Legal Awards 2020

7 APAC / Legal Awards 2020 , After gaining enough experience in employment and immigration matters within well-renowned legal practices across Dandenong, Solicitor Charlie Bulos struck out on his own in 1996 to establish what is now IM & EM Lawyers and Consultants Pty Ltd. Initially a sole practice focusing on immigration matter, the firm later expanded to cover employment law, eventually becoming IM & EM Lawyers and Consultants Pty Ltd. in 2014, allowing Charlie to utilise his profound specialist knowledge to provide legal advice and support. Offering specialist services guarantees clients that the team at IM & EM will have complete knowledge of legal matter concerning issues in these sectors, rather than some knowledge of lots of different sectors. The legal sector being so changeable and constantly evolving, it pays to have the focus, experience and interest in keeping up with specific sectors so as to offer clients the most relevant and comprehensive service possible. This is not to suggest, however, that IM & EM is adamant in their commitment to migration and employment law. Indeed, these sectors being so intertwined with other elements of the law, such as insurance or superannuation, personal injury or discrimination and human rights the firm continues to evolve and develop its services, expanding their knowledge so as to offer clients complete solutions to their legal matters. Combined with thorough analysis, research and collaboration with clients to establish their needs and desired outcomes, IM & EM is able to think creatively to provide legal solutions tailored to each of their clients. Offering reliability and flexibility in prices, IM & EM stands out from their competitors for their efforts to make professional legal services accessible to as many people as possible. The success of their cases is proven by referrals and the positive feedback of clients, as well as the lives they have happily gone onto lead following the execution of their legal procedures. For IM & EM, this is the most rewarding part of their service. As a legal firm, IM & EM is witnessing changes within their industry, most recently the removal of dual regulation of migration lawyers, a significant and long overdue necessity that will see a reduction in costs in the form of fees and charges for both lawyers and consumers Best Migration & Employment Law Firm 2020 - Greater Melbourne With over two decades of experience and accolade principally in immigration law as well as employment-relatedmatters, IM& EMLawyers and Consultants Pty Ltd. was established by solicitor, Charlie Bulos to provide professional and accessible legal services to the Melbourne, Australia area. With his thorough understanding of the intricacies of migration and employment matter and conscientious client care, Charlie with specialist Barristers the firm engages on difficult questions of law and facts are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service. Aug20332 IM& EMLawyers & Consultants Pty Ltd. Company: IM & EM Lawyers & Consultants Pty Ltd. Name: Charlie Bulos Email: [email protected] with the passing of Migration Amendments (Regulation of Migration Agents Bill 2019). In addition, Charlie and his team have also noted the rise of technology and its influence in the sector, reducing the physical work of the delivery of court or tribunal-related communications and services, increasing effectivity while decreasing costs. However, the change is not welcomed by all, with many of the older generations of lawyers having to learn new skills to keep up with the complexities of the new ways of doing things. While the introduction of technology may be a fundamentally exciting update to the legal sector, for many, it is an alienating prospect that presents greater hindrance than help. For IM & EM however, the changes within their sector present opportunities for the firm itself to evolve, with plans for the future that see expansion into a broader repertoire of services relating to employment and migration, allowing them to exceed customer expectations in their offering. With ambitions as high as these, there is no doubt we can continue to expect big things from IM & EM Lawyers and Consultants.