Legal Awards 2021

8 APAC / Legal Awards 2021 , Best Personal Injury Law Firm - Brunei Winner of the Best Personal Injury Law Firm2021 – Brunei, HLR Law specialises in various areas of the law, including civil litigation, intellectual property, providing legal solutions and advice to corporate bodies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. We find out more following the firm’s recent success at the APAC Legal Awards 2021. HLR Law (formerly known as Ho & Lenny Rahman) launched in January 2019, based in Brunei Darussalam, and comprises a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff members. The firm of HLR strongly believes in the importance of building and maintaining strong bonds with clients and its objective is to provide its clientele with practical legal solutions and an in-depth understanding of the relevant legal processes. HLR Law is a reputable establishment with three offices to accommodate its different practice areas. Collectively, the team of lawyers at HLR Law have over 30 years of legal practice experience in Brunei Darussalam, and are able to provide legal advice and represent various institutions such as banks, financial institutions, telcos, transporting companies land developers, contractors, as well as whole hosts of private individuals. Miss Ho Hin Leng leads the main office, handling recovery works for financial institutions in Brunei Darussalam. In addition to her economic efforts, she has vast experience with property development law in Brunei Darussalam. Partner Lenny Rahman leads the Kiulap office together with Senior Associate Mansur Latif and Associate, Hanisah Isa, with its leading practice being civil and criminal litigation. In contrast, HLRLaw promotes out of court settlements and alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation. Lenny Rahman has been joined by Camran Nadeem Riaz in the Kiulap office as both an accredited civil and commercial mediator. Additionally, HLR Law has a support office in Kuala Belait, known as the oil and gas district of Brunei Darussalam. Partner at HLR Law, Lenny Rahman, explains, “The founding value of the firm is integrity. Maintaining our law firm’s value may seem easy at the beginning, but when the firm grew, integrity is what kept us grounded. Therefore, it was critical to cultivate integrity into our firm’s culture to attract the right employees to join our team so we can continue to provide legal solutions to clients.” Lenny started practising Personal Injury when she was a lawyer in Hale Zainidi Ong in 2014, mentored by Mr Damien Hale and Ms Sue Ong. During that time, Lenny was considered a mid-tier lawyer, and her interest in learning a new practice area was ignited when she handled personal injury cases. Lenny explains, “Determining causation through analysis of reports, witness statements, photographs of damages, site incident and photographs of injuries - I continued to research on how other countries in the Commonwealth tackled personal injury claims, especially on the impact of the injuries and residual injuries on the client’s daily life.” At HLR Law, the firm liaises with medical experts to assess residual injuries, including the effects and residual injuries on mental health. Without proper treatment of a client’s residual injuries, it can worsen the initial injury or lead to new ones. In addition, for each client represented, HLR Law strives to provide clients with access to communicate their worries, concerns, and the developments of their case with the firm securely, confidently, and respectfully. Lenny explains, “At HLR Law, we practice integrity in handling cases, telling clients the strength and weaknesses of their cases and advocating out of court settlement to save the emotional and financial cost whenever possible.” Aug21303 To provide the best possible service to its clients, HLR Law chooses to use a Law Practice Management System that enables the firm contact and matter management, time and expense tracking, invoicing, calendaring, reporting, permissions, tasks, automation templates, intake forms, document management and secure messaging with clients. Lenny explains, “Significant development within the legal industry is the growth of legal tech. Legal tech has improved legal works in terms of connectivity, efficiency, automation, simplifying case management and cognitive analytics.” Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Brunei Darussalam sometime in March 2020 and the second wave emerged in August 2021, HLR’s Law Practice Management System has enabled the firm to not only work from home but effectively work remotely since the first wave. Lenny explains, “The most rewarding aspect of working in the legal sector is the equal opportunity given to learn, adapt and practice in the vast and ever-growing practice areas in the legal industry. For example, concerning personal injury law, it is all about helping clients get access to justice and supporting them to get compensation for injuries or