Legal Awards 2023

Feb22538 Led by professionals who are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience in specific practice domains in the field of law, Anhad Law is a client-centric law firm that believes in adopting an unconventional approach to legal practice, which in-turn enables them to cater to varying legal needs of evolving modern-day businesses. Anhad Law is known to deliver legal advice of exceptional quality, in a time bound manner, in line with business needs and having examined practical considerations involved. We delve into how Anhad Law’s devotion to excellence has earned it a place as one of the most trusted legal firms within North India. Anhad Law continually delivers advisory and transactional support to a large client base comprising of many prominent, large Indian corporations, foreign multinational corporations and their Indian subsidiaries, joint venture companies, and more, in cross border transactions and projects. Each of its practise groups are well versed in an array of sectors, allowing it to offer comprehensive advisory services and transaction support to its clients across a broad spectrum of business and legal practices. As such, in much less time, Anhad Law has come to garner a reputation of maintaining high service levels, which has led the firm to acquire unique allegiance and trust of its clients, and to be a trusted legal partner for all their legal needs. What makes Anhad Law a truly unique entity, however, is its fresh approach towards challenges throughout the sector. Whilst most would see these tribulations as difficult roadblocks to overcome, Anhad Law is fully dedicated to rising to the challenge and transforming it into an opportunity. This is all made possible through the members of the firm, who are each constantly abreast with laws, regulations, policies and practices relevant to business(es)/industry(ies) of their clients, which aids maintaining an exceptional level of understanding across varying business and legal issues. As a result, Anhad Law’s team can consistently present clients with an unwavering sense of professionalism that’s born from an unconventional, nuanced approach towards legal practise. Whether a client is in need of services relating to dispute resolution, employment and benefits, mergers and acquisitions, corporatecommercial, real estate, and many more, Anhad Law is well equipped to deliver advice and solutions for each individual client. As a client-centric firm, providing a well-packaged, easy to understand outcome is essential, Anhad Law goes above and beyond to ensure timely delivery of quality legal support each time. Now, Anhad Law is renowned throughout North India for its astounding levels of quality which, partnered with its timely service delivery, makes for a firm that’s able to exceed client expectations time and time again. Each time Anhad Law is approached by a client, it will take the time to ensure that it has as much of an understanding of their business as they do. It takes a keen interest in the business needs of a client who comes to it for assistance, allowing for a deeper level of connection that only serves to enhance its services. By understanding exactly what it’s tackling, Anhad Law manages to construct the most effective approaches possible, backed by professionals who are well versed in the subsequent domain. This quality is Anhad Law’s main draw, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Its approaches are streamlined, jargon-free, and wholly centred around the client, resulting in a service that is held in high regard by a variety of Indian and multinational corporations. Despite the exponential growth that Anhad Law has seen over the past year, it still has ambitious plans for the future. Be it its determination to expand its expertise to encompass even more practise domains or working on materialising its plans for increasing the presence of firm throughout the industry, Anhad Law has its sights set on continuing to embody the meaning of brilliance within the field. It seems there’s nothing that it won’t do to make itself as accessible for its clients, and it is this continual devotion to delivering on the promise of excellence that makes Anhad Law North India’s greatest corporate and commercial law firm. Contact: Manishi Pathak Company: Anhad Law Web Address: Best Corporate & Commercial Consulting Services Firm 2023 - North India Jul23761