Legal Awards 2021

APAC / Legal Awards 2021 9 Best Personal Injury Law Firm - Brunei settle their dispute. Their reward is our reward.” Improved by innovation and stepping away from tradition, HLR Law redefines the company’s practice law - it is the firm’s absolute motto. Lenny explains, “Our Law Case Practice Management System has enabled processes and workflows to be streamlined to assist staff and enrich the client’s experience despite adhering to social distancing safety measures. We look forward to using legal technology that can enhance the experience of virtual hearings and virtual mediation sessions and adapting to the new norm by using innovation to provide legal services despite the pandemic.” HLR Law promotes alternative and online dispute resolution to help settle disputes and convert its legal services for availability online. Lenny states, “Adapting to change is necessary to serve our clients better. There is nothing more important to us than our clients, and the only way to serve them better is to offer them what is considered the best.” Company: HLR LAW Name: Lenny Rahman Email: [email protected] Web: