Legal Awards 2021

6 APAC / Legal Awards 2021 , Most Outstanding IP Lawyer 2021 (China): Chunfei Guo With an exemplary intellectual property department and a full complement of over 800multi- lingual legal professionals, Tiantai Law Firm is an expert in litigation and non-contentious matters regarding intellectual property law. Furthermore, it offers its exemplary services in all manner of other fields, making itself a one-stop-shop of legal matters that can handle any challenge, nomatter how complex. Established in the last decade of the 20th century, Tiantai Law Firm is a Chinese law practice, and one of the first to have become a truly large- scale firm in the country. It secured this position by gaining influence across a variety of different sectors and has earned a reputation as a reliable organisation that will always strive to get the client the most desirable results, taking a business-like approach to the law that has been renowned as exemplary. Fundamentally, by serving commercial law in this way, Tiantai has been able to develop significant trust in its market segment; from large firms to professional individuals, its results have shown each client it has worked with how it has managed to earn itself the title of ‘Excellent National Law Firm’ as given to it by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice and Beijing Lawyers Association several years in a row. In order to make this a possibility, Tiantai boasts a highly skilled team. With over 800 practicing lawyers all over the country – all of whom have graduated from prestigious law universities both at home and abroad – its lawyers are Masters and Doctors of Law, and some are even associate professors. Furthermore, with such a large team, it welcomes in those who have studied overseas, employing those who have studied everywhere from the UK to Canada and Australia, inviting leading scholars to serve as senior advisors in order to ensure its clients have access to the best representation and guidance. Essentially, by ensuring that each person within its ranks is so reliable in their field, it maintains a strict policy of outstanding service that permeates every aspect of its business. Whether it’s the first interaction a client is having with Tiantai or a big meeting regarding their case, they can always expect to enjoy the same empathic, understanding, and professional attitude that its lawyers and staff carry with them at all times, benefitting from the breadth and depth of knowledge that the firm has access to. In this manner, it can rise to the challenge of even the most complex of cases. One such exemplary lawyer within its ranks is the outstanding Cherry Chunfei Guo. Practicing in the areas of intellectual property, litigation, antitrust, competition legislation, technology, media, and telecommunications, Mrs Guo has been a practicing law expert in China for over 20 years. Moreover, having served previously as legal counsel to the International Federation Phonogrpahic Industry – the IFPI – for 6 years, her knowledge of entertainment law and litigation is watertight and outstanding, allowing clients who contract her services to benefit from her fully comprehensive understanding. Specializing in the music industry in particular, her efforts have familiarized herself with the music industries of China and abroad, allowing her to take on all manner of cases within this field relating to artists, labels, and other such professional entities. Therefore, Aug21259 her clients have spanned the whole length and breadth of the sector. From music creators to recording and production, copyright operation, collective management, publishing, distribution, new media transmission, artist agency, advertising, endorsement, and even commercial performance, her work has truly secured her position as a front running expert in intellectual property litigation. She is also especially good at handling complicated internet related copyright disputes. With Mrs Guo and others like her making up Tiantai’s vast network of outstanding professionals, it is easy to see how this firm has drummed up the goodwill that it has been able to accumulate over the years. Additionally, many of them are fluent in several languages. Across the board at Tiantai, its staff pride themselves in their exemplary and forward-thinking professional standards when it comes to serving their clients, forever striving to achieve bigger, better, and more comprehensive work. Therefore, in order to reassure