Legal Awards 2022

Jan22686 Opening its doors in January 2021, the past year has been a whirlwind for Irene Wong Chambers, a fledgling business law firm. Irene Wong Chambers has emerged as one of the leading small law firms in the nation, with clients turning to the firm for its expertise and unique perspective. Best Small Business Employment LawAdvisory - Malaysia Irene Wong Chambers (IW Chambers) is, in essence, a one woman show. Led by Irene Wong, from whom it takes its name, the small business law firm offers an array of services, ranging from business advisory to dispute resolutions. The company firm has extensive experience in advising SMEs and businesses on employment matters, contracts and licensing, shareholders and partnership issues, breach of fiduciary duties, recovery of monies fraudulently misappropriated and debt recovery. IW Chambers takes pride in its ability to offer such services to an exceptional standard whilst remaining competitive in cost. ‘IWChambers works to resolve business legal troubles as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible to enable business owners to return their full attention to operating their businesses successfully,’ Irene explains. ‘No one wants to spend time working on a business, they much rather work in the business and grow it.’ Indeed, this is why clients turn to IWChambers – they want expert advice and guidance that will empower them to get back to what they do best. IW Chambers endeavours offer its clients excellent value for its services, providing them with tried and tested solutions that are guaranteed to cultivate efficacy. The highly focussed practice leverages advanced technology in order to supply clients with the knowledge and sophistication of a large law firm, but with the one-on-one attention and value that only a small firm can offer. Much of this expertise links to Irene’s impressive resume; she has spent over 15 years aiding businesses, resulting in her unique ability to view an issue from all perspectives. Irene notes, ‘having practiced in larger law firms, I have vast experience in advising and litigating many complex business-related matters for listed companies, private companies and individuals. I routinely handled cases involving business partners and employees’ dishonesty, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholders and boardroom disputes, recovery of monies fraudulently misappropriated, emergency injunctive reliefs, breach of contracts and debt recovery.’ Consequently, her approach to business has been shaped drastically by such experiences. Her style has become one of innovation, transparency, and accessibility, with client-centricity being the fundamental element within her method. Simply, Irene is a forward-thinking problem solver who always has her clients’ best interests in mind; she knows that no two clients or situations are the same. ‘My clients rely on me to be a highly-efficient and strategic voice of reason as well as their legal expert. They appreciate having my attention and services rather than from some junior lawyers’ she adds. The company’s unprecedented success over the past year has allowed Irene to focus on expanding IWChambers the future, for which she is incredibly ambitious. But rest assured, Irene will still be very much hands-on and the firm will continue to leverage on technology to help better serve their clients. IWChambers hopes to see more businesses – particularly young solopreneur and entrepreneur as well as startups – thrive, therefore, the firm has started to offer Outside General Counsel Services, where it takes on the role of an external general counsel. In this capacity, IWChambers advises clients on operational legal issues as they arise, provides assistance with contracts, customer or vendor disputes, employee issues, and legal compliance matters. Of course, in true IWChambers style, the rates are negotiable depending on the client’s individual needs. Contact: IreneWong Company: IreneWong Chambers Email : [email protected] Web Address: ul 28