Legal Awards 2022

Mar22270 Aug 068 TheLawLoungeLimited, a companywitha commitment tobeing relaxed, friendly, andapproachable has developed a passion for taking the stress out of legal advice and consultation for its clients. Above all else, it seeks to ensure that each of its professionals deliver advicewithout the complicated legal jargon, making themselves understood on a personable and empathic level that doesn’t make the process of seeking legal help any harder than it needs to be. Established in 2012 specialising in both family and property law, The Law Lounge Limited has shown its dedication to staying away from the traditional law frm approach and applying itself to a younger, more modern market. From the outset, the whole idea was for its team to be approachable making it a much more comfortable experience for its clients. This was made possible by taking a more relaxed approach in the office while still providing the high quality and practical legal advice sought by their clients. Simply wanting to help its clients with their legal needs, giving them peace of mind and access to the best legal professionals who will detangle the messiness of it all for them without the stuffiness of a traditional law frm. Over the years, the team have settled into a strong staff of three professionals, all of whom believe strongly in its mission. Made up of Greg Webster, Eugene Raika, and Julie McClain, each of them works well together to allow every client to leave satisfed and with a greater understanding of the various legal processes they are being impacted by. Being predominantly a law frm that focuses on family and property law, its relevant specialisms cover a wide range of different areas. From care of children to child support, marriage dissolution, relationship property, contracting out agreements and property sharing agreements, personal property rights, domestic violence help, paternity law, adoption, and relocation efforts, its hard work and dedication is lauded by every client who it helps through their legal problem. Moreover, within the property law area, it helps its clients with the sale and purchase of property as well as refnancing and resolving issues with cross leasing, unit tiles, and so much more. Indeed, it understands that each of the legal issues it advises on are complex in their own right – and emotionally charged in many places – and so it will always work hard to make the process as calm and respectful as possible, with each professional within its team working with discretion and diligence. Down to earth, competitively priced, and supportive, it has pushed through the trials of Covid-19 in order to make itself accessible online. Having always seen strived to be seen as approachable, The Law Lounge Limited hopes to continue to keep endearing itself to its clients with the team’s experience, depth of knowledge, ability to listen and most importantly provide robust legal advice best suited to their clients’ individual needs. Company: The Law Lounge Limited Contact: Julie McClain Website: Best Family & Property LawAdvice Firm - Otago