Legal Awards 2021

APAC / Legal Awards 2021 5 Best Nationwide Migration Law Firm 2021 - Australia to promptly answer any calls or respond to any emails that the client sends to Seven and assist the client throughout their application with the firm. Also, the Corporate Services Department is composed of RMAs and Corporate Case Managers who are there whenever the client needs them.” Seven is enormously proud of its dedicated team of case managers readily available to clients, its spotless customer service, the corporate services department, and its fantastic track record of successful cases. Claudio explains, “We tend to use our social media channels to share successful cases and also feedback from clients, and we also make several free informative contents online to educate clients on the migration news, such as live videos, participation in influencers’ channels, ‘Seven tips’, posts, etc.” The Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent border restrictions and lockdowns have severely impacted the migration industry. “Several migration practices have stopped operating, and there was a record of RMAs not renewing their registrations. Nevertheless, even despite the obvious negative impact border restrictions have had in our industry, we have never grown so fast as we are doing now. We started in 2019 with only two RMAs, and we will be finishing 2021 with eight. Additionally, we have four times more staff and have tripled our turnover within these past two years. At the same time, we continue to have outstanding feedback from clients regarding our customer service and dedication to their cases, so we have not grown in detriment of good service to clients, which is very positive.” The main objective and the most rewarding aspect of working at Seven is the satisfaction granted to its clients. Claudio explains, “To be able to call the client at the end of their process and inform them that their application has been approved is priceless. So many times, we have recorded these calls to share on our social media, and in a way, to incentivise other clients and to show that it is possible to reach their migration goals in Australia.” Company: Seven Migration Contact Name: Claudio Garzini Web Address: Email: [email protected]