Legal Awards 2023

Feb22538 When contemplating the process of a divorce, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that most families dread it. It feels as though there’s no smooth way to manage such a situation. However, Hills Family Lawyers has culminated a gentle approach towards the matter that considers every individual involved. From the adults to the children, Hills Family Lawyers, operating under its patented Courtless divorce strategists® practises, ensures a seamless transition for the entire family. Primarily focused on prioritising amicable resolutions and conflict minimisation for individuals going through a divorce, Hills Family Lawyers embodies what it means to truly care for the individuals who seek it out for assistance. Its concern for the wellbeing of everyone involved, especially the emotional needs of any children present throughout the process, is second to none. As such, it’s become one of the most trusted firms when it comes to delicacy and grace. This is all made possible through its dedication to acting as Courtless divorce strategists®. Having coined the term due to its unwavering commitment to being a family law firm that seeks to settle divorce disputes via holistic, gentle means, Hills Family Lawyers has made its priorities abundantly clear. It recognises the impact that divorce can have on the surrounding family, as well as the individuals who are immediately involved. As a result, it’s adapted itself to present the chance for a clean transition, all whilst eliminating the oppressive atmosphere that tends to partner court processes. Whether assisting in mediation and collaborative divorce, or taking care of parenting plans, financial settlements, or post-divorce modifications, Hills Family Lawyers has considered every factor when constructing its selfless services. Everything that is has achieved has been gained in the pursuit of reducing the discomfort surrounding divorce, all in the hopes that the disruption caused by an already difficult event can be minimised as much as possible. Hills Family Lawyers has long since recognised the ways in which court proceedings have let families down throughout the years, and its alternative, child-centered approach was forged in response. By presenting itself as Courtless divorce strategists®, Hills Family Lawyers has already set itself apart from other firms within the area. This mode of practise allows it to adopt a far more personal approach, through which it can offer empathy, understanding, and a heartfelt connection that most other family law firms simply can’t provide. All of this serves to forge a process that, whilst perhaps not easy, is far more effective in tending to the emotional needs of clients experiencing a divorce. Every approach is tailor made to reduce the risk of longterm negative effects, allowing children to adapt to the transition in their lives with little to no disruptions to their wellbeing. Through the use of cuttingedge technology, and a team of compassionate individuals who hold an immeasurable passion for helping others as much as possible, Hills Family Lawyers has earned itself a stellar reputation as a family law firm that truly puts the family first. Not once will it consider its own personal benefits – everything that it does, it does for its clients’ families. Every person matters throughout the process of divorce, and Hills Family Lawyers is at the forefront of spreading this message to as many as it can. Though divorce is never a pleasant experience, a little empathy goes a long way. It just so happens that Hills Family Lawyers has plenty of empathy and love to spare. We’re thrilled to present Hills Family Lawyers with its most recent awards title. There’s no doubt that divorce proceedings have been changed for good as a result of its tireless efforts, and we’re sure that, through operating as Courtless divorce Best Divorce & Family Law Firm 2023 - New South Wales Jul23146 strategists®, it’ll continue to have a positive impact of the lives it touches. We’d like to extend our congratulations to the brilliant team at Hills Family Lawyers – it’s thanks to you that going through a divorce stands a chance at becoming a seamless transition centered around love. Contact: Nadia Messiha Company: Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd. Web Address: https://hillsfamilylawyers.