Legal Awards 2022

May22239 Over the years, the name of Hamilton Thomas Lawyers has become synonymous with quality and dedication, earning itself both the above award and the ‘Client Service Excellence Award’ for 2022. With its zeal for quick, efficient, and effective legal work, it aims to get its clients out of the system as quickly as it can in order to minimise what the experience will cost, guiding clients through what can be an extremely stressful and emotionally fought process with empathy and respect. Being the guiding light through one of the most emotionally intense and pivotal moments of their life, Hamilton Thomas Lawyers strives to buck the trend of the ‘transactional’ lawyer, instead preferring to be another branch of its clients’ support network. Indeed, it has achieved this by making itself an expert in several different branches of family law, including parental arrangement law, divorce, property settlement, wills, estates, and matters of familial violence. Nominally, its focus is on clear, healthy, empathic communication with its clients, resulting in legal work that uses plain English and an attitude of the deepest understanding of the most difficult circumstances, focusing on non-judgementally disentangling the intricacies of the legal system for its clients. With Covid 19 having necessitated a pivot to online operations – something Hamilton Thomas Lawyers has in common with so many others – it has had to navigate these waters alongside its clients as a necessity. Critically, it achieved this through the utmost commitment to its clients, ensuring that the online services it offers are user intuitive, easily accessed, and streamlined enough to be simple, resulting in a positive impact wherein online contact methods have remained part of its current business model. With a change to the family law system in Australia that commenced in September 2021, and more court cases happening online, more clients are able to access Hamilton Thomas Lawyers due to not having to travel, thus, Hamilton Thomas Lawyers has managed to become even more of a household name in family law, able to service clients all across Australia. Hamilton Thomas Lawyer can proudly say that it is the advocate for those who the system would otherwise let down. Fundamentally, in the client’s corner at every turn, it gives voice to the voiceless, negotiating on their behalf to help them fnd a fair and equitable outcome whilst alleviating some of the stress and trauma that so often results from family law matters. Hamilton Thomas Lawyers, therefore, is staffed by diligent and client-centric people who treat their clients as individuals frst whilst still working on their case with the outermost diligence and skill. They pride themselves on working in a down-to-earth, approachable, friendly manner. Moreover, having recently completed its move to Carnegie in August of 2022, it is looking forward to being able to help many more clients in this way thanks to being able to hire more people and host more active cases. Carnegie being a bigger venue and emblematic of its growth towards bigger things, it is excited to bring more clients on board, able to answer to a demand that is rising in tandem with the positive word of mouth referrals and glowing reviews that its customers leave having worked with it. Aiming to give back to its community, partner with community centres, and provide reduced fee rates for lower income clients, it promises to bring its clients and industry with it into the fast-approaching future. Company: Hamilton Thomas Lawyers Contact: Rebecca Thomas Website: www.hamiltonthomaslawyers. Best Emerging Family Law Firm 2022 - Melbourne Jul2 609