Legal Awards 2022

Jan22686 FeFbe2b225233869 Family law can often be difficult for clients to navigate – especially when it comes to divorce law, an area that Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd. specialises in. It involves parties that often have issues between them, which can dramatically complicate the process and cause trauma for everyone involved. Henceforth, Hills Family Lawyers strive to simplify the legal process, utilising Courtless Divorce Strategists to keep as much of the transition out of the courtroom. Since its founding, Hills Family Lawyers has taken on over 550 family law cases, with many of said cases involving divorce. When Nadia Messiha-Kamil, Principal Lawyer, set out in 2012, it was her mission to provide a simplifed and less tumultuous process. In essence, Nadia wanted to be a catalyst for change, revolutionising the way family law is conducted in Australia. Committed to resolving parenting and property matters quickly, efficiently, and respectfully, it is Nadia’s goal to help her clients calmly fnalise a chapter in life and begin on the next. That is, quite simply, what Hills Family Lawyers does best – it truly prioritises its clients. Hills Family Lawyers provides bespoke support to its clients, providing them with a network of advisors and specialists who are equipped to provide advice, tips, and guidance throughout the matter. Clients are also able to remotely communicate with the frm whenever they need via Hills Family Lawyers’ secure client portal, which also allows clients to instantly access their E-fle. From wills and probate to divorce and separation, Hills Family Lawyers vows to supply clients with speedy and costeffective legal solutions. Moreover, Hills Family Lawyers offers a number of courses to budding family lawyers, including F.I.R.S.T, Courtless Divorce Course, and Mediation Essentials, each priced at 97 AUD. Such courses have been put together in order to provide a comprehensive overview of such topics, allowing legal practitioners to gain a greater understanding of family law and how to support clients within this specialisation. These courses are affordable, accessible, and can be taken at the learner’s pace. As such, Hills Family Lawyers’ success comes as no surprise – it is certainly deserving of the title Most Trusted Family Mediation Firm 2022 – Sydney. The frm consistently goes above the call of duty for its clients, and in the process, it has dramatically improved family law solutions. Contact: Nadia Messiha-Kamil Company: Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd. Web Address: Most Trusted Family Mediation Firm 2022 - Sydney Jul2 608 Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd. specialise in all things family law; however, unlike many family mediation firms, Hills Family Lawyers Pty. Ltd. aims to keep cases out of the courtroom. It believes that by doing so, it saves its clients from a great amount of trauma and stress, therebymaking family law more approachable for families in need of expert advice.