Legal Awards 2023

Legal Awards 2023

Welcome to the Legal Awards 2023 APAC Insider’s longstanding and extremely popular annual legal awards programme returns! The APAC Legal Awards 2023 will honour top legal talent in the Asia Pacific region, bringing recognition to those whose knowledge, skill and innovation distinguishes them from the competition. The Asia Pacific region is quickly becoming a region of high growth for law firms, due to abundant investment and funding potential, as well as high activity in sectors for which legal services are imperative. Initiatives such as ASEAN’s* promotion of sustainable infrastructure are driving development and increasing the need for legal services relating to infrastructure deals or projects in Asia. In addition to these factors, cross-border trade in Asia Pacific is expected to see improvement and growth throughout 2023. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership coming into effect in 2022 has encouraged cross-border trade in Asia Pacific. Likewise, the emergence of modern regional payment networks such as India’s Unified Payments Interface, is increasing security and lowering the cost of cross-border transactions. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Khaitan & Co: Luxury Retail Lawyer of the Year 2023 (India): Stuti Galiya, Partner, Khaitan & Co. 6. Legal Win Consulting LLP: Best Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Specialist Law Firm 2023 - Hyderabad 9. Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law, PLLC: Best Full-Service Litigation Specialist Law Firm 2023 - Indonesia 10. Attorneys Inc. LLC: Best Service Law Corporation 2023 - Singapore 11. Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd: Best Divorce & Family Law Firm 2023 - New South Wales 12. Metri Legal Pty Ltd: Best Employment Law Firm 2023 - Baulkham Hills 13. Cityscape Lawyers: Best Traffic Law Firm 2023 - Australia 14. Guangdong Chuoli Lawyer Firm: Best IP Legal Service Provider 2023 - Guangzhou 15. Healy Daloia Migration Services: Best Migration Agency 2023 - Melbourne 16. Green Wings Migration Pty Ltd: Best Migration Agency 2023 - Western Australia 17. Li Cai Intellectual Property Office: Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm 2023 - Taiwan 18. Casipit Lasam Bendijo Lopez Ontog and Associates (CLLBLAW): Best Taxation & Corporate Specialist Lawyer 2023(Philippines): Atty. Francis Angelo A. Lopez 19. Anhad Law: Best Corporate & Commercial Consulting Services Firm 2023 - North India Contents

Luxury Retail Lawyer of the Year 2023 (India): Stuti Galiya, Partner, Khaitan & Co. Stuti Galiya is a Solicitor and Partner in the Corporate and Commercial Practice Group of Khaitan & Co’s Mumbai office. This firm is one of India’s oldest and most well-known full-service law firms, with a practice area that covers full gamut of services, including mergers & acquisitions, private equity, joint ventures, capital markets, regulatory, real estate, banking & finance, projects, tax, competition& antitrust, employment and intellectual property rights. Khaitan & Co is one of India's oldest and most recognized full-service law firms with various offices across India and providing wide range of legal services. Award winning solicitor & advocate, Ms Stuti Nemji Galiya works within the Mumbai office of Khaitan & Co. Her primary areas of practice include India entry, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity investments, foreign investments, technology collaborations, commercial contracts, regulatory and general corporate laws. Her M&A and private equity work has been focused on areas such as retail, Jul23296 hospitality, construction & development, financial services, manufacturing industries, automobiles, service industries and the like. Most of her expertise involves cross-border work. She works predominantly with international clients including the luxury retail sector. Her prestigious list of clients includes some of the foremost luxury fashion and retail brands in the world. According to Stuti, the biggest challenges as far as the M&A practice and for that matter any area of law is concerned, which also makes the practice exciting and interesting is that it is dynamic and continuously changing. Hence, it is imperative that lawyers keep themselves updated with all the latest regulatory and legal developments. With increasing globalization, there has been considerable rise in both the number and size of cross border deals. Apart from legal expertise, a lawyer also needs to have significant understanding on current happenings in other countries, including international relations, trade barriers, critical regulations, like foreign investment regime, privacy regulations, anti-bribery and foreign corrupt practices regulations which could have significant impact on the entire cross border dealmaking. Stuti feels that today clients want their legal advisors to have an eye on the horizon, anticipating and mitigating risks around the corner before they materialize. Clients appreciate their legal advisors provide innovative solutions and put forth on the table newer, simpler and better ways for execution. Stuti believes that a lawyer needs to continuously work towards solutions that work best, keeping the client’s commercials in mind. This requires thinking ahead of the future, which according to her makes it challenging and exciting at the same time. Apart from this, as we are moving to a digital era, newer technologies like artificial intelligence are transforming ways in which deals are being conducted. New digital tools are completely changing the “Our expertise across diverse practice areas and sectors covers varied and nuanced needs. Backed by more than 100 years of legacy, delighted clients from across the globe, and topical, commercial and specialised services, we deliver the best legal solutions for our clients.”

M&A landscape and process. It is imperative for lawyers to focus on their technological capabilities apart from all the other skills. As far as providing exceptional services to clients is concerned, Stuti explains that it is about being always available, being well-prepared, proactive, anticipating potential issues, providing prompt and pragmatic solutions and going beyond the call of duty. Most lawyers can offer legal solutions, but few go the extra mile. When you go beyond what is expected, clients notice and appreciate it. Sometimes, clients count on the smallest of gestures. It does not have to be business every time. Going the extra mile would go a long way in building long term trust and healthy professional relationship with the clients. Stuti says that working on cross border deals and servicing clients from various countries is exciting of course, but the road is not without challenges. Apart from legal considerations, a lawyer will need to work across various time zones and legal systems depending on the matter, apart from handling softer issues, such as, language, cultural barriers, etc. At any given point of time, a cross border M&A lawyer is working alongside leading companies, law firms and renowned institutions across the globe. Everybody brings different skills and experience to the table. All this helps a lawyer to stay ahead of today’s trends and demands, enhances global perspective and expands horizons. In the process, a cross border lawyer builds strong international connections, where people build trust on them. All of this is extremely rewarding! When Stuti started her cross border M&A practice, it was a time when the regulations relating to foreign investment in India were highly regulated and restricted. Over the years, Stuti has gained significant expertise in luxury retail sector, which is a niche practice requiring considerable degree of sophistication and handholding. She has reached several milestones whilst servicing these luxury clients for the past 18 years, where she had the distinction of procuring one of the first kind of regulatory approvals and concluding M&A, JV transactions in sectors which were regarded as sensitive and which required considerable complexities and coming up with practical and bespoke solutions. This helped her clients to be one of the first few foreign players in the country, as far as luxury retail sector is concerned. As the Luxury Retail Lawyer of the Year 2023 (India): Stuti Galiya, Partner, Khaitan & Co., she is increasingly sought out by luxury retail clients across the globe for their various Indian legal matters such as, setting up, M&As, joint ventures, commercial contracts, regulatory and day to day advisory. As far as luxury retail in India is concerned, whilst the future is promising, but the issues and challenges faced by luxury brands are complex and require handling with sensitivity. They cross various areas and require a lawyer to take a holistic approach. With the super-specialisation Stuti has achieved in the luxury retail sector, she is experienced in coming up with practical and bespoke solutions to deal with the many complexities luxury clients face. Her future desire to continue offering quality and exceptional services to clients is therefore surely in no doubt. Company: Khaitan & Co Web Address: Contact Name: Stuti Galiya “Apart from providing quality legal services, lawyers must learn the art of creating a great experience for the client while working together. It is all about exceeding expectations – go that extra mile. At the end of the day, great service would build great relationships.”

Best Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Specialist Law Firm 2023 - Hyderabad Legal Win Consulting LLP is a mid-sized law firm focused on one key goal – to help clients succeed today by anticipating their challenges tomorrow. It’s thanks to this future-driven mindset that this specialist law firm has managed to succeed time and time again, and below we explore how its wealth of expertise has resulted in the timely, consistent delivery of justice. Specialising in offering both litigation and nonlitigation services to corporates, financial institutions, high net worth individuals, family offices, and MSMEs, Legal Win Consulting LLP delivers a plethora of options that are wholly catered to whatever the client requires. This is all accomplished whilst ensuring that clients are always placed at the forefront of its operations – their needs are prioritised above all else, and pressures addressed in a responsive manner. Making processes easy for its clients is where Legal Win Consulting LLP thrives, cementing it as a trustworthy firm that has become invaluable throughout Hyderabad. Due to its mid-size nature, Legal Win Consulting LLP has been able to amass a tight-knit group of 42 lawyers, each equipped with exceptional levels of industry prowess and expertise. As such, the firm has succeeded in contesting more than 3834 cases within the civil, criminal, IBC, SARAFAESI, CCI, SEBI, and Taxation jurisdiction over the past 10 years. This, combined with its 83% success rate, presents clients with an unrivalled confidence. So, no matter whether individuals hail from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vijayawada, Chennai, or New Delhi, Legal Win Consulting LLP has all of the necessary means to assist them in their legal journeys. As for the services that Legal Win Consulting LLP provides, the list is seemingly endless. From litigation services including civil law, criminal law, company law, competition law, SEBI act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, SARFAESI Laws, and Writs and Appeals, to non-litigation practises encompassing arbitration and advice, it has a plethora of utilities at its disposal to tackle any request. Partner this with its development across a staggering amount of sectors, and you’ve got a law firm that is wholly geared towards success above all else. Despite this extensive exploration of its industry, however, Legal Win Consulting LLP manages to uphold an unshakable quality throughout its work. However, in order to discover just how Legal Win Consulting LLP came to earn the title of Best Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Specialist Law Firm 2023 – Hyderabad, we must first explore how its unique approach towards this specific practise has set the standard throughout the industry. Having been involved in several high value and complex corporate restructuring, debt recovery, and insolvency related litigation cases across a wide range of sectors, Legal Win Consulting LLP has been able to actively partner alongside MSMEs in order to deliver the best possible results. As such, it’s garnered an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Be it within the textiles, power, manufacturing, steel, pharmaceuticals, logistics, retail, or infrastructure fields, it’s consistently displayed the ability to professionally restructure underperforming companies facing massive amounts of stress. And, with a client base including lenders and investors of all levels of the capital structure, it seems that no task is too grand for this ambitious law firm. Its brilliance shines through everything it does, but its recent case studies Jul23767 are a truly superb example of what Legal Win Consulting LLP has been able to accomplish in recent years. When we spoke with Legal Win Consulting LLP about what it believes the most rewarding part of being a lawyer is, it expressed how it thrives off of the continual learning that it experiences on a daily basis. With the constant flux of the legal sphere, there’s no doubt that changes are frequently occurring, and the satisfaction that Legal Win Consulting LLP gains from being able to adapt as flawlessly as it does is second to none. In addition, when witnessing legal interns blossom into competent lawyers, equipped with the skills to bring further success to the firm, the team indulges in an unrivalled sense of pride. As a rule, Legal Win Consulting LLP approaches the sector as a ‘team of teams’. Through leveraging their skills in new and unique ways, the brilliant individuals behind the firm are able to demonstrate their strengths to a whole manner of clients. Alongside this comes its client case management methodology, through which the team is able to provide comprehensive support that serves to make the legal experience a thrilling adventure for any client that seeks Legal Win Consulting LLP out for assistance. With the long-awaited permission for foreign legal firms to open offices in India to advise clients on the international elements of mergers and acquisitions finally being put in place, Legal Win Consulting LLP has eagerly pursued an unwavering collaboration with these changes. As opposed to seeing these alterations as a challenge, it has embraced the potential that such partnerships could bring, and is ready to pursue any opportunities that may arise from such a drastic alteration in the legal sphere. This ultimately ties back to Legal Win Consulting LLP’s overarching passion for learning – something that has allowed it to excel more than most within its industry. Despite this exciting advancement within the legal sector, there is still work to be done in order to reach further greatness. Thankfully, Legal Win Consulting LLP has already taken steps towards the future. With plans to open its law firm’s office in Singapore by the second quarter of 2024, and another in Santa Clara by 2025, Legal Win Consulting LLP hopes that it can extend its services to cater to start ups and multinational companies looking for organic, or inorganic, growth within the Indian market. With so many plans in place to pursue brilliance on an incomparable scale, we believe no firm within the region is more worthy of this award title. Through hard work, dedication, and an unapologetic drive to keep learning about the ways in which the industry works, Legal Win Consulting LLP has managed to make its mark. And we’re sure that, if it continues along its current path, it’ll go on to forge even more fantastic, innovative solutions for an even broader range of clients in the near future. Contact: S. Rajgopal Company: Legal Win Consulting LLP Web Address:

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Jul23140 Based in Indonesia, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law, PLLC is a full service corporate and commercial law firm that represents a range of clients, including start-ups, multinational companies, corporate executives, professionals, and other individuals. With extensive skills and experience, the firm is equipped to obtain outstanding results for its clients, even in the most unusual and complex cases. Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law provides an array of professional legal services and assistance. These encompass areas such as general litigation and dispute resolution, bankruptcy (insolvency and debt restructure), corporate and foreign investment, competition and antitrust, employment and human capital, aviation, maritime and transportation, property and real estate, finance and insurance, intellectual property, and extraordinary crimes. In 2015, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law was founded by Managing Partner Alexander Waas. He has been practicing law since 2012, when he became a member of the Legal Aid Bureau at his Law School as a Paralegal. Since then, he has worked hard to build his career, eventually deciding to start his own professional practice along the way. Today, Alexander is the best in his field. Clients can turn to him for counsel in corporate and commercial matters, especially bankruptcy and debt, restructuring, investment, competition law, and commercial litigation. He has worked with a wide spectrum of individuals and corporate clients, including creditors, debtors and investors, as well as government entities. Alexander leads an experienced team of professionals who are equipped with a variety of skills and knowledge. Together, they work to provide the best services to their clients in order to effectively protect their rights and interests. To this end, they are always working to enhance their abilities and become the best version of themselves. Over the years, the team at Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law have amassed a proven track record of success, having gained a wide range of experience throughout Indonesian law. This has enabled it to grow into the leading law firm it is today. In the services it provides, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law operates based on three core values. These are love, truth, and justice. Firstly, the firm loves what it does so it works tirelessly to provide the best standard of service to its clients. Secondly, it values truth, which is why it works to defend the rights and interests of its clients. Lastly, justice is the firm’s main goal; clients rely on its team to do everything they can to get justice for them. By combining love and truth, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law believes that justice will follow. “We love being lawyers because we can help people, connect with people from various backgrounds, and learn a lot of things from every client we help,” Alexander comments. “We are so proud of every accomplishment that we’ve achieved. It is not about winning but rather about how we can help our clients achieve their goals and ensure they’re satisfied with the result that we deliver to them.” For its commitment to its clients and the outstanding services it delivers, Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law has been awarded Best Full-Service Litigation Specialist Law Firm, Indonesia, in the APAC Legal Awards 2023. Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law looks towards a bright future with ambitious plans. Aiming to become the best commercial litigation lawyers in its country, the firm works to continue learning and growing in everything it does. Furthermore, in the digital world, technology is continuously evolving, affecting every industry. The legal sector is no exception; law firms must adapt to the situation to move forward. Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law realises this, so it is working to develop apps that will be used to support it services. This will begin with a simple Lawyer Management App, designed to enable it to make project records, input progress updates, and inform clients about their case in real time. We congratulate Alexander Waas and his team on their success in the APAC Legal Awards and look forward to seeing what they will go on to accomplish in the future. Contact: Alexander Waas Company: Alexander Waas Attorneys At Law, PLLC Web Address: Best Full-Service Litigation Specialist Law Firm 2023 - Indonesia

May22239 Based in Singapore, Attorneys Inc. LLC is a full-service law firm that caters to a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large multinational corporations. Its lawyers cover a diverse range of practice areas, including corporate and commercial work, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. The firm is equipped with extensive experience, enabling it to provide high-quality services as well as knowledgeable advice on best practices. Guiding with Trust and Expertise since 2003 Founded in 2003, Attorneys Inc. offers an array of legal services. Firstly, it represents clients in a variety of commercial litigation matters, ranging from domestic claims to multi- jurisdictional disputes at all levels of the Singapore courts. Its experienced litigation lawyers deliver balanced solutions to help clients resolve these disputes in a sensible, pragmatic, and costeffective manner. Attorneys Inc. also creates effective corporate structures for investments in various businesses. Furthermore, its seasoned real estate department regularly acts for individual and corporate clientele in sales and purchases of residential, commercial, and mixed development properties. It also represents foreign investors in their acquisitions and disposals of Singapore property. Delivering Strategic Client-centric Excellence under One Roof The work Attorneys Inc. does is centred around building strong relationships, maintaining effective communication, delivering personalised solutions, and demonstrating commitment to achieving the best outcomes for all clients, regardless of the nature of their legal matter. To achieve this, it utilises a combination of strategies to understand its clients’ needs and prioritise their best interests whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism. Catherine Hanam, Joint Managing Director at Attorneys Inc., shares with us, “What makes our work gratifying is that, through the wide spectrum of services we are able to provide, we can create a positive impact on the life of an individual client on one hand and on the other, assist a corporate client in successfully negotiating and closing a commercial venture. Whatever the issue at hand, we strive to provide the solution best suited to the client’s needs.” Embracing Digital Transformation: Pioneering Excellence in a Changing Legal Landscape By harnessing this unwavering commitment to client-centric excellence, Attorneys Inc. aims to gain a competitive advantage whilst making a meaningful impact on the legal journeys of those it serves. In recent years, the legal industry has undergone a plethora of transformative changes, driven by technological advancement, shifting expectations of clients, and evolving regulatory landscapes. In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote working and digital collaboration tools across the sector. Even now that the pandemic is behind us, many of these changes remain. On this, Catherine comments, “The development of digital collaboration tools such as virtual conferencing and meetings and electronic signing methodology has significantly influenced the way we provide services to our clients. Our law practice has strategically embraced this challenge, leveraging on the latest available technology and adapting our service standard to meet the needs of today’s client.” Furthermore, Attorneys Inc. has recognized that embracing the new legal frameworks and enhanced efficiency through technology, although requiring time and effort, has become an opportunity. In response to evolving client expectations for transparency, communication, and cost-effectiveness, our firm has risen to the occasion, transforming these challenges into rewarding achievements. “We made the decision to embrace this challenge and used the opportunity to utilize modern technology to enhance efficiency in tasks like research, document management, and communication with clients,” Catherine explains. “This has allowed us to focus more on strategic legal analysis and client engagement.” In light of its exceptional ability to adapt and continuously deliver excellence, Attorneys Inc. has been awarded Best Service Law Corporation, Singapore, in the APAC Legal Awards 2023. In the future, Attorneys Inc. plans to invest in technology that will enable it to improve its services. Primarily, it will focus on using new technology for automation and data analytics, enhancing its efficiency and providing more insightful solutions to clients. Catherine adds, “Our vision is centred on constantly improving the level of our services and adapting to the evolving needs of our clients. These plans align with our commitment to innovation, excellence, and social responsibility and helping to create a positive impact on the legal landscape.” Contact: Catherine Hanam Company: Attorneys Inc. LLC Web Address: Best Service Law Corporation 2023 - Singapore Aug23010

Feb22538 When contemplating the process of a divorce, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that most families dread it. It feels as though there’s no smooth way to manage such a situation. However, Hills Family Lawyers has culminated a gentle approach towards the matter that considers every individual involved. From the adults to the children, Hills Family Lawyers, operating under its patented Courtless divorce strategists® practises, ensures a seamless transition for the entire family. Primarily focused on prioritising amicable resolutions and conflict minimisation for individuals going through a divorce, Hills Family Lawyers embodies what it means to truly care for the individuals who seek it out for assistance. Its concern for the wellbeing of everyone involved, especially the emotional needs of any children present throughout the process, is second to none. As such, it’s become one of the most trusted firms when it comes to delicacy and grace. This is all made possible through its dedication to acting as Courtless divorce strategists®. Having coined the term due to its unwavering commitment to being a family law firm that seeks to settle divorce disputes via holistic, gentle means, Hills Family Lawyers has made its priorities abundantly clear. It recognises the impact that divorce can have on the surrounding family, as well as the individuals who are immediately involved. As a result, it’s adapted itself to present the chance for a clean transition, all whilst eliminating the oppressive atmosphere that tends to partner court processes. Whether assisting in mediation and collaborative divorce, or taking care of parenting plans, financial settlements, or post-divorce modifications, Hills Family Lawyers has considered every factor when constructing its selfless services. Everything that is has achieved has been gained in the pursuit of reducing the discomfort surrounding divorce, all in the hopes that the disruption caused by an already difficult event can be minimised as much as possible. Hills Family Lawyers has long since recognised the ways in which court proceedings have let families down throughout the years, and its alternative, child-centered approach was forged in response. By presenting itself as Courtless divorce strategists®, Hills Family Lawyers has already set itself apart from other firms within the area. This mode of practise allows it to adopt a far more personal approach, through which it can offer empathy, understanding, and a heartfelt connection that most other family law firms simply can’t provide. All of this serves to forge a process that, whilst perhaps not easy, is far more effective in tending to the emotional needs of clients experiencing a divorce. Every approach is tailor made to reduce the risk of longterm negative effects, allowing children to adapt to the transition in their lives with little to no disruptions to their wellbeing. Through the use of cuttingedge technology, and a team of compassionate individuals who hold an immeasurable passion for helping others as much as possible, Hills Family Lawyers has earned itself a stellar reputation as a family law firm that truly puts the family first. Not once will it consider its own personal benefits – everything that it does, it does for its clients’ families. Every person matters throughout the process of divorce, and Hills Family Lawyers is at the forefront of spreading this message to as many as it can. Though divorce is never a pleasant experience, a little empathy goes a long way. It just so happens that Hills Family Lawyers has plenty of empathy and love to spare. We’re thrilled to present Hills Family Lawyers with its most recent awards title. There’s no doubt that divorce proceedings have been changed for good as a result of its tireless efforts, and we’re sure that, through operating as Courtless divorce Best Divorce & Family Law Firm 2023 - New South Wales Jul23146 strategists®, it’ll continue to have a positive impact of the lives it touches. We’d like to extend our congratulations to the brilliant team at Hills Family Lawyers – it’s thanks to you that going through a divorce stands a chance at becoming a seamless transition centered around love. Contact: Nadia Messiha Company: Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd. Web Address: https://hillsfamilylawyers.

May22239 Metri Legal is a provider of specialist legal services spanning a broad range of disciplines including property, commercial, wills & estate, employment, and criminal law. Whatever the area of law a client might require, they can be sure of receiving a customer-centric service from the experienced and dedicated team at Metri, based in the Hills District of Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Metri Legal unites an expansive team of highly qualified legal professionals who are always standing ready to fight your corner. The company boasts a diversified practice, split into niche groups, so there’s always a specialist lawyer available for each individual area of the law practised at Metric. Its services are broadly split into five separate departments, namely property law, commercial law, wills & estate management, employment law, and criminal law. Within these distinct category areas, it will ensure its services are effectively tailored to meet each and every client’s individual needs. The company takes a clientfocused approach, ensuring each matter raised is dealt with using deep levels of understanding and support. Its professional service and attention to detail is something that can only truly be achieved by a client driven team of legal professionals, like the ones based at Metri Legal. At Metri, you’ll find professional law experts who are always in your corner. As it proclaims on its website, “People don’t win fights, Lawyers do.” The experienced team is united when it comes to solving problems and disputes, whatever the area of the law, and will combine forces to draw upon one another when required in order to achieve the best result for its clients. When it comes to employment law, Metri Legal is committed to finding solutions to the myriad issues that can and do occur during the employment lifecycle. The firm brings the skills needed to successfully manage and maintain employees, who are of course the very lifeblood of any business, and critical to business growth. The Metri Legal Employment Law team are dedicated to solving problems within the workplace, and will help direct companies to work together better, according to the letter of the law, with an overall growth mindset promoted at all times. It specialises in preparing employment contracts and policies, providing advice on awards and obligations, and employment entitlements. It can also advise on independent contractor agreements, and provide general advice in relation to Employment and Human Resources. Metri Legal’s professional practitioners want to make sure that its clients are fully equipped with a good understanding and knowledge of the whole legal process they are entering into. It takes enormous pride in being a part of the emerging trend of agile and boutique legal services. To be agile in a true business sense means that the organisation in question has the ability to quickly adapt to market changes, both internally and externally. This means that Metri Legal can respond rapidly and flexibly to its clients’ needs, and fully support them in a way that is productive and cost-effective, but never compromises on quality. Being a boutique firm means that Metri Legal is defined by its narrow margin of legal practice areas and specialisms. Often its highly experienced staff have a smaller client list, which of course works in the favour of the customer who will receive complete and total dedication, fully concentrated on their specific legal problem. With a targeted focus and an innovative mindset, Metri Legal is constantly growing in size and stature, and brings an overall mission to the fore that is honed to provide clients with the highest quality of service. The company is guided by six important core values, which dictate how it operates its practice and manages its business. These are its client focus, its respect, its agile skills, its integrity, its open communication, and its honesty. These values are evident throughout the entire business, both within the client relationships it forms, and its overall methods of operating. As the recently announced winner of Best Employment Law Firm 2023 - Baulkham Hills, Metri Legal’s supportive and tailored assistance is proving to be much in demand, and we wish it the best of luck with its future expansion. Company: Metri Legal Pty Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Matt Metri Best Employment Law Firm 2023 - Baulkham Hills Jul23180

Feb22538 Despite the firm’s incredibly young age, Cityscape Lawyers has managed to set a new standard within Australia’s traffic law sphere. Through combining excellence and an unrivalled understanding of how to retrieve the best outcome for each of its clients, Cityscape Lawyers stands as a shining example of what can be accomplished should one have the drive to achieve it. We explore how this unapologetic passion for traffic law has raised Cityscape Lawyers to new heights. Operating alongside the mindset that ‘you’re only as good as the time and effort that you put into each matter’, Cityscape Lawyers is Australia’s leading traffic law firm. With an eye for realistic outcomes, and a dedication to ensuring that its clients aren’t just satisfied, but are treated as equals by the fantastic team behind the firm, it has come leaps and bounds within its first year of inception. Through fostering a cohesive relationship with each individual client, it’s able to establish an invaluable sense of trust that continuously lends itself to the client-lawyer connection. At Cityscape Lawyers, open and honest communication is key. This value, combined with an unconditional level of respect, sets Cityscape Lawyers apart as a unique entity that forms true, meaningful partnerships with its clients. Only through such relationships can success thrive, and Cityscape Lawyers has long since recognised that, without a strong connection between client and lawyer, reaching a favourable outcome is near impossible. As such, it seeks to understand clients on a far deeper level than most firms of a similar nature, from understanding the emotional strain that legal situations can place upon an individual, to providing an overarching sense of safety for every person it assists. No matter the size of a matter, each one receives the same level of attention from every member of the Cityscape Lawyers team. As a rule, this incredible firm doesn’t believe in taking short cuts, or applying cookie cutter approaches, allowing it to really take its time in order to formulate the best possible approach towards any given situation. A rushed legal process is almost always a failed pursuit, resulting in an unshakable determination from Cityscape Lawyers to fight hard for every client, no matter what. Cityscape Lawyers has made a name for itself as a legal firm for the people, and it’s clear to see why. For Cityscape Lawyers, the most rewarding part of its work is achieving the successful outcomes that its clients so desperately hope for. Through taking the time to understand the situation, the legal requirements, and the support that individuals require, Cityscape Lawyers equips itself with all of the necessary tools to get to this point. And, when it finally reaches a favourable outcome alongside its clients, the sense of retrieving a part of an individual’s life for them serves to drive Cityscape Lawyers towards accomplishing similar feats time and time again. You can never promise success, but Cityscape Lawyers is as close to securing a positive settlement as a law firm of its nature can possibly get. Despite the drastic ebb and flow of the legal sector, there are some who have become astonishingly adept at navigating the constant turning of the tides. Cityscape Lawyers is one such firm, whose brilliance shines time and time again, despite its age. Not once has it been held back by its relative newness within the industry, and has instead taken Best Traffic Law Firm 2023 - Australia Jul23411 on the challenge of claiming a place for itself among the greats. And now, with this award title under its belt, Cityscape Lawyers has proven that, through an unrelenting devotion to each and every client, excellence can thrive in new and exciting ways. Contact: Anna Petrakis Company: Cityscape Lawyers Web Address:

Jan22686 Feb22538 Chuoli Law Firm is a company based in the Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, with a legal service outlook that focuses on protecting intellectual property matters. Lawyer and Team Leader Tian Zijun has been deeply involved in this field for more than 30 years, achieving considerable strides in upholding the spirit of objectivity and fairness required when providing outstanding services that are always in line with the letter of the law. Intellectual property infringement and ownership dispute resolution are two of the very important areas the Guangdong Chuoli Lawyer Firm concentrates on. It also covers patent and trademark infringement disputes, copyright infringement disputes, trade secret infringement disputes, domestic intellectual property protection products, and intellectual property legal services related to the Internet. For example, it was engaged to provide online intellectual property protection services for the well-known Alibaba Group. It also serves other high-value intellectual property protection in the manufacturing industry, and other professional fields for enterprises in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. It specialises in providing IP protection services to manufacturing industry subdivisions, inclusive of trade secret protection and intellectual property protection layout services for pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry, identification chips, resin coatings, the energy chemical industry, spacer foam, polymer modified materials and more. Most of the customers it serves are market leading entities within their own sectors. Team leader and lawyer Tian Zijun is amongst the first batch of Chinese judicial officials specifically engaged in intellectual property (IP) within the country. He has vast experiences of negotiating, mediating, and advocating for clients, as well as serving them in accordance with the law to respect and protect intellectual property rights. China boasts a progressive manufacturing industry that encompasses constant continued improvements and innovative corporate capabilities. New inventions and creations in technology are often emerging, to the delight of the professionals involved in intellectual property protection services. As a result, performance within the intellectual property services has recently been blessed with exponential growth. But as welcome as these opportunities are, they bring their own challenges to the table as well. The continuous expansion of the technical field, and the increasing depth of demand, has put considerable pressure on the human side of the company, with knowledge and continuous learning requiring constant enrichment to ensure Chuoli Law retains its place at the vanguard. The company has a unique way of guaranteeing a topclass service for its clients. It begins by identifying customer needs, utilising extensive questionnaires to help it produce appropriate service plans. It then assigns teams specially tailored for the individual customers’ requirements. The next stage is to achieve solutions. This might involve consultation, counselling, training, system design, agency litigation services, or much more, particularly relating to IP protection. It ensures customers needs have been met through customer and third-party evaluation means. Finally, Chuoli Law will offer further service suggestions to customers, focused on any new problems discovered during the service process. There have been significant developments in the industry recently, such as the many commercial secret protection cases the firm has successfully handled, including Guangzhou Tinci and Anhui Newman. This undertaking was rated as one of the top 50 national intellectual property classic cases by the Supreme Court in 2020. The firm has also handled many commercial secret protection cases, and achieved the good results it expected. In addition, it has provided customers with professional services such as trade secret infringement diagnosis, and trade secret protection system construction. Such activities have greatly benefitted Chuoli Law in the popularisation of trade secret protection laws and legal services. Currently, the team is focused on safeguarding rights, protection layout, risk investigation/risk control, protection system construction, and other aspects of protecting commercial secrets for clients. It recognises how its continuous expansion work is strengthening the depth of its professional abilities, and helping it to achieve better results for customers in the protection of trade secrets. This also helps progress the performance of each individual lawyer involved as well. In the future, it intends to further build on such achievements to continue developing in the field of intellectual property rights and trade secret rights protection. Simultaneously, it intends to closely follow the national economic policy and development plan, and use this to its advantage in the coming year. As winner of the Best IP Legal Service Provider 2023 – Guangzhou, we wish it all the luck in the world with all its future endeavours. Contact Details Company: Guangdong Chuoli Lawyer Firm Web Address: Contact Name: Tian zijun Best IP Legal Service Provider 2023 - Guangzhou Jul23363

Mar22270 JMu la2r3232627 0 Healy Daloia Migration Services provides a range of consulting services, specialising in Australian migration law and procedure. It readily serves clients from all around the world, and is strongly committed to providing honest and impartial advice, always in the very best interests of its valued clientele. It strives to help achieve successful migration results with its expertise and ethical means of practice. Healy Daloia has offices based in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide, Australia, as well as in São Paulo, Brazil. Its aim is to relieve as much pressure as it can from the daunting and timeconsuming visa applications process necessary for migrants who choose to enter Australia to live and work. It offers an endto-end migration service, with a team dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of the Australian migratory law landscape, and assisting them with their individual needs and requirements. The company was founded by Agostinho Daloia Neto, who works as the Director and Principal Registered Migration Agent at the firm. Originally a migrant himself, hailing from Brazil, immensely well qualified Agostinho possesses Post Graduate qualifications in Australian Migration Law and Practice earned at The Australian National University, and The University of Technology Sydney. He also studied International Human Rights Law at both the University of Cambridge and at Harvard University, in addition to which he has also undertaken a Graduate Program in Social Justice at Harvard University. The company founder/director is passionate about continuously developing his knowledge to better assist clients, and is currently studying a Juris Doctor at Deakin University. With a Melbourne office location based at Australia’s World Trade Centre, Healy Daloia is a reliable and trustworthy business, registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. This means that everything it does is done by the book, and extends a credible and authoritative voice to clientele. It covers a wide array of services including initial migration assessments and migration plan mapping, through to various temporary, provisional, and permanent resident visa applications. Healy Daloia provides services in English and Portuguese, and is delighted to be able to serve clients from all around the world. The majority of its staff also speak Spanish in addition to English and Portuguese, and it is unsurprising to hear that with its founder originally hailing from Brazil, and with one of its dedicated offices located in São Paulo, it has become a prominent player within the Latin American market. It is happy to be able to assist clients with the eligibility verification and application processes, which encompasses Skills Assessments. These are a requirement for migration purposes and Australian citizenship. In the case of visa refusals and cancellations, its is also a necessary step prior to an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and/or requesting the assistance of Ministerial Intervention. With Healy Daloia’s advice and guidance in place, hopefully everything will go swimmingly anyway. The impressive team is fully committed to providing clients with honest advice, and it will always act with integrity, considering their best interests at all times. In addition, Principal Migration Agent Agostinho Daloia Neto is an active member of the AustralianLatin American community. He serves on the board of ABRISA, the Brazilian Association for Social Development and Integration in Australia, and is a member of the ALABC Australia-Latin America Business Council. Healy Daloia Migration Services has garnered many 5-star reviews from happy clientele. For example, Anna Carolina Farion writes, “Exceptional quality service. Agostinho Daloia happily explained to me well-detailed step by step of what I should do to be successful on my pathway. Strongly recommend their services!” Likewise, Mair Paixao comments, “I would highly recommend Visa Law. Agostinho was extremely patient in understanding my situation and gave a lot of insightful advice on my best options. I have been to see other migration agents in the past but Agostinho was by far the best.” We are delighted to see that Healy Daloia Migration Services has been recognised as Best Migration Agency 2023 – Melbourne in the APAC Legal Awards. Well done to this specialist service agency on successfully helping so many clients to navigate the complex world of migration to Australia. A truly outstanding effort all round. Contact Details Company: Healy Daloia Migration Services Web Address: Contact Name: Agostinho Daloia Neto Best Migration Agency 2023 - Melbourne

Based in Perth, Green Wings Migration is a migration agency that offers assistance to people interested in moving to Australia from overseas as well as those who want to remain in the country. Here, we speak to Eleonora Romanini, Founder and Managing Director, to find out more about the business. Best Migration Agency 2023 - Western Australia Passionate about helping people achieve their dreams of living and working in Australia, Eleonora Romanini established Green Wings Migration in 2016. As an experienced migration agent who migrated to the country in 2013, Eleonora had noticed a significant need for reliable and compassionate migration services in Perth. Today, the agency works to provide comprehensive and professional assistance to individuals and families who are looking to migrate to Australia. At Green Wings Migration, Eleonora is backed by a team of highly skilled and registered migration agents. Every member of staff at the agency is committed to guiding their clients through the complex immigration process and ensuring that their transition to their new home is smooth and successful. Thanks to their unwavering dedication and commitment to their clients, the team have enabled the company to become a trusted name in Western Australia’s migration industry. Green Wings Migration works with a diverse range of clients from all over the world. Its services are tailored to meet the needs of skilled professionals seeking new career opportunities, families looking to reunite and settle together, and aspiring students eager to pursue education at Australian institutions. On the other hand, it works with employers seeking skilled foreign workers to fill crucial positions. Eleonora adds, “Our clients come from various backgrounds and cultures, and we take pride in providing personalised and culturally sensitive support throughout the migration process.” Clients are at the heart of Green Wings Migration. It has worked hard to build a track record of successful visa outcomes, taking a client-centric approach. “We firmly believe that providing exceptional client service is the cornerstone of our success,” Eleonora explains. “Our approach to client service is centred around three key principles: empathy, expertise, and communication. We strive to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service throughout their migration journey.” Firstly, the registered agents at Green Wings Migration take the time to actively listen to their clients, understand their situation, acknowledge their emotions, and offer genuine support and reassurance. Secondly, the agents are equipped with extensive and up-to-date knowledge of Australian immigration laws and policies, increasing clients’ likelihood of a successful visa outcome. Lastly, the team maintain open and transparent communication with the client, keeping them informed at every stage of the process in a clear and accessible manner. As a migration agent, Eleonora understands the impact of immigration decisions on people’s lives and the emotional rollercoaster they may experience throughout the process. “Being able to offer not only professional expertise but also empathy and support is something I hold dear to my heart,” she shares. “The trust my clients place in me to guide them through this life-changing journey is both humbling and empowering, and it drives me to continuously improve and provide exceptional service.” With a genuine passion for what she does, it is no surprise that Eleonora’s work at Green Wings Migration has been deeply rewarding and fulfilling for her. “The most heartwarming and gratifying aspect of my work is witnessing the happiness and joy in my clients' faces when they achieve their dreams of becoming permanent residents in Australia,” she explains. “It's an indescribable feeling to know that I have played a significant role in helping them build a new life and future in a country they have aspired to call home.” For the excellent services it provides as a result of Eleonora and her team’s unwavering dedication to helping clients achieve their visa aspirations, Green Wings Migration has been awarded Best Migration Agency, Western Australia, in the APAC Legal Awards 2023. Whilst it is her vision that has brought Green Wings Migration to life over the years, Eleonora is committed to crediting her team for the outstanding work they do. She comments, “Every successful visa outcome is a testament to the dedication and hard work put forth by the entire team at Green Wings Migration. Being part of a team that shares the same passion for helping others and witnessing the collective impact of our efforts fills me with a deep sense of pride and camaraderie.” Contact: Eleonora Romanini Company: Green Wings Migration Pty Ltd Web Address: www. Jul23421