Legal Awards 2022

Jan22686 Most Client-Focused Trails & Appellate Advisory Firm - Kuala Lumpur As the principal leader of Guok Partnership, Guok Ngek Seong has been an advocate and solicitor for the high court of Malaysia for the past 20 years. He has represented clients from all manner of different walks of life over the years – in his capacity as both roles – in order to support them in achieving a result that they will be satisfied with. A small sized legal firm, it dedicates itself to treating each client with the respect and empathy they deserve in order to make for personable, sensitive, and effective legal services that don’t lose sight of the client in all the data of a case. Guok Partnership, the company of one of Malaysia’s legal professionals, has made a name for itselfover theyearswitheffective, efficient, and responsive legal work both in the realms of advocacy and solicitation. Able to serve many corporate clients – as well as individuals from all different backgrounds and walks of life – its criminal litigations and civil law efforts have become renowned as exemplary across its region, as it continually proves itself worthy of its place in the top spot of its industry with its tenacity and diligence. Nominally, its staff each work hard in this small yet dedicated team to make every client feel truly valued. In West Malaysia, across the courts of all different stages in the hierarchy, Guok Partnership believes in justice tempered with mercy; fundamentally, it seeks to operate with a prevailing ethos that true justice cannot be achieved without an empathetic approach when taking on litigation cases. This value has remained steadfast since the very beginnings in 2013, with its professionals staunchly following the principles of the founder. Often, one will see Guok Partnership’s name popping up in Malaysian legal journals as well as printed media and digital media reporting various cases, gaining repute through simply working hard for its clients, and letting the word of the successful case speak for itself. Guok Partnership has represented many different clients in this way, many of whom have gone on to leave glowing reviews, either by word-of-mouth referral or writing something up for inclusion on third party review sites. Thus, despite its small nature as a business, its penchant for earning trust is highly competitive, able to handle cases from drug abuse to possession, trafficking, security, corruption, antimoney laundering, forfeiture of properties, and other general offenses. Over its years working in this industry, it has also been able to raise some novel constitutional challenges pertaining to certain provisions of criminal statutes that have been tested in the apex court. Moreover, in certain civil cases, it has represented clients in several successful defamation cases. It enjoys the challenge involved in such cases, including ones that include civil and criminal contempt cases, shareholder disputes, officers’ and directors’ liabilities, breaches of fiduciary cases, tortious cases, contractual claims cases, and construction claims cases, to name a few. It believes in being always upfront when giving advice to its clients, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each case and explaining it to them in a way that is understandable, unclouded ul 10 by jargon, and highly relevant, only ever being candid with its solutions offered within the confines of the law. With the legal industry of Malaysia quickly catching up with the use of IT and electronics, the dispensing justice for all manner of different people is becoming easier and more accessible. This recently has extended to the improvement of the physical accessibility of the court and its professionals, with Zoom trails and hearings being implemented in order to skirt the challenges brought in by Covid-19 and social distancing rules, as sometimes even if a client could make it in, it would not be safe for them to. This has made for a legal structure that is far less bound by physicality, one with a greater reach and less logistical nightmares to wrangle. Dedicated, determined, and effective, its satisfaction is only complete when a client’s is, and it wants only to see justice done for its clients, achieving the results that they wish to see and becoming the family or business friend that supports them throughout the process, consistently checking in and ensuring they feel seen, heard, and supported. This personable and in-depth approach tells a story of the excellence of its customer service, and the hard work that each of its staff put in to make this come across. Having worked alongside some of Malaysia’s leading minds on some of the most complicated and complex cases, the evidence of its hard work can be found throughout the legislative paperwork of Malaysia. Its contributions to justice, peer reviewed literature, and legislation in both a corporate and individual sense have pushed it into the spotlight, and its attitude towards its clients keep it in the top spot, with its own strengths only growing bolder and its weaknesses diminishing. Indeed, its attitude of constant growth and development in its industry has fuelled improvement and innovation across the board, both for itself and its peers as well as for its clients. It is this ethos that has allowed it to flourish so spectacularly, and it is this that allows its clients to rest assured that they are always being given the best services and solutions; its legal advice will always be informed by only the most recent of legislative statutes and legal guidance, as it promises to always keep up with the changes to these. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how Guok Partnership has become known as the best of the best, and why it is so confident in looking forward to the bright future that is surely ahead. Contact: Guok Ngek Seong e-mail: [email protected] | [email protected] Tel: +603 6419 0929 Fascimile: +603 6419 0828