Legal Awards 2021

10 APAC / Legal Awards 2021 , Best Capital Markets Law Firm - South East Asia Aug21262 It pays to trust your legal advice, and the teamat Nurhadian Kartohadiprodjo Noorcahyo, also known as NKNLegal, go as far as possible tomake that true for their clients. Building long relationships in specific fields, they’ve earned incredible success in the APAC Legal Awards 2021. We take a closer look to discover exactly how they’ve done it. NKNLegal was formed in September 2007, and is named after its founders Aji Nurhadian, Sudiotomo Kartohadiprodjo, and Finsa Noorcahyo. Recently celebrating fourteen years of operation, NKNLegal has grown into a trusted organisation with four partners and one special counsel at its core. They are supported by a team of exceptional associates. Like all legal firms, the key to NKNLegal is the desire to satisfy the needs of a client. The size of the business is such that the team can commit to providing the high quality that they need and expect from legal professionals. Much of the firm’s focus is on rendering legal services in corporate-related matters and commercial-related matters, while litigation-related services are also considered, but only on a selected basis. This precision of focus means that the team can offer tremendous support to those who need it. This degree of impressive service is only possible thanks to the efforts of the team who make it happen, and the shared values that ensures the firm is consistently excellent. The advice given is always clear and strategic, as well as being transparent and efficiently implemented by all concerned. Unlike some legal advisors, NKNLegal focuses specifically on practical solutions that not only deliver the outcomes a client would like to see, but protect them from the potential risks that could occur after the fact. The ability of the firm to handle and resolve clients’ various issues has encouraged a strong degree of loyalty which is now a key part of the firm’s business model. In return, the team only engage in litigation areas that reflect the needs of their clients. This means that while focusing on corporate and commercial legal service, they focus on areas such as banking and financing, telecommunications, construction, oil and gas and, of course, capital markets. While the firm is therefore limited to what clients need, it also means that the staff must have an extraordinary range of knowledge on the legal system. The team has grown to have the capacity to deliver advice from every aspect of the legal system. Clients have benefitted significantly from this non-limitation policy and it sets the team apart from many competitors in the field, many of which simply wouldn’t have the ability to offer such an array of services in such disparate fields while offering the same impressively personalised approach. To keep up the demand for their services, the NKNLegal team have recently relocated to a new environment, offering a much more convenient location for clients and staff alike. This move has reinvigorated the company and is certain to provide new impetus for the next few years of the business. Already the team are well on the way to new and exciting levels of success, tackling new rights issues and acquisition projects for their clients, as well as dealing with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving forward, the team would like to target more capital market-related works, acquisition projects, and financing-related transactions. This will allow them to secure more of the market, achieving new heights of success. Company: Nurhadian Kartohadiprodjo Noorcahyo Name: Chandra Bima Prakasa Email: [email protected] Website: