Legal Awards 2021

12 APAC / Legal Awards 2021 , Best In-House Legal Team 2021 - Singapore Nanyang Technological University is an incredible young university that has beenmaking waves worldwide.With a diligent and tenacious faculty, a solid community of hard-working, innovative students and alumni, and an exemplary in-house Legal &Secretarial Office (LSO) that aids it in all manner of compliance, litigation, and agreementsmanagement instances, NTU has truly just begun its climb to the top. Nanyang Technological University, an exemplary university in Singapore, has recently celebrated in 30th anniversary. Being a relatively young university, this institute of higher learning wasted no time in climbing to the top of the global university rankings system, working hard to spark new and innovative ideas that bring the world into the promise of a new and bright future. Its students, each of whom experience a stunning and invigorating environment, go on to make landmark discoveries and inspire great change, with each of its staff members all dedicated to shaping these young minds and priming them with the knowledge they need to take their chosen fields to the next level. Propelling itself and its alumni to further excellence with every class, it invites the wider world to celebrate the achievements of the past three decades with it. NTU, in recognition of this milestone, has decided to mark the occasion with a time capsule to the opened in the year 2041, inviting alumni and staff alike to contribute to a digital collection of NTU memories and achievements that will be a repository of the dynamic young university’s greatest achievements. Critically, having reached such heights of greatness within three short decades, NTU is excited to see what is next on the docket. Its faculty, alumni, and current students show no signs of stopping as they continually innovate and create further insights and pioneering moves in education, research, and development, and so by the time the time capsule is due to be opened NTU is positive it will have come so much further. Therefore, NTU is consistently thankful to the thought leaders and change makers who have each made this meteoric rise to the top a possibility for the organisation. The NTU community is truly one of the best in the higher education ecosystem, and a big part of this has been the in-house legal team. Each member of staff who works within this diverse and dynamic sector in the University has cut their teeth over years of being a leading mind in their field, able to ply their trade with a breadth and depth of experience that is hard to match. Furthermore, each member of the legal team is deeply committed to NTU’s mission and vision, forever keeping in mind the health and wellbeing of the University’s future as it serves the legal needs of its faculty and students. In 2021, the Legal and Secretarial Office of NTU was awarded the winner of the Asian Legal Business Award for South East Asia’s ‘Compliance and Risk Management In-House Team of the Year’. It was also awarded one of Asian Legal Business’s Top In House Teams in Singapore, and has been a finalist for the innovations award as well, making itself a top-of-the-range and tightly knit department that promises a dynamic and challenging place to work for new hires. Always seeking new and brilliant minds to welcome into the fold, NTU’s Legal and Secretarial office looks for ‘change agents’ who are unwilling to settle for second best, promising an invigorating professional lifestyle in supporting the office of ethics and compliance, as well as advising on a wide range of agreements, disputes, litigations matters, and contentious independent matters. Company: Nanyang Technological University - Legal & Secretarial Office (LSO) Contact: Carol Chia Jia Lin Website: Aug21746