Legal Awards 2021

APAC / Legal Awards 2021 7 Most Outstanding IP Lawyer 2021 (China): Chunfei Guo the client that they are working with a lawyer – and a firm – who will strive to totally understand their case, its practitioners offer their services in Chinese, English, Japanese, and more. No matter the home tongue of the client, they will always find the same level of trust and reliability in Tiantai. This, after all, is a large part of its dedication to exemplary client service and bettering the traditional industry in which it operates, shaping the future of litigation and legal work with every client that walks out of its doors satisfied and happy with the work it has done. Able to cover both the more standard legal service areas and emerging professional sectors both, professionals like Mrs Guo are consistently ensuring that Tiantai can make a name for itself in the provision of intellectual property legal services, as well as capital markets, finance, building, real estate, taxation, and more. Specifically, it recognizes that intellectual property is quickly becoming one of the most diverse and dynamic legal frontiers of the modern age. With technology and remote media creation on the rise, especially over the last 18 months with the world in the grips of the pandemic, new types of media and content are being developed on a daily basis, the creators of which deserve protection. Tiantai can provide the peace of mind that they seek, ensuring that their intellectual rights remain theirs and that they get fairly compensated for their work without fear of having it stolen and appropriated outside of the terms of fair use. Through moving into the Chinese research and development space, companies both native to the country and having moved in from afar are benefitting from the nation’s independent intellectual property rights, legislation that Tiantai knows like the back of its hand. With this field bequeathing as many opportunities as it does challenges, Tiantai finds it an exciting and dynamic industry in which people are motivated and raring to go. This is where it finds its passion, in helping the world’s next big thinkers and visionaries, ensuring that what they create is protected, and that creators and their teams understand the environment into which they will be bringing their various innovations. Thus, its intellectual property department’s full-service solutions handle all litigation and non-contentious matters in the field of intellectual property, and it is excited to continue doing this long into the future. Company: Tiantai Law Firm Contact: Chunfei Guo Web: