Legal Awards 2022

Legal Awards 2022

Welcome to the Legal Awards 2022 APAC Insider is proud to announce the much-awaited return of the APAC Legal Awards 2022. It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is still having a widespread effect on the legal sector, even more than two years on. The main trends that have been borne out of COVID for the legal sector is the adoption of remote working, a greater focus on the mental health & wellbeing of employees, the reallocation of budgets to focus on new technologies, and the need for client-led change. The legal sector in the Asia Pacific region is constantly growing and evolving, never standing still or looking the same as time passes. The sector’s leaders are constantly innovating and formulating to provide the highest standards of legal services possible. The Asia Pacific region is the fastest in terms of growth in the legal sector, so now is the perfect time for firms in the region to showcase themselves with an award. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Li & Cai IP Group: Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm - Taiwan 6. Ark Law Corporation: Most Trusted Corporate & Commercial Specialists Law Firm - Singapore 8. Adnan Rahim & Co: Leading Legal Mind in Commercial Transactions (Malaysia): Encik Mohd Shahril Adnan 10. Guok Partnership: Most Client-Focused Trails & Appellate Advisory Firm - Kuala Lumpur 12. Irene Wong Chambers: Best Small Business Employment Law Advisory - Malaysia 13. Koch IP Pty Ltd: Best Boutique IP Law Firm 2022 – Oceania 14. Joint-Win Partners: Best Banking Law Firm – Shanghai 15. Martin Dillon, Barrister: Most Innovative Disputes & Prosecutions Lawyer 2022 (New Zealand): Martin Dillon 16. P. E. Lim: Best Boutique Dispute Resolution Firm – South East Asia 17. Gleeson Legal: Rising Stars in Commercial Law 2022 – NSW 18. Banton Group: Complex Litigator of the Year (Australia): Amanda Banton 19. The Law Lounge Limited: Best Family & Property Law Advice Firm - Otago 20. Tan & Khong Chambers: Legal Services Client Care Excellence Award 2022 21. Corporate Legal: Best Business Law Firm 2022 – Greater Western Sydney & Client Services Excellence Award 2022 22. Hamilton Thomas Lawyers: Best Emerging Family Law Firm 2022 - Melbourne 23. Solitaire LLP: Most Attentive Legal Advisory Firm - Singapore 24. GLMR Pty Ltd: Best Emerging IP Law Firm 2022 - Oceania 25. Nanyang: Best In-House Legal Team 2022 - Singapore 26. Nadirah Azad & Salihin: Best Emerging Construction Dispute Resolution Firm - South East Asia 27. Sydney Criminal Lawyers: Best Traffic & Criminal Law Firm – Sydney & Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year (NSW): Ugur Nedim 28. Welead Attorneys- At-Law: Leading IP & Entertainment Law Services - Taipei City 29. Immigration & Secretarial Services Limited: Immigration & Secretarial Services Ltd - Director of the Year 2022 (New Zealand):Sylviane Gallant-Welch & APAC Client Service Excellence Award 2022 30. Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd: Most Trusted Family Mediation Firm 2022 - Sydney Contents

May22239 Aug 328 Securing patents is no easy task, but for the team behind Li & Cai IP Group, it’s an everyday task that has guaranteed long-term success for their clients. In APAC Insider’s APAC Legal Awards, this team were recognised for their immensely high standards at all times. We take a closer look to uncover the secrets of their success. Founded in 1985, the team at Li & Cai IP Group specialise in patent, trademark, copyright, IC related fields, trade secrets and other types of intellectual property rights. The priority of the team is to offer services that are linked in professionalism, passionate in service, offer faith in quality and are intent on providing a sense of security. From this specifc skillset, the team behind the Li & Cai IP Group have been able to support clients in a host of different circumstances. These include patent and trademark applications, registrations, patent portfolio management, patent map production, patent infringement analysis, counseling on the establishment of intellectual property rights system for enterprises, copyright infringement analysis, and civil and criminal lawsuits related to intellectual property rights infringement, licensing negotiations, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Such comprehensive cover of IP matters has been invaluable to many businesses, with the team now having around 5000 active patent clients. This is an industry that is constantly growing, however, with the need for new patents clear. Recently, the Li & Cai IP Group have taken on an additional hundred clients to their already considerable portfolio. The value of patents is a commercially important issue, and guaranteeing proper protection is therefore vital. The team have worked alongside individuals, research institutions and companies to protect their best interests. Since opening their doors, the Li & Cai IP Group team have focused primarily on the needs of Taiwanese organisations and are experts inTaiwan IPrightsservices. Providing a comprehensive solution in the modern world, however, requires a mindset that is truly international in outlook. The team has developed skills in IP services from other countries and is now able to provide a onestop service for thosewhowant to maintain global IP rights services. The key to the success of the Li & Cai IP Group is the trust which their clients place in them, Trust from these organisations is rewarded through comprehensive intellectual property rights protection globally. Every country has unique IP requirements, and the team are able to use their strategic partnerships with other frms to assist Taiwanese professionals in the protection of their investments. To build this trust means constantly taking on feedback and applying that feedback to ensure the best possible service at all times. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been signifcant in all areas of the economy, and the Li & Cai IP Group team have had to work hard to remain competitive. More than ever, clients are looking for a more reasonable rate from their legal experts. Achieving this has been by no means simple, but made possible thanks to a tireless effort to grow and develop the already formidable talents of the staff. The Li & Cai IP Group has a team of 70 patent attorneys, agents, lawyers and engineers, each committed to providing a service which spans numerous industries. Whilst the industry outside moves forward, the success of Li & Cai IP Group is the way in which it focuses on internal development in order to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality service possible. Offering high quality service is achieved partly through understanding the unique challenges and demands of the legal systems, but primarily through working out how best to apply the law to an individual client’s future propositions. The team at the Li & Cai IP Group are renowned for their ability to collaboratewith others, which has led to their working closely with agents from various countries in producing IP solutions that go above and beyond. Thanks to this commitment to offering a comprehensive solution, the Li & Cai IP Group team are closely connected both a US Patent Attorney, James Long, and US Patent Agent, Zhuo (Joe) Xu. The international mindset that goes into the work that the Li & Cai IP Group do is how they have been able to remain at the forefront of what the market needs. IP law is a truly international affair, and the team behind Li & Cai IP Group has worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that their outlook is similarly global in scope. Looking ahead, it’s easy to see that the team behind the Li & Cai IP Group has still got enormous potential to thrive in this rapidly growing sector of the legal industry. As the world continues to develop and evolve new ideas, it’ll be necessary to ensure that appropriate protections remain in place to keep everything in order on behalf of clients. Looking ahead, the team are hoping to develop new talents, whilst maintaining the relationships they have already built up over the years. At the core of this plan is the continued expansion of quality services on behalf of the various organisations represented by the Li & Cai IP Group team. To make this happen, the Li & Cai IP Group will hold the spirit of “linked in professionalism”, “passionate in service”, “faith in quality”, and “intent on providing sense of security” to serve clients as close as possible. It’s these values that have not only guided the team to their recent heights of success, but will provide them with the momentum to thrive in the future. As the world shifts around the Li & Cai IP Group, their purpose in life will continue to act as a stalwart force on the world around them. What does it mean to win the award for Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm – Taiwan? For the team at Li & Cai IP Group, it means remaining true to the values which have brought such success over the years whilst pushing forward into bold new territory. We celebrate the team’s success and look forward to what they achieve in the future! Company: Li & Cai IP Group Name: Yves (Yao-Hui) Chang Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm - Taiwan

May22239 Jul2 630 Eugene Low is a recognisable and trusted litigator in Singapore’s closely-knit legal field. It therefore comes as no surprise that Eugene’s burgeoning firm, Ark Law, has grown to incredible levels of success in the short time since its incorporation. Eugene founded Ark Law Corporation in 2019 as a boutique law frm working across the full spectrum of commercial, corporate, and fnancial law, with specialisations in disputes, litigation, and corporate restructuring and insolvency matters with regional or international factors. Since incorporating the frm, Ark Law has worked with clients in numerous complex matters across a variety of subjects. Key matters handled by the frm include acting for a corporation headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and its Chinese shareholder in the Singapore International Commercial Court involving management fees in respect of photovoltaic plants built and operated in Pakistan, a State party in matters arising from an arbitration with a utilities concession holder, and an online binary trading platform in a highvalue dispute involving issues of English and Belize law. The frm has also successfully navigated shareholder disputes and has advised on director’s duties, exposure, and risk in relation to cryptocurrency companies. ‘We take a high energy, pragmatic and business-minded approach to serving our clients. While we generally work in teams, we make it a point for the most senior member of each team to be actively involved and available to our clients,’ Eugene notes. For Ark Law, client experience and involvement is a key driver behind how the team operates, and is how the frm manages to provide bespoke solutions that are not only effective, but also have the client’s buy-in. Ark Law’s signifcant experience with the Chinese market is something that the company takes a great amount of pride in. The frm has undertaken numerous cases for Chinese clients, including corporates and individuals, including a case that involved acting for a subsidiary of a Chinese State-Owned Enterprise in claims relating to a joint venture in Singapore, which has spawned litigation in multiple jurisdictions including Singapore, China and the United States. ‘China is a key market for the frm,’ Eugene comments, ‘and our experience and capabilities reflect that.’ Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Eugene is equipped to work flexibly and freely with clients across Singapore and China, and in turn, he has been able to ensure Ark Law’s success with the frm’s Chinese clients. Prior to the formation of Ark Law, Eugene spent time in the East China University of Political Science and Law, and also developed practical skills working in a fnancial services frm based in Shanghai, China. The connections and deep cultural understanding formed during Eugene’s time in China have been indispensable to Ark Law. The National University of Singapore alum also serves as a Volunteer Lawyer with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, which provides criminal legal assistance to those unable to afford a lawyer. Eugene is also a proud member of INSOL International, the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore, the Singapore Academy of Law, and the Law Society of Singapore, and holds an Insolvency Practitioners’ Licence under the Ministry of Law. On the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on talent acquisition for law frms: ‘In my view,’ Eugene explains, ‘the most signifcant development in recent times has been the impact of COVID-19 on talent acquisition in Singapore. Prior to COVID-19, the employment market for young lawyers was very much an employer’s market due to the phased increase of the graduate classes of the three major universities offering law courses in Singapore. COVID-19 coupled with changes in bar qualifcation requirements appear to have reversed this trend.’ In addition to this, many young lawyers are leaving Singapore for jobs overseas or in an international law firm, which has further exacerbated the rift in recruitment for Singaporean firms. It has become increasingly difficult to both find and retain talent. In response, Ark Law maintains a flat hierarchy, which enables mentorship of young lawyers. The firm has also adopted flexible working hours, alternative working arrangements, and remuneration packages, leading the way for law firms across the globe.’ Innovation runs in Ark Law’s blood, and such moves have certainly paid off, as it is actively and aggressively expanding. This has culminated in the frm’s push to hire partners as well as young associates and office staff. It is clear to see that whilst Ark Law’s future may be busy, it will be flled with success in abundance thanks to its devotion to serving its clients effectively and cultivating sustainable growth. Contact: Eugene Low Company: Ark Law Corporation Web Address: ‘We take a high energy, pragmatic and business-minded approach to serving our clients. While we generally work in teams, we make it a point for the most senior member of each team to be actively involved and available to our clients,’ Most Trusted Corporate &Commercial Specialists LawFirm - Singapore

With a vision to become a well-renowned Malaysian law firm, backed by passionate and wellversed practitioners – and dedicated to providing its clientele with exceptional legal services – Adnan Rahim & Co is leading the way amongst its peers. We find out more from the firm’s more than capable Legal Manager, Encik Mohd Shahril Adnan, in the wake of him being recognised for his dedication and devotion in the APAC Legal Awards 2022. Established by Dato’ Haji Adnan bin Abd Rahim in April 2002, Adnan Rahim & Co (Adnan Rahim) has grown into one of the fastest growing legal firms in the region. With a dedicated team of wellversed partners, associates and support staff that have built the foundation for it to become a sound and versatile legal service establishment, the practice is thriving. Headquartered in Kota Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia, and with its main branch located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, Adnan Rahim has over the years have built strong expertise in legal matters, from corporate and commercial, to litigation, to conveyancing. The company is not selective in providing legal services, instead welcoming any entities and individuals from different sectors to seek its legal advice and services and as such assists various clients from various industries and backgrounds, such as construction, automotive, telecommunication, manufacturing, oil and gas, IT, food and beverages and many more. Amongst Adnan Rahim’s prestigious clientele are some big names, such as Maybank, RHB Bank, Bank Islam, Ingress Auto Sdn. Bhd, PPFB Sdn Bhd Group of Companies, Joy Design Studio Sdn Bhd, SMS Group of Companies, Go Auto Group of Companies, Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, Menteri Besar Selangor (Incorporated), nevertheless the frm also offers counsel to smaller companies particularly to SMEs. Encik Mohd Shahril bin Adnan is Legal Manager at the frm and has commenced his journey in becoming a qualifed advocate and solicitor by undergoing his pupillage at Adnan Rahim & Co., of which he was successfully admitted to the Bar in 2014. He was then retained as a practising advocate and solicitor at the frm, and further entrusted with the responsibility of managing the frm’s headquarters in Kota Damansara. He has since become the prime mover and managing associate at the frm. “Over the past few years, I have grown and groomed the corporate department of Adnan Rahim & Co. and have since then turned the headquarters in Kota Damansara to be known as the frm that specialises in corporate and commercial matters,” Encik Shahril explains. “I am honoured to have had the opportunity to be able to be involved in making crucial business transactions and decisions for my clients, as well as able to gain more experience and knowledge in various kind of business transactions, which have lead me to be part of the decision-making of the client for its businesses.” Encik Shahril is well versed in matters pertaining to Corporate and Commercial Transactions, Contractual and Commercial Disputes, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Debt, Restructuring and Takeover Exercise, Corporate Governance, Corporate Construction, Corporate Restructuring, Telecommunication Infrastructure, Corporate Litigation, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Conveyancing and Project Management. With his exceptional skills and capabilities, Adnan Rahim has won over and retained several big corporation as clients and has also grown to become one of the fast-developing frms in Malaysia. “People will always seek us for advice especially pertaining to the running, operation and management of their business, particularly towards legal related issues and due to this it allows me to gain more knowledge in business, tackle new challenges, master new business transactions and learn new commercial arrangements which in the end allows me to be more insightful in the business world. Furthermore, this allows the client to trust and give me the opportunity to help and to assist them in protecting and growing their business at the same time.” With the view of providing legal services to the respective clients which are exceptional in quality, speed, efficiency as well as integrity, the frm places great importance in its ability to provide continuity service and to develop familiarity with the frm’s clients’ expectations in relation to the manner of undertaking and performing such legal services. With the aim of safeguarding the best interest of its clients and to match the requirement that best suit the client’s needs in ensuring efficiency and economical legal solutions, Adnan Rahim is committed to the pursuit accomplishment of excellent legal services and it strives to enhance and provide the level of personal, innovative and integrated legal services that is expected of all of its clients. “We believe that the success and growth of our clients are also our success and growth,” elaborates Encik The company is not selective in providing legal services, instead welcoming any entities and individuals from different sectors to seek its legal advice and services and as such assists various clients from various industries and backgrounds Leading Legal Mind in Commercial Transactions (Malaysia): Encik Mohd Shahril Adnan

Shahril. “Hence, we will always strive to provide our clients comprehensive advices, not just in legal perspective but also the commercial, business arrangements and business viabilities for every transactions or business arrangements which our clients plan to enter into and which we are appointed for. Furthermore, we will always plan for our client’s future success and growth in ensuring the clients could strive further and become the best in their feld as we aim to be the catalyst for success for our clients.” Being based in Malaysia does not hinder or restrict Adnan Rahim from practising areas of the law which are outside of the local jurisdiction, as it ensures that its partners and associates are well versed and kept abreast with recent legal and commercial developments around the region. This is to ensure that the practice, as a whole, is able to address and iron out various inward issues relating to the legal feld, be it from corporate, conveyancing and/or litigation. Henceforth, the frm’s continuous effort and integrity in providing unlimited professional legal services has, in a way attracted both local and international clientele in the search of legal services, advice, assistance and consultations, which includes, but not limited to engagement for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, capital market and corporate fnance transactions, commercial agreements, establishment of joint ventures and partnerships, advisory works for foreign investors and companies, application to the government and regulatory authorities and to any other related statutory bodies for compliance, consent and approval purposes. Recently, Encik Shahril was recognised for his imperative role at Adnan Rahim and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Leading Legal Mind in Commercial Transactions (Malaysia) in the APAC Legal Awards 2022. Understandably delighted with this title, Encik tells us that understanding his client’s business operation, its aims and goals for the business, as well as what his clients fnd crucial for their business is his top priority and the key to his success. “I will always contribute more than just becoming a lawyer for the client (i.e. in protecting the client’s interest) whereby assisting, enhancing and expanding the client’s business is also one of my top priorities,” he enthuses. “In other words, I will always use my business expertise to my advantage in assisting my clients.” Contact Details Contact: Mohd Shahril Adnan Company: Adnan Rahim & Co. Web Address:

Jan22686 Most Client-Focused Trails & Appellate Advisory Firm - Kuala Lumpur As the principal leader of Guok Partnership, Guok Ngek Seong has been an advocate and solicitor for the high court of Malaysia for the past 20 years. He has represented clients from all manner of different walks of life over the years – in his capacity as both roles – in order to support them in achieving a result that they will be satisfied with. A small sized legal firm, it dedicates itself to treating each client with the respect and empathy they deserve in order to make for personable, sensitive, and effective legal services that don’t lose sight of the client in all the data of a case. Guok Partnership, the company of one of Malaysia’s legal professionals, has made a name for itselfover theyearswitheffective, efficient, and responsive legal work both in the realms of advocacy and solicitation. Able to serve many corporate clients – as well as individuals from all different backgrounds and walks of life – its criminal litigations and civil law efforts have become renowned as exemplary across its region, as it continually proves itself worthy of its place in the top spot of its industry with its tenacity and diligence. Nominally, its staff each work hard in this small yet dedicated team to make every client feel truly valued. In West Malaysia, across the courts of all different stages in the hierarchy, Guok Partnership believes in justice tempered with mercy; fundamentally, it seeks to operate with a prevailing ethos that true justice cannot be achieved without an empathetic approach when taking on litigation cases. This value has remained steadfast since the very beginnings in 2013, with its professionals staunchly following the principles of the founder. Often, one will see Guok Partnership’s name popping up in Malaysian legal journals as well as printed media and digital media reporting various cases, gaining repute through simply working hard for its clients, and letting the word of the successful case speak for itself. Guok Partnership has represented many different clients in this way, many of whom have gone on to leave glowing reviews, either by word-of-mouth referral or writing something up for inclusion on third party review sites. Thus, despite its small nature as a business, its penchant for earning trust is highly competitive, able to handle cases from drug abuse to possession, trafficking, security, corruption, antimoney laundering, forfeiture of properties, and other general offenses. Over its years working in this industry, it has also been able to raise some novel constitutional challenges pertaining to certain provisions of criminal statutes that have been tested in the apex court. Moreover, in certain civil cases, it has represented clients in several successful defamation cases. It enjoys the challenge involved in such cases, including ones that include civil and criminal contempt cases, shareholder disputes, officers’ and directors’ liabilities, breaches of fiduciary cases, tortious cases, contractual claims cases, and construction claims cases, to name a few. It believes in being always upfront when giving advice to its clients, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each case and explaining it to them in a way that is understandable, unclouded ul 10 by jargon, and highly relevant, only ever being candid with its solutions offered within the confines of the law. With the legal industry of Malaysia quickly catching up with the use of IT and electronics, the dispensing justice for all manner of different people is becoming easier and more accessible. This recently has extended to the improvement of the physical accessibility of the court and its professionals, with Zoom trails and hearings being implemented in order to skirt the challenges brought in by Covid-19 and social distancing rules, as sometimes even if a client could make it in, it would not be safe for them to. This has made for a legal structure that is far less bound by physicality, one with a greater reach and less logistical nightmares to wrangle. Dedicated, determined, and effective, its satisfaction is only complete when a client’s is, and it wants only to see justice done for its clients, achieving the results that they wish to see and becoming the family or business friend that supports them throughout the process, consistently checking in and ensuring they feel seen, heard, and supported. This personable and in-depth approach tells a story of the excellence of its customer service, and the hard work that each of its staff put in to make this come across. Having worked alongside some of Malaysia’s leading minds on some of the most complicated and complex cases, the evidence of its hard work can be found throughout the legislative paperwork of Malaysia. Its contributions to justice, peer reviewed literature, and legislation in both a corporate and individual sense have pushed it into the spotlight, and its attitude towards its clients keep it in the top spot, with its own strengths only growing bolder and its weaknesses diminishing. Indeed, its attitude of constant growth and development in its industry has fuelled improvement and innovation across the board, both for itself and its peers as well as for its clients. It is this ethos that has allowed it to flourish so spectacularly, and it is this that allows its clients to rest assured that they are always being given the best services and solutions; its legal advice will always be informed by only the most recent of legislative statutes and legal guidance, as it promises to always keep up with the changes to these. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how Guok Partnership has become known as the best of the best, and why it is so confident in looking forward to the bright future that is surely ahead. Contact: Guok Ngek Seong e-mail: [email protected] | [email protected] Tel: +603 6419 0929 Fascimile: +603 6419 0828

Jan22686 Opening its doors in January 2021, the past year has been a whirlwind for Irene Wong Chambers, a fledgling business law firm. Irene Wong Chambers has emerged as one of the leading small law firms in the nation, with clients turning to the firm for its expertise and unique perspective. Best Small Business Employment LawAdvisory - Malaysia Irene Wong Chambers (IW Chambers) is, in essence, a one woman show. Led by Irene Wong, from whom it takes its name, the small business law firm offers an array of services, ranging from business advisory to dispute resolutions. The company firm has extensive experience in advising SMEs and businesses on employment matters, contracts and licensing, shareholders and partnership issues, breach of fiduciary duties, recovery of monies fraudulently misappropriated and debt recovery. IW Chambers takes pride in its ability to offer such services to an exceptional standard whilst remaining competitive in cost. ‘IWChambers works to resolve business legal troubles as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible to enable business owners to return their full attention to operating their businesses successfully,’ Irene explains. ‘No one wants to spend time working on a business, they much rather work in the business and grow it.’ Indeed, this is why clients turn to IWChambers – they want expert advice and guidance that will empower them to get back to what they do best. IW Chambers endeavours offer its clients excellent value for its services, providing them with tried and tested solutions that are guaranteed to cultivate efficacy. The highly focussed practice leverages advanced technology in order to supply clients with the knowledge and sophistication of a large law firm, but with the one-on-one attention and value that only a small firm can offer. Much of this expertise links to Irene’s impressive resume; she has spent over 15 years aiding businesses, resulting in her unique ability to view an issue from all perspectives. Irene notes, ‘having practiced in larger law firms, I have vast experience in advising and litigating many complex business-related matters for listed companies, private companies and individuals. I routinely handled cases involving business partners and employees’ dishonesty, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholders and boardroom disputes, recovery of monies fraudulently misappropriated, emergency injunctive reliefs, breach of contracts and debt recovery.’ Consequently, her approach to business has been shaped drastically by such experiences. Her style has become one of innovation, transparency, and accessibility, with client-centricity being the fundamental element within her method. Simply, Irene is a forward-thinking problem solver who always has her clients’ best interests in mind; she knows that no two clients or situations are the same. ‘My clients rely on me to be a highly-efficient and strategic voice of reason as well as their legal expert. They appreciate having my attention and services rather than from some junior lawyers’ she adds. The company’s unprecedented success over the past year has allowed Irene to focus on expanding IWChambers the future, for which she is incredibly ambitious. But rest assured, Irene will still be very much hands-on and the firm will continue to leverage on technology to help better serve their clients. IWChambers hopes to see more businesses – particularly young solopreneur and entrepreneur as well as startups – thrive, therefore, the firm has started to offer Outside General Counsel Services, where it takes on the role of an external general counsel. In this capacity, IWChambers advises clients on operational legal issues as they arise, provides assistance with contracts, customer or vendor disputes, employee issues, and legal compliance matters. Of course, in true IWChambers style, the rates are negotiable depending on the client’s individual needs. Contact: IreneWong Company: IreneWong Chambers Email : [email protected] Web Address: ul 28

Aug22194 Helping clients to protect their Intellectual Property for more than two decades, Michael Koch is an experienced attorneywith a passion for the industry and a client-centric approach that is second to none. We profile his firm in the wake of it being recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022. Koch IP is a boutique Intellectual Property (IP) frm providing dedicated patent and trademark attorney services of the highest quality at competitive prices, covering all aspects of patent, trademark, and design law. Koch IP offers its clients, which range from individual inventors to MNCs, to avail themselves of an extensive and multijurisdictional expertise in protecting their IP in Australia, NewZealand and internationally. The frm was established by Michael Koch, who has more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry. During his professional career, Michael was a partner in a leading Australian IP frm and in a leading German IP frm. He is currently also a partner in a leading Singaporean IP frm. Michael is a Trans-Tasman IP Attorney (Australia & New Zealand), a European Patent Attorney, and is on the Register of Singaporean Patent Attorneys. He holds BSc/ MSc degrees in physics from the Technische Universität München, Germany (Diplom Physiker), and was awarded his PhD by the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Michael also holds a Master of Industrial Property from the University of Technology, Sydney. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA), a member of the Verein der deutschen Patentanwälte und Patentassessoren (VPP) (German association of patent attorneys andprofessionals), andamember of the German Australian Pacifc Lawyers Association. Michael tells us more about the frm’s approach to client service. “Koch IP represents clients with a commitment that matters are handled directly by a senior professional,” he explains, “and at a cost that reflects the lean operation environment in a boutique IP frm.” Over the last few years, the Australian IP services industry has seen major changes, starting with public listing of large frms under several different holding companies, and, more recently, the acquisition of some of those holding companies by others. On the backdrop of that environment, Michael tells us that there has been an increase in the establishing of small to medium size frms under the traditional structures of sole practitioner, partnership or incorporated frm. “Having been established in 2017, Koch IP was well placed at the forefront of this emerging trend, and has been successful in acquiring clients who believe that the traditional structures better serve their needs.” Koch IP thrives to obtain, enforce and defend IP rights for clients that are new to, or still relatively unfamiliar with, the IP sphere – as well as to provide those clients who have experience in the IP domain with a costeffective alternative without compromising on professional quality. Recently, the frm was recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022 for its diligence and commitment to its clients and the sectors it serves, being bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Boutique IP Law Firm 2022 – Oceania. Now, Michael has his sights frmly set on future growth and having reached the milestone of fve years since its establishment, Koch IP’s practice continues to evolve as a result of a dedicated business strategy, which includes client acquisition by referral and by targeted marketing initiatives. “Over the next few years, enlarging the team of professionals while maintaining the boutique-frm-philosophy is an exciting prospect for both myself and Koch IP.” Contact: Michael Koch Company: Koch IP Pty Ltd Web Address: Best Boutique IP Law Firm 2022 – Oceania

May22239 Joint-Win Partners is a traditional law firm providing its clients a wealth of legal services across a range of sectors. In the aftermath of the company being recognised in the 2022 APAC Legal Awards for its Banking and Finance department, we take a closer look at what it has to offer. Founded in 2008, Joint-win Partners (“Joint-win”) is a Shanghai based leading law frm which is known for providing specialized legal services for commercial affairs. After more than ten years of exploration and development, Joint-win adheres to the advanced concept of “Professionalism Based, Clients’ Value First”, focusing on providing services in the areas of dispute resolution, fnance and capital, intellectual property, corporate compliance, administrative law and other corporate and commercial practices. Currently, Joint-win Partners has more than 400 professional attorneys and 8 offices.In Shanghai office,Joint-win Partners has a collection of over 300 attorneys with strong academic backgrounds, most of them graduated from top law schools at home and abroad,and they also have a combination of work experience in the executive branch, the judiciary, fnancial institutions, listed companies and corporate groups. Through accurate, comprehensive and effective legal solutions, Joint-win has accumulated a wide reputation in the industry and has become the preferred choice of major state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and government departments. Working hard to establish itself as an ‘Aircraft Carrier’ in the corporate and commercial areas with a full-range of professional legal services, Joint-Win has 18 major practice areas relating to the corporate and commercial sector, including dispute resolution, fnancial capital, intellectual property, corporate compliance, administrative law and so on. In terms of operation and management, JointWin follows a corporate organisation structure, and has set up a business, strategic development, and operation centre. The frm’s business and management functions have been carefully divided, with dedicated staff working in their respective roles, greatly improving the frm’s organisational efficiency. Joint-Win has always lived up to its philosophy of “profession first, customer prioritised”. It has provided legal services to a wide range of industries and commercial subjects for over a decade and has big-name companies amongst its client lists. The capable team strives to ensure that Joint-Win’s legal services can always meet the needs of enterprises during their development and transformation – such as risk prevention and cost control, offering accurate, complete, and effective legal solutions. Joint-Win has also developed a cooperative service model for the integrated and comprehensive case study. In light of the client’s needs in multiple professional areas, attorneys with different expertise such as labor and tax will work together through the cooperative model, so as to fully understand and meet the needs of clients. By doing this, it can offer comprehensive legal services to clients, reduce costs, and expand business for other attorneys. Recently, Joint-Win Partners was recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022 for its diligence and dedication, and rewarded for its hard work by being bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Banking Law Firm – Shanghai. This is not the frst time that the frm has been recognised for its excellence in the Banking and Finance sector. Within the frm, there are signifcant partners in all professional felds – and, at present, there are more than 40 practicing lawyers in the Banking and Finance team which is divided into two professional directions of the banking team and the fnancial dispute settlement team that are respectively led by two senior partners, Guan Zhenming and Qian Xin. Previously, Guan Zhenming, together with his team members, won the 2021 ALB China Client Choice award for outstanding performance in offering banking legal services, and Lawyer Qian Xin, with his outstanding performance in the financial sector, won the Honour of China Business Law Journal rising stars in 2022 on China Business Law Journal. It is with great pleasure that we present Joint-Win with the award of Best Banking Law Firm – Shanghai and we wish it all the best for its future endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Lejing Chen, email: [email protected] Company: Joint-Win Partners Web Address: Best Banking Law Firm – Shanghai Aug 185

Feb22538 Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, Martin Dillon is a litigation specialist brimming with passion and power. We find out more about his practice, andwhat sets it aside from the rest, as he wins an award in the APAC Legal Awards, 2022. Martin Dillon is a litigation lawyer who deals with a broad range of civil disputes, regulatory proceedings and criminal prosecutions. Martin provides advice and advocacy for corporate clients, private individuals, and government institutions. He enrolled as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 2007 after obtaining a law degree from the University of Auckland. “Two important founding values were responsible conflict resolution and promoting access to justice,” he explains. “These have not changed in the years since I established my practice.” The focus on access to justice has seen the practice expand into jurisdictions it would not have entered otherwise and, Martin tells us, this is the result of taking clients on a Civil Legal Aid basis. “There is relatively high demand for Civil Legal Aid lawyers in New Zealand, but relatively few lawyers who regularly take clients on under that regime,” says Martin. “From time to time I take cases in less familiar areas in order to help clients who will not receive it otherwise. This tends to broaden the practice and promote continuing professional development.” As with a lot of industries, there has been a signifcant increase in the use of digital technology in litigation over the last few years, largely driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. This has had mainly positive benefts, however. Many more court appearances are now being attended remotely by video link and there is less of a preference for hardcopy documents generally, meaning some court registries now handle emails more efficiently than before. As a result, certain administrative elements of litigation have become more efficient. Martin is very much onboard with the changing times and is passionate about communication, believing it to be paramount in helping clients to understand their position as, very often, people fear the unknown and therefore careful explanations can reduce stress by minimising the amount of unknown factors in litigation. Martin has written fairly extensively about the civil work that he conducts and made all the information freely accessible on his website. This is just one of the elements which sets him aside from others in the sector. A revised and updated version of Martin’s online content is also nowavailable in his book ‘Civil Litigation for NonLawyers: A Plain English Guide to Civil Cases in New Zealand’. As well as this, Martin runs a podcast called ‘Legal Questions’, where he discusses issues raisedby listeners. “The idea with all of those is to help people gain a better understanding of the law and the legal issues that they may face in their lives,” he says. “All of this seems to hold some attraction for clients, as it tends to reduce concern that my business might not put their interests ahead of proft.” Recently, Martin was recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022 for his diligence in the industry and rewarded with the title of Most Innovative Disputes & Prosecutions Lawyer 2022 (New Zealand). He is now looking towards a bright, yet busy, future. “I am looking forward to having a few guests on the podcast when I can fnd the time,” he enthuses. “Right now things are at a stage where I will either have to reduce the caseload or take on new staff, which is a nice problem to have!” Contact: Martin Dillon Company: Martin Dillon, Barrister Web Address: Most Innovative Disputes & Prosecutions Lawyer 2022 (New Zealand): Martin Dillon Jul22632

May22239 Having extensive experience, Judy Lim Pek Eng decided to set up on her own nearly three decades ago and hasn’t looked back since! We find out more from Judy, and her legal associate Joshua Wu Kai-Ming, in the wake of the firm being recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022. Founded by Judy Lim Pek Eng in 1997, P. E. Lim is a boutique civil litigation law frm based in Petaling Jaya. Throughout her 25 plus years in legal practice, Judy has appeared at all levels of the courts in Malaysia and is regularly engaged as a counsel in appellate matters in the Court of Appeal and Federal Court. With a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree from the University of London, she went on post LL.B to obtain her Certifcate of Legal Practice. Having chambered at Messrs. Chan & Kiru, under the tutelage of Dato’ K Kirubakaran, Judy was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1992. She was also a legal associate at Wan Haron Sukri & Nordin and Chung & Chan before deciding to venture into sole proprietorship by setting up P. E. Lim. “My practice areas include commercial law, construction law, family law, insolvency law, property law, succession law, and tort law,” Judy enthuses. The frm has more than 100 clients and have completed more than 800 cases since the frmwas established 25 years ago. Judy is joined at her practice by Joshua Wu Kai-Ming, who came onboard in March 2021 following his role as a Legal Associate at Josephine, L K Chow & Co. Joshua obtained a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), Upper Second Class Honours, from the University of London in 2017. He then went on to pursue the Certifcate in Legal Practice and completed it in 2018. He was a Pupil-in-Chambers at Sreenevasan and was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2019. “As a civil litigator, I ampassionate about public interest litigation,” Joshua states. “Specifcally matters involving administrative law and constitutional law.” Joshua is experienced in administrative law, commercial law, employment and industrial relations law, insolvency law, family law, and succession law. P. E. Lim combines litigation experience with youthful dynamism. Recently, P. E. Lim was recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Boutique Dispute Resolution Firm – South East Asia and the future for Judy and the firm is looking bright! Contact: Judy Lim Pek Eng Company: P. E. Lim Web Address: Best Boutique Dispute Resolution Firm – South East Asia Jul2 604

Feb22538 Having started a company just months before the global pandemic struck, Daniel Gleeson has been able to successfully adapt a law practice business to work with the challenging times. We find out more about Gleeson Legal, its key differentiators, and how these have led to it successfully weathering the storm. B o u t i q u e commercial law frm, Gleeson Legal, was established in 2019 and specialises in providing clients with quality support on a range of commercial and technology related projects. Company Founder and the frm’s namesake, Daniel Gleeson, is a senior commercial lawyer who brings a broad range of technology, outsourcing, alongside privacy and data protection experience to the business. He has a strong background supporting both customer and supplier clients throughout the Asia-Pacifc, UK and EMEA for almost 20 years in both private practice and inhouse settings. Daniel’s main driver for establishing the practice has been servicing clients that need dedicated support within the niche areas of technology projects and privacy/data protection matters as well as general commercial contracts. This ‘key areas only’ operating model aligns well with a trend of many client organisations looking to move away from engaging with a single large traditional law frm for all legal services in favour of targeted engagements with frms that provide solid expertise in niche areas of practice. “By maintaining a focus on those key areas, the business is able to operate in a way that consistently provides its clients with a depth of experience while also achieving value for money,” he explains. “Also, having a dedicated commercial lawyer focussed on technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, and privacy matters ticks the box for a lot of organisations, whether they are developing or negotiating contracts with their customer base, procuring inbound products and services, or just keeping pace with the evolving landscape of privacy and data protection compliance.” Being across these areas for many years has given Daniel unique insights into market trends and he is often able to quickly help clients fnd a ‘way through,’ whether in the context of difficult negotiations or in developing templates, processes, and procedures. Likewise, Daniel fully appreciates the need to approach service delivery in a flexible way and structures the frm’s service proposals accordingly. He strongly believes that legal services should not be viewed as a ‘one-size-fts-all’ and that this is an area where many large traditional law frms tend to fall down. “Our clients are varied and operate across all sectors,” Daniel elaborates. “For example, some clients need a virtual sole counsel whereas other clients may already have an established in-house legal team and just need an ‘add on’ lawyer to handle a particular area of expertise. Having a real conversationwith clients early on about what service model or mix of models might work best for their business is defnitely a key success factor for the business as well as having a willingness to revisit those service models as the relationship matures.” Gleeson Legal was only established three years ago and, not too long afterwards, the world was brought to its knees by the Covid-19 pandemic. As with most businesses, these were certainly trying times but, having worked remotely for clients consistently for a number of years prior, Daniel had set the business up with remote ways of working in the forefront of his mind. Therefore the frm’s client engagements continued to strike a sensible balance between remote and face-to-face meetings – meaning the company was able to hit the ground running and successfully navigate its way through the pandemic. Recently, the frm was rewarded for its dedication and hard work by being crowned with the prestigious accolade of Rising Stars in Commercial Law 2022 – NSW in the APAC Legal Awards 2022. Now, although Daniel believes the challenging times will continue for the short term, he is also looking forward to a bright future. “The past few years have certainly been interesting times in which to start a business,” he states. “However we think that many organisations will continue to seek out lawpractices that can offer flexibility, solid experience and value for money – we know Gleeson Legal is well placed to provide that support.” Contact: Daniel Gleeson Company: Gleeson Legal Web Address: Email: [email protected] Rising Stars in Commercial Law 2022 – NSW Aug22007