Legal Awards 2023

Jan22686 Feb22538 Chuoli Law Firm is a company based in the Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, with a legal service outlook that focuses on protecting intellectual property matters. Lawyer and Team Leader Tian Zijun has been deeply involved in this field for more than 30 years, achieving considerable strides in upholding the spirit of objectivity and fairness required when providing outstanding services that are always in line with the letter of the law. Intellectual property infringement and ownership dispute resolution are two of the very important areas the Guangdong Chuoli Lawyer Firm concentrates on. It also covers patent and trademark infringement disputes, copyright infringement disputes, trade secret infringement disputes, domestic intellectual property protection products, and intellectual property legal services related to the Internet. For example, it was engaged to provide online intellectual property protection services for the well-known Alibaba Group. It also serves other high-value intellectual property protection in the manufacturing industry, and other professional fields for enterprises in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. It specialises in providing IP protection services to manufacturing industry subdivisions, inclusive of trade secret protection and intellectual property protection layout services for pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry, identification chips, resin coatings, the energy chemical industry, spacer foam, polymer modified materials and more. Most of the customers it serves are market leading entities within their own sectors. Team leader and lawyer Tian Zijun is amongst the first batch of Chinese judicial officials specifically engaged in intellectual property (IP) within the country. He has vast experiences of negotiating, mediating, and advocating for clients, as well as serving them in accordance with the law to respect and protect intellectual property rights. China boasts a progressive manufacturing industry that encompasses constant continued improvements and innovative corporate capabilities. New inventions and creations in technology are often emerging, to the delight of the professionals involved in intellectual property protection services. As a result, performance within the intellectual property services has recently been blessed with exponential growth. But as welcome as these opportunities are, they bring their own challenges to the table as well. The continuous expansion of the technical field, and the increasing depth of demand, has put considerable pressure on the human side of the company, with knowledge and continuous learning requiring constant enrichment to ensure Chuoli Law retains its place at the vanguard. The company has a unique way of guaranteeing a topclass service for its clients. It begins by identifying customer needs, utilising extensive questionnaires to help it produce appropriate service plans. It then assigns teams specially tailored for the individual customers’ requirements. The next stage is to achieve solutions. This might involve consultation, counselling, training, system design, agency litigation services, or much more, particularly relating to IP protection. It ensures customers needs have been met through customer and third-party evaluation means. Finally, Chuoli Law will offer further service suggestions to customers, focused on any new problems discovered during the service process. There have been significant developments in the industry recently, such as the many commercial secret protection cases the firm has successfully handled, including Guangzhou Tinci and Anhui Newman. This undertaking was rated as one of the top 50 national intellectual property classic cases by the Supreme Court in 2020. The firm has also handled many commercial secret protection cases, and achieved the good results it expected. In addition, it has provided customers with professional services such as trade secret infringement diagnosis, and trade secret protection system construction. Such activities have greatly benefitted Chuoli Law in the popularisation of trade secret protection laws and legal services. Currently, the team is focused on safeguarding rights, protection layout, risk investigation/risk control, protection system construction, and other aspects of protecting commercial secrets for clients. It recognises how its continuous expansion work is strengthening the depth of its professional abilities, and helping it to achieve better results for customers in the protection of trade secrets. This also helps progress the performance of each individual lawyer involved as well. In the future, it intends to further build on such achievements to continue developing in the field of intellectual property rights and trade secret rights protection. Simultaneously, it intends to closely follow the national economic policy and development plan, and use this to its advantage in the coming year. As winner of the Best IP Legal Service Provider 2023 – Guangzhou, we wish it all the luck in the world with all its future endeavours. Contact Details Company: Guangdong Chuoli Lawyer Firm Web Address: Contact Name: Tian zijun Best IP Legal Service Provider 2023 - Guangzhou Jul23363