Legal Awards 2021

APAC / Legal Awards 2021 15 , Best IPR Consultancy Firm - Malaysia Intellectual property has never beenmore valuable in aworld that is becoming increasingly globalized. Protecting your ideas and concepts is vital. Certainly, that’s the approach of the team at Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd, specialists in this field. Recognised for their incredible achievements inAPAC Insider’s APAC Legal Awards 2021, we thought it time to discover some of the secrets of their inimitable success. When we talk of intellectual property, we talk of the concepts and ideas that make us unique. For businesses, intellectual property is a key component in protecting your company from the competition borrowing ideas. Through the implementation of IP protection, namely copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets, firms can move forward, safe in the knowledge that their products and ideas are theirs alone. While this might seem straightforward, the world of intellectual property is one fraught with difficulties, and requires experts in the field, and in the region, to make a real difference. The team at Exy Intellectual Property have built their reputation to the point where they are the ideal partners for companies of all sorts when it comes to this complex matter. Businesses turn to them because they are trustworthy and reliable, able to deliver when it matters most. For the team at Exy Intellectual Property, the protection of intellectual property does not begin in the courtroom, but within the very fabric of the client’s business. They can see clearly that intellectual property isn’t just the ideas of a business, but the products, secrets and designs that make it unique. In short, intellectual property stretches across the entirety of a brand. This makes it essential to protect at all costs. Where Exy Intellectual Property stand apart is their ability to do this while optimizing the business’ endeavors to save costs in the long run. Because the team at Exy Intellectual Property know how much effort goes into the creation of any intellectual property, they are the perfect people to protect it. Their strategies, carefully devised and adapted to the specific needs of their individual clients, are certain to safeguard the precious work that has been done over the years. The team focus only on this field, which means they are not only well- versed in the minutiae of the intellectual property rights scene, but they understand clearly how this can affect the operation of a business in the long run. Over the years, the team at Exy Intellectual Property have helped hundreds of clients to maximize the value of their intellectual property. As such a potentially nebulous topic, many organizations fail to see what can be gained from its careful execution. The work of Exy Intellectual Property is always directed towards the best interests of the business at hand, pushing them to make the most of the remarkable resources that many of them have developed over the years. Those who have engaged Exy Intellectual Property have had nothing to complain about. Their brand is one which is trusted by hundreds and has benefitted just as many. With their modern and specialized approach, one which embraces the details of a case, the team have been able to thrive in a rapidly globalizing marketplace. Needless to say, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd, but thanks to the hard work of the Exy Intellectual Property team, it’s that little bit easier. Company: Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd Name: YeongBoon Ooi Email: [email protected] Web Address: Sep21285