Legal Awards 2022

Feb22538 Immigration is confusing, stressful, and in recent times, has been made all the more complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic. There are dozens of resources available that have been designed to help immigrants through the process; however, in New Zealand, no service comes close to the offerings of Immigration & Secretarial Services Limited. From visas to clerical work, Immigration & Secretarial Services Limited has the answers that will guarantee a swift and easy transition into life in New Zealand. The company is equipped to provide expert advice and services across a range of areas, including passport applications and New Zealand citizenship acquisition. A life-changing movement of this magnitude is daunting, henceforth, it is Immigration & Secretarial Services’ goal to guide people through the process, providing not only a pillar of support but also one of kindness and compassion. ‘I care for people,’ emphasises Sylviane Gallant-Welch, Director, ‘so my founding values were to provide a service at a reasonable cost to assist people in their journey of creating a better life for themselves.’ Indeed, this is the fundamental element that lies at the heart of the company – it wants to help people. For Sylviane, this is an area that is fundamental to Immigration & Secretarial Services Limited, as she knows frst-hand how difficult the immigration process can be. Originally from Canada, she spent 15 years working in the legal industry before uprooting her life and moving to New Zealand. It was this move that inspired Sylviane’s 2014 decision to study to become an Immigration Adviser, and in December 2016, she obtained her Graduate Certifcate in New Zealand Immigration Advice. Sylviane tells us, ‘I continued to work for a law frm for two years and then decided to incorporate a company andwork from home. To be honest, initially, I was scared of starting a company at the age of 56, but it was the best decision I have ever made. I never thought I would be where I am today, three years later, having two employees working for me and a database of over 200 clients primarily referred to me by word of mouth.’ The company’s success is unsurprising. Since its founding, it has taken an approach that centres around the client, with Sylviane’s experiences providing an indepth understanding of what’s important to clients. As such, services are fulflled with a sincere and genuine empathy and a desire to provide the best possible service in accordance with the client’s unique needs. Each case is carefully examined, and solutions are developed in a way that ensures client satisfaction and, of course, efficacy. Moreover, the team – which Sylviane states she is truly grateful for – bolsters the effectiveness of this method, utilising their abundance of qualifcations and experiences to optimise the customer experience. ‘Without them, I probably would not have been able to carry on. They accept me for who I am with my motorbike taking pride of place in the office, formerly the garage and there is always time for a bit of music @sylvianeskaraoke to lift the mood when things get too stressful!’ jokes Sylviane. Whilst there have been stressful times – for example, during the Covid-19 pandemic – the job is, without a doubt, rewarding. The services the company provides bring joy to people’s lives. ‘I have received many compliments, thank you cards, and even gifts, which makes what I do, changing people’s lives for the best, all worthwhile,’ Sylviane testifes. Immigration & Secretarial Services’ unprecedented, rapid growth has caused a handful of challenges for the company; the future will be devotedto ironingout these issues, with the primary focus falling upon obtaining client management software. Consequently, this will help to improve productivity, collaboration, and communication. Sylviane concludes, ‘I anticipate being very busy for the rest of 2022 due to employer accreditations and now that the border is open, many people want their families to join them here in New Zealand. What a privilege to be able to help bring families together!’ Contact: Sylviane Gallant-Welch Company: Immigration & Secretarial Services Limited Web Address: Immigration & Secretarial Services Ltd - Director of the Year 2022 (New Zealand): Sylviane Gallant-Welch & APAC Client Service Excellence Award 2022 Aug22067 Immigration & Secretarial Services Limited