Legal Awards 2022

May22239 Aug 328 Securing patents is no easy task, but for the team behind Li & Cai IP Group, it’s an everyday task that has guaranteed long-term success for their clients. In APAC Insider’s APAC Legal Awards, this team were recognised for their immensely high standards at all times. We take a closer look to uncover the secrets of their success. Founded in 1985, the team at Li & Cai IP Group specialise in patent, trademark, copyright, IC related fields, trade secrets and other types of intellectual property rights. The priority of the team is to offer services that are linked in professionalism, passionate in service, offer faith in quality and are intent on providing a sense of security. From this specifc skillset, the team behind the Li & Cai IP Group have been able to support clients in a host of different circumstances. These include patent and trademark applications, registrations, patent portfolio management, patent map production, patent infringement analysis, counseling on the establishment of intellectual property rights system for enterprises, copyright infringement analysis, and civil and criminal lawsuits related to intellectual property rights infringement, licensing negotiations, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Such comprehensive cover of IP matters has been invaluable to many businesses, with the team now having around 5000 active patent clients. This is an industry that is constantly growing, however, with the need for new patents clear. Recently, the Li & Cai IP Group have taken on an additional hundred clients to their already considerable portfolio. The value of patents is a commercially important issue, and guaranteeing proper protection is therefore vital. The team have worked alongside individuals, research institutions and companies to protect their best interests. Since opening their doors, the Li & Cai IP Group team have focused primarily on the needs of Taiwanese organisations and are experts inTaiwan IPrightsservices. Providing a comprehensive solution in the modern world, however, requires a mindset that is truly international in outlook. The team has developed skills in IP services from other countries and is now able to provide a onestop service for thosewhowant to maintain global IP rights services. The key to the success of the Li & Cai IP Group is the trust which their clients place in them, Trust from these organisations is rewarded through comprehensive intellectual property rights protection globally. Every country has unique IP requirements, and the team are able to use their strategic partnerships with other frms to assist Taiwanese professionals in the protection of their investments. To build this trust means constantly taking on feedback and applying that feedback to ensure the best possible service at all times. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been signifcant in all areas of the economy, and the Li & Cai IP Group team have had to work hard to remain competitive. More than ever, clients are looking for a more reasonable rate from their legal experts. Achieving this has been by no means simple, but made possible thanks to a tireless effort to grow and develop the already formidable talents of the staff. The Li & Cai IP Group has a team of 70 patent attorneys, agents, lawyers and engineers, each committed to providing a service which spans numerous industries. Whilst the industry outside moves forward, the success of Li & Cai IP Group is the way in which it focuses on internal development in order to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality service possible. Offering high quality service is achieved partly through understanding the unique challenges and demands of the legal systems, but primarily through working out how best to apply the law to an individual client’s future propositions. The team at the Li & Cai IP Group are renowned for their ability to collaboratewith others, which has led to their working closely with agents from various countries in producing IP solutions that go above and beyond. Thanks to this commitment to offering a comprehensive solution, the Li & Cai IP Group team are closely connected both a US Patent Attorney, James Long, and US Patent Agent, Zhuo (Joe) Xu. The international mindset that goes into the work that the Li & Cai IP Group do is how they have been able to remain at the forefront of what the market needs. IP law is a truly international affair, and the team behind Li & Cai IP Group has worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that their outlook is similarly global in scope. Looking ahead, it’s easy to see that the team behind the Li & Cai IP Group has still got enormous potential to thrive in this rapidly growing sector of the legal industry. As the world continues to develop and evolve new ideas, it’ll be necessary to ensure that appropriate protections remain in place to keep everything in order on behalf of clients. Looking ahead, the team are hoping to develop new talents, whilst maintaining the relationships they have already built up over the years. At the core of this plan is the continued expansion of quality services on behalf of the various organisations represented by the Li & Cai IP Group team. To make this happen, the Li & Cai IP Group will hold the spirit of “linked in professionalism”, “passionate in service”, “faith in quality”, and “intent on providing sense of security” to serve clients as close as possible. It’s these values that have not only guided the team to their recent heights of success, but will provide them with the momentum to thrive in the future. As the world shifts around the Li & Cai IP Group, their purpose in life will continue to act as a stalwart force on the world around them. What does it mean to win the award for Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm – Taiwan? For the team at Li & Cai IP Group, it means remaining true to the values which have brought such success over the years whilst pushing forward into bold new territory. We celebrate the team’s success and look forward to what they achieve in the future! Company: Li & Cai IP Group Name: Yves (Yao-Hui) Chang Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm - Taiwan