the services that Legal Win Consulting LLP provides, the list is seemingly endless. From litigation services including civil law, criminal law, company law, competition law, SEBI act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, SARFAESI Laws, and Writs and Appeals, to non-litigation practises encompassing arbitration and advice, it has a plethora of utilities at its disposal to tackle any request. Partner this with its development across a staggering amount of sectors, and you’ve got a law firm that is wholly geared towards success above all else. Despite this extensive exploration of its industry, however, Legal Win Consulting LLP manages to uphold an unshakable quality throughout its work. However, in order to discover just how Legal Win Consulting LLP came to earn the title of Best Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Specialist Law Firm 2023 – Hyderabad, we must first explore how its unique approach towards this specific practise has set the standard throughout the industry. Having been involved in several high value and complex corporate restructuring, debt recovery, and insolvency related litigation cases across a wide range of sectors, Legal Win Consulting LLP has been able to actively partner alongside MSMEs in order to deliver the best possible results. As such, it’s garnered an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Be it within the textiles, power, manufacturing, steel, pharmaceuticals, logistics, retail, or infrastructure fields, it’s consistently displayed the ability to professionally restructure underperforming companies facing massive amounts of stress. And, with a client base including lenders and investors of all levels of the capital structure, it seems that no task is too grand for this ambitious law firm. Its brilliance shines through everything it does, but its recent case studies Jul23767 are a truly superb example of what Legal Win Consulting LLP has been able to accomplish in recent years. When we spoke with Legal Win Consulting LLP about what it believes the most rewarding part of being a lawyer is, it expressed how it thrives off of the continual learning that it experiences on a daily basis. With the constant flux of the legal sphere, there’s no doubt that changes are frequently occurring, and the satisfaction that Legal Win Consulting LLP gains from being able to adapt as flawlessly as it does is second to none. In addition, when witnessing legal interns blossom into competent lawyers, equipped with the skills to bring further success to the firm, the team indulges in an unrivalled sense of pride. As a rule, Legal Win Consulting LLP approaches the sector as a ‘team of teams’. Through leveraging their skills in new and unique ways, the brilliant individuals behind the firm are able to demonstrate their strengths to a whole manner of clients. Alongside this comes its client case management methodology, through which the team is able to provide comprehensive support that serves to make the legal experience a thrilling adventure for any client that seeks Legal Win Consulting LLP out for assistance. With the long-awaited permission for foreign legal firms to open offices in India to advise clients on the international elements of mergers and acquisitions finally being put in place, Legal Win Consulting LLP has eagerly pursued an unwavering collaboration with these changes. As opposed to seeing these alterations as a challenge, it has embraced the potential that such partnerships could bring, and is ready to pursue any opportunities that may arise from such a drastic alteration in the legal sphere. This ultimately ties back to Legal Win Consulting LLP’s overarching passion for learning – something that has allowed it to excel more than most within its industry. Despite this exciting advancement within the legal sector, there is still work to be done in order to reach further greatness. Thankfully, Legal Win Consulting LLP has already taken steps towards the future. With plans to open its law firm’s office in Singapore by the second quarter of 2024, and another in Santa Clara by 2025, Legal Win Consulting LLP hopes that it can extend its services to cater to start ups and multinational companies looking for organic, or inorganic, growth within the Indian market. With so many plans in place to pursue brilliance on an incomparable scale, we believe no firm within the region is more worthy of this award title. Through hard work, dedication, and an unapologetic drive to keep learning about the ways in which the industry works, Legal Win Consulting LLP has managed to make its mark. And we’re sure that, if it continues along its current path, it’ll go on to forge even more fantastic, innovative solutions for an even broader range of clients in the near future. Contact: S. Rajgopal Company: Legal Win Consulting LLP Web Address: