Legal Awards 2022

May22239 Joint-Win Partners is a traditional law firm providing its clients a wealth of legal services across a range of sectors. In the aftermath of the company being recognised in the 2022 APAC Legal Awards for its Banking and Finance department, we take a closer look at what it has to offer. Founded in 2008, Joint-win Partners (“Joint-win”) is a Shanghai based leading law frm which is known for providing specialized legal services for commercial affairs. After more than ten years of exploration and development, Joint-win adheres to the advanced concept of “Professionalism Based, Clients’ Value First”, focusing on providing services in the areas of dispute resolution, fnance and capital, intellectual property, corporate compliance, administrative law and other corporate and commercial practices. Currently, Joint-win Partners has more than 400 professional attorneys and 8 offices.In Shanghai office,Joint-win Partners has a collection of over 300 attorneys with strong academic backgrounds, most of them graduated from top law schools at home and abroad,and they also have a combination of work experience in the executive branch, the judiciary, fnancial institutions, listed companies and corporate groups. Through accurate, comprehensive and effective legal solutions, Joint-win has accumulated a wide reputation in the industry and has become the preferred choice of major state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and government departments. Working hard to establish itself as an ‘Aircraft Carrier’ in the corporate and commercial areas with a full-range of professional legal services, Joint-Win has 18 major practice areas relating to the corporate and commercial sector, including dispute resolution, fnancial capital, intellectual property, corporate compliance, administrative law and so on. In terms of operation and management, JointWin follows a corporate organisation structure, and has set up a business, strategic development, and operation centre. The frm’s business and management functions have been carefully divided, with dedicated staff working in their respective roles, greatly improving the frm’s organisational efficiency. Joint-Win has always lived up to its philosophy of “profession first, customer prioritised”. It has provided legal services to a wide range of industries and commercial subjects for over a decade and has big-name companies amongst its client lists. The capable team strives to ensure that Joint-Win’s legal services can always meet the needs of enterprises during their development and transformation – such as risk prevention and cost control, offering accurate, complete, and effective legal solutions. Joint-Win has also developed a cooperative service model for the integrated and comprehensive case study. In light of the client’s needs in multiple professional areas, attorneys with different expertise such as labor and tax will work together through the cooperative model, so as to fully understand and meet the needs of clients. By doing this, it can offer comprehensive legal services to clients, reduce costs, and expand business for other attorneys. Recently, Joint-Win Partners was recognised in the APAC Legal Awards 2022 for its diligence and dedication, and rewarded for its hard work by being bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Banking Law Firm – Shanghai. This is not the frst time that the frm has been recognised for its excellence in the Banking and Finance sector. Within the frm, there are signifcant partners in all professional felds – and, at present, there are more than 40 practicing lawyers in the Banking and Finance team which is divided into two professional directions of the banking team and the fnancial dispute settlement team that are respectively led by two senior partners, Guan Zhenming and Qian Xin. Previously, Guan Zhenming, together with his team members, won the 2021 ALB China Client Choice award for outstanding performance in offering banking legal services, and Lawyer Qian Xin, with his outstanding performance in the financial sector, won the Honour of China Business Law Journal rising stars in 2022 on China Business Law Journal. It is with great pleasure that we present Joint-Win with the award of Best Banking Law Firm – Shanghai and we wish it all the best for its future endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Lejing Chen, email: [email protected] Company: Joint-Win Partners Web Address: Best Banking Law Firm – Shanghai Aug 185