Legal Awards 2022

Mar22270 Jul2 636 For over three decades, NanyangTechnological University has been educating students fromacross the globe. Its Legal & Secretarial Office plays a vital role in guaranteeing that the university is able to operate smoothly, guaranteeing that its diverse cohort of learners can continue to progress in their educational pursuits. Inaugurated on the 1st of July 1991, it is fair to say that Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is relatively young in comparison to other prestigious universities, yet today, it is one of the two largest public universities in the nation. The university’s astronomical success has resulted in it being ranked #19 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. Indeed, in just over 30 years, NTU has showcased itself as an internationally leading institution, with over 33,000 current students, almost 8,000 members of staff, and an abundance of external partners, with whom NTU collaborates on research and development, academic partnerships, and the procurement of goods and services. NTU, as part of its many faculties, boasts an impressive Legal & Secretarial Office (LSO) that provides legal services to the entire University, which spans 19 colleges and schools, six autonomous institutes, 21 institutes and centres, 18 administrative departments, and nine corporate subsidiaries. The LSO defnes itself as the ‘University’s Legal Architect,’ with its mission centring around the provision of effective legal and compliance solutions. The dedicated, dynamic team strives to embody its fundamental values – authenticity, accountability, and appreciation – within everything it does, and it makes these values abundantly clear when it brings on new colleagues. Of course, being both flexible and adaptable is of great importance, as the LSO’s work is highly diverse and crosses into the university’s whistleblowing channels, handling whistleblowing investigations and participating in disciplinary proceedings; managing and advising on disputes; reviewing, advising, and developing university policies in non-academic areas; and much more. The LSO is also responsible for the creation, leadership direction, strategic guidance, management, and regular training of a network of more than 100 Personal Data Protection Act managers across all NTU Units, who are entrusted with operational personal data compliance. Within such areas, the LSO constantly strives to innovate, improve, and simplify legal and compliance processes, taking into account the feedback it receives from its stakeholders. The LSO has, therefore, embarked on a plethora of initiatives to improve efficiency and the overall effectiveness of the legal and compliance function. These initiatives showcase the LSO’s persistent and unwavering devotion to such goals, and perhaps more importantly, they represent the LSO’s alignment with NTU’s values and plans. Maintaining harmony between itself and the wider university has enabled the LSO to transform and align itself with the ever-changing legal industry. This connection has, however, benefts for within the university. For example, since 2020, the General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer was also appointed NTU’s Chief Strategy Officer. Through this expanded role, the General Counsel was able to develop the new Strategy Office which, in turn, led to the conceptualisation and implementation of NTU’s fve-year plan, NTU2025. The Strategy Office engages current and future leaders of the university to shape ambitious plans for the institution’s future, not only through 2025, but also beyond. For the LSO, its future is built around its desire to become NTU’s Legal Architect, and therefore, it is constantly exploring new initiatives to innovate. It hopes to continue building upon its past progression, bettering the pre-existing systems within the university and implementing new ones. In essence, the LSO hopes to push NTU towards its goals, all while ensuring a strong legal and compliance is preserved. Contact: Carol Chia Jia Lin Company: Nanyang Technological University - Legal & Secretarial Office (LSO) Web Address: Best In-House Legal Team 2022 - Singapore