Legal Awards 2020

9 APAC / Legal Awards 2020 , Having been at the forefront of the development of commercial law practice in China for over two decades, there are few better law firms to turn to as an example of excellence than Fangda Partners. Throughout the company’s twenty-seven-year history, it has demonstrated a keen ability to advise clients on some of the ground-breaking transactions seen in the region, or defending its clients in truly unprecedented disputes that few could have foreseen coming. It is for this ability, amongst many other facets of the company, that Fangda Partners has become one of the most dependable and reliable law firms in China and the surrounding areas. Leading companies and financial institutions from all over China’s major cities, and the wider world, have turned to Fangda Partners for legal representation or legal counsel on their most significant legal and business challenges, whether they be transactional or dispute- based. One of the greatest assets that Fangda Partners has its in veritable wealth is Mr George Xu. Mr Xu specializes in corporate mergers and acquisitions, as well as handling a wide variety of foreign direct investment cases. Throughout his career, Mr Xu has advised his clients on many different cross-border acquisitions and joint venture transactions, making him one of the world’s foremost experts on the matter. By understanding the complexity of acquiring and operating companies, Fangda Partners ensure that it can offer value-added legal services that align with their commercial needs. That complexity and difficulty has been exacerbated in recent months, with the introduction of COVID-19 and its rapid spread across the world. The virus increased demand across the board for legal services, and this has brought about many opportunities for Fangda Partners and for Mr Xu. However, this is somewhat counterbalanced by the ongoing and escalating trade negotiations between China and the United States. Whatever happens next, Fangda Partners ensures that it will be ready to help its clients. Best Anti-Trust & Competition Law Firm – China & Best Cross-Border M&A Attorney (China): George Xu Founded over twenty-seven years ago, Fangda Partners is a full-service lawfirm that advises its clients on the laws of the mainland of the People’s Republic of China, and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Armed not only with knowledge and insight, Fangda Partners also houses approximately 700 lawyers in five offices across Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Discover why leading companies and financial institutions fromaround China and the world turn to the firm for its expertise as we explore more about what it has to offer. Aug20140 Fangda Partners Contact: George Xu Website: Taking on the role of being the firm of choice for Chinese and international businesses alike has come with no small amount of responsibility for Fangda Partners, but it constantly rises to meet the need of its clientele. Those needs include solutions to incredibly difficult and complex legal issues, but the whole team is more than capable of delivering such excellence on every single case. Across every case and every client that the firm works with, there is an enormous sense of pride from the team when supporting clients in their establishment, operation, and expansion in China and in international markets. With in-depth industrial knowledge that stretches across industries including manufacturing, automobile, chemical, consumable, logistics, retail, healthcare, education, energy, and resources, Fangda Partners is a truly outstanding law firm. As distinguished as it can possibly be, the firm excels at delivering services to clients that are all-encompassing, and Mr Xu is one of the finest examples of legal brilliance that China has seen for a long time.