Legal Awards 2023

May22239 Metri Legal is a provider of specialist legal services spanning a broad range of disciplines including property, commercial, wills & estate, employment, and criminal law. Whatever the area of law a client might require, they can be sure of receiving a customer-centric service from the experienced and dedicated team at Metri, based in the Hills District of Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Metri Legal unites an expansive team of highly qualified legal professionals who are always standing ready to fight your corner. The company boasts a diversified practice, split into niche groups, so there’s always a specialist lawyer available for each individual area of the law practised at Metric. Its services are broadly split into five separate departments, namely property law, commercial law, wills & estate management, employment law, and criminal law. Within these distinct category areas, it will ensure its services are effectively tailored to meet each and every client’s individual needs. The company takes a clientfocused approach, ensuring each matter raised is dealt with using deep levels of understanding and support. Its professional service and attention to detail is something that can only truly be achieved by a client driven team of legal professionals, like the ones based at Metri Legal. At Metri, you’ll find professional law experts who are always in your corner. As it proclaims on its website, “People don’t win fights, Lawyers do.” The experienced team is united when it comes to solving problems and disputes, whatever the area of the law, and will combine forces to draw upon one another when required in order to achieve the best result for its clients. When it comes to employment law, Metri Legal is committed to finding solutions to the myriad issues that can and do occur during the employment lifecycle. The firm brings the skills needed to successfully manage and maintain employees, who are of course the very lifeblood of any business, and critical to business growth. The Metri Legal Employment Law team are dedicated to solving problems within the workplace, and will help direct companies to work together better, according to the letter of the law, with an overall growth mindset promoted at all times. It specialises in preparing employment contracts and policies, providing advice on awards and obligations, and employment entitlements. It can also advise on independent contractor agreements, and provide general advice in relation to Employment and Human Resources. Metri Legal’s professional practitioners want to make sure that its clients are fully equipped with a good understanding and knowledge of the whole legal process they are entering into. It takes enormous pride in being a part of the emerging trend of agile and boutique legal services. To be agile in a true business sense means that the organisation in question has the ability to quickly adapt to market changes, both internally and externally. This means that Metri Legal can respond rapidly and flexibly to its clients’ needs, and fully support them in a way that is productive and cost-effective, but never compromises on quality. Being a boutique firm means that Metri Legal is defined by its narrow margin of legal practice areas and specialisms. Often its highly experienced staff have a smaller client list, which of course works in the favour of the customer who will receive complete and total dedication, fully concentrated on their specific legal problem. With a targeted focus and an innovative mindset, Metri Legal is constantly growing in size and stature, and brings an overall mission to the fore that is honed to provide clients with the highest quality of service. The company is guided by six important core values, which dictate how it operates its practice and manages its business. These are its client focus, its respect, its agile skills, its integrity, its open communication, and its honesty. These values are evident throughout the entire business, both within the client relationships it forms, and its overall methods of operating. As the recently announced winner of Best Employment Law Firm 2023 - Baulkham Hills, Metri Legal’s supportive and tailored assistance is proving to be much in demand, and we wish it the best of luck with its future expansion. Company: Metri Legal Pty Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Matt Metri Best Employment Law Firm 2023 - Baulkham Hills Jul23180