Legal Awards 2021

APAC / Legal Awards 2021 13 , Sep21005 Best Patent Prosecution & Litigation Firm - India A legal firm operating out of India, Saikrishna & Associates has made itself an exemplary pioneer of full-service legal operations in the region. With a singular focus on corporate law, competition law, intellectual property, telecommunications media and technology, corporate law, competition law, and more, this firm has made a name for itself in being comprehensive, diligent, and tenacious. Fundamentally, its work has become synonymous with tier-1 and top-notch service, having gained 19 partners and associate partners since its founding in 2001. Furthermore, its over 100 lawyers each carry their own specialisms and perspectives, meaning it can always find the legal professional perfectly suited to a client’s needs, with Saikrishna & Associates being a company that takes pride in the breadth and depth of perspectives and knowledge found within its ranks. In tandem with all of this, its dedicated services are open to a vast array of clients. Far from just serving its local region, it has gained a client base that spans the entire world as well as the country of India, operating with empathy and sensitivity in order to understand the cultural and lingual implications of working in international legal service. Therefore, it is an expert in all manner of international legislation, and brilliantly suited to litigations and dispute resolution across all manner of different arguments. No matter the legal challenge that a client may be facing in dispute resolutions, prosecution, or enforcement, its commercial, IP, TMT, corporate, and competitive law teams provide innovative and wide-ranging solutions, all of which are able to be tailored to fit a client’s specific business objectives. After all, it knows that no two businesses will need the same legal help. Critically, in this manner, Saikrishna & Associates will always work hard to make its services highly tailored and seamless in order to fit itself around a business’s operations and help a client to reach their goals and objectives. Highly ranked in all manner of industry and domain-specific expertise, its basis in industry teams and practice groups makes for a law firm that can span the entirety of media and entertainment litigation. Moreover, in order to serve the businesses found within these industries and others, it also breaks itself down into more granular proficiencies in order to show its clients just how many specialties are found within its ranks, as it is able to provide legal services for clients operating in telecommunications and electronics, pharma and life sciences, software and artificial intelligence, automotive, FMGG, retail, print publishing, real estate, and energy. Consistently rated as among the best litigations and intellectual property dispute law firms in India, this company is led by Managing Partner and ‘star individual’ Saikrishna Rajagopal. A leader in and of himself when it comes to IP litigation, and accredited as such in 2014, he has been a front runner in intellectual property law for more than a decade and a half. With his expert leadership, and the efficacy held by the rest of the team in the macro scale, this law firm is never bowed by a challenge, and looks forward to helping many more clients as it moves towards the future. Company: Saikrishna & Associates Contact: Garima Sahney Website: Saikrishna & Associates – a legal firm that has made itself a foremost expert in intellectual property law – is a worldwide superpower when it comes to legal disputes. Serving India and the rest of the globe across a variety of industries, it promises that its clients can rely on it for IP litigation, Non-IP Litigations, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution, andmore. In essence, its diligent and highly effective team’s broad range of well-honed skills work hard to achieve client’s goals, work in tandemwith a client’s corporate vision, and consider the full scope of a project in order to achieve the best results.