Legal Awards 2023

Jul23500 Forging a unique intellectual property is no easy feat, and when it’s finally accomplished, you need to make sure that it’s well protected. As a result of this demand, Li & Cai IP Group came to be. Established in 1985, Taiwan-based Li & Cai IP Group set out to deliver a much-needed collection of patent, trademark, and IP applications to a variety of clients. Now equipped with over 70 field experts, it has redefined the industry in incredible ways, and we venture into how its hard work has allowed it to craft an array of reliable services. Specialising in patent, trademark, copyright, IC related fields, trade secrets, and a multitude of other intellectual property rights matters, Li & Cai IP Group has made a name for itself as the most reliable firm of its nature within Taiwan. By approaching its work in a professional, passionate, and determined manner, it’s able to consistently deliver on its promise of excellence. As such, clients across Taiwan can be at peace knowing that Li & Cai IP Group is on-hand to manage any patent prosecution and litigation needs. And, with over 5000 active patent clients, it’s clear that its fantastic reputation is wholly deserved. In terms of its plethora of services, Li & Cai IP Group offers the following: patent and trademark applications, registrations, patent portfolio management, patent map production, patent infringement analysis, counselling on the establishment of intellectual property rights for enterprises, copyright infringement analysis, and civil and criminal lawsuits relating to intellectual property rights infringement. In addition, this astounding firm provides licensing negotiations, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Despite its staggering portfolio of stellar services, however, Li & Cai IP Group still manages to uphold its exceptional levels of quality. This is accomplished through over 70 patent attorneys, agents, lawyers, and engineers. By deploying a workforce that’s wholly focused on achieving excellence again and again, Li & Cai IP Group has crafted a multitude of opportunities for itself. Be it tackling various fields of expertise, or adapting to more complex, individual requirements, it has both the skill and talent at its disposal to secure the best results every time. It’s this versatility that presents Li & Cai IP Group with a unique freedom to constantly broaden its horizons, which has ultimately led to it amassing active clients in the thousands. Of course, given the nature of the legal industry, the constant changing of laws and regulations frequently poses a threat to a variety of law firms. Thankfully, Li & Cai IP Group has devoted its all to ensuring that it stays ahead of the curve, often beating emerging trends before they appear. As a result, it manages to procure steadfast patent, trademark, copyright, and IC services that each stand out as a beacon of brilliance throughout the sector. No matter the person, institution, or company, Li & Cai IP Group has every means to work towards upholding a secure and comprehensive patent protection that’s simply invaluable. Li & Cai IP Group is the one-stop service for global intellectual property rights strategy and implementation. So long as trust is placed in this incredibly adept firm, clients can expect unrivalled levels of protection in regard to the rights of their property on a global scale. It seems that, within its field of expertise, there truly isn’t anything that Li & Cai IP Group can’t accomplish, and it’s this dedication to delivering the most comprehensive, trustworthy services possible that has allowed it to excel to such an extent. And, as the future creeps closer, Li & Cai IP Group is looking to maintain the relationships it has with existing clients, all whilst enhancing itself through internal training and mentoring. Adopting the spirit of ‘linked in professionalism’, ‘passionate in service’, ‘faith in quality’, and ‘intent on providing sense of security’, Li & Cai IP Group has established itself as an organisation that’s eager to serve its clients to the best of its ability. Its comprehensive and Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm 2023 - Taiwan customised patent protection is its very purpose, and we’re sure that, as time progresses, it’ll continue to uphold its values as it remains in pursuit of global excellence. Contact Details Contact: Ethan H.Y. Lin Company: Li Cai Intellectual Property Office Web Address: