Legal Awards 2022

Jan22686 FeFbe2b225233869 The attorneys of GLMR have fast been recognised as leading professionals in Australia and New Zealand. It only has senior attorneys working on matters to ensure that the work is performed exclusively by the best attorneys in Australia and New Zealand. They advise clients on the most effective filing and prosecution strategies which provide the best return on investment. GLMR has developed sophisticated filing and prosecution strategies crafted specifically for Australian and New Zealand practice. The team will go the extra mile to provide customised advice. They apricate the importance of forging and growing longstanding relationships with clients and never compromise the quality of care. As an independent firm, run the oldschool way, GLMR’s mission is to put the client first. Every time. The team understands that mutually beneficial relationships outlast any short-term gains. As a result of running a legal practice the old-school way, the team has considerably more time to spend with clients. The attorneys have no billable targets. They are judged on the quality of work performed and the relationships they build with clients. They have the time to really understand clients’ businesses, their hopes and dreams, and where they might be able to assist them. GLMR prides itself on its flexible approach and therefore its ability to hire top-quality candidates who can work literally anywhere in the world whilst still handling clients. This has particularly been something to celebrate with the COVID-19 pandemic having completely changed the legal landscape for hiring good staff; there is enormous competition around the globe in hiring good legal paralegal staff and attorneys. Ultimately, it’s hard to believe that GLMR has only been in business for a year, with its unprecedented success and the sterling reputation it has earned. Michelle tells us what’s next for the firm: “We are hopeful that if we work hard and look after our clients, we will double in size after the second year.” Company: GLMR Pty Ltd Contact: Michelle Lee Email: [email protected] Website: Best Emerging IP Law Firm 2022 - Oceania Aug 040 Founded in 2021, GLMR is a team of experienced, senior patent and trademark attorneys who are passionate about providing personalised, value-added services in a broad range of technology areas. They assist both local and international clients by taking the time to understand their needs and provide advice in practical and cost-effective ways. Although only having been operating for a year, the firm extraordinarily manages Australia’s largest corporate IP portfolio, along with some of Australia’s most iconic litigants, and it has an enviable portfolio of EU/US clients. Michelle Lee, GLMR Shareholder, says, “We specialise in IP because it is exciting. Technology is always changing, and people are always innovating.”