Legal Awards 2020

6 APAC / Legal Awards 2020 , Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia ® is Australia’s leading law firm with over 40-years of combined experience, specialising exclusively in criminal law cases across the nation’s criminal courts. The team are passionate and results-driven, regularly appearing across Australian criminal courts. Over the years, CDLA has become renowned for its high-quality legal representation & a personalised service. No two cases are the same, and the team work tirelessly to adapt to individual circumstances. Unlike their competitors, CDLA criminal lawyers in Parramatta and Sydney don’t have budgets to target each month, meaning there is a strong focus on quality over quantity. Clients see this quality service through the team’s high communication levels and tailored service. The CDLA team has achieved truly outstanding results in some of Australia’s most high-profile and complex cases. While the focus is always on the client, they have unique expertise at presenting a case to a popular audience. Over the years, the team have been invited to appear on popular TV and talk-back radio shows, as well as newspaper articles for legal insight over the years. The firm was founded and is still led by principal lawyer, Jimmy Singh who has dedicated his career to working exclusively in criminal law. He has a driving a passion for providing greater access to justice, meaning that quality legal representation with a unique strong client- centric approach is the aim at all times. These values are shared by the entire team of Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia, and has been the main contributing factor to the firm’s success over the years. Leading Specialists in Criminal Defence Law 2020 - Australia Criminal law is serious business. It requires the best and brightest legal minds to ensure that justice is found. The teamat Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia ® have led the way in the country for several years under the guidance of their principal lawyer, Jimmy Singh. We look at the firm, following its recognition in APAC Insider’s Legal Awards, to see how it has managed to achieve somany years of continued success. Jul20558 Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia ® Company: Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® Name: Jimmy Singh (Principal lawyer) Web Address: The team’s passion towards providing greater access to justice is reflected in their eight conveniently located offices near the criminal courts, 24/7 legal hotline, free initial consults, and their affordable fixed fees across most criminal cases. Uniquely, they also publish freely available original legal articles and videos which are published daily. Their articles provide up-to-date legal information through their social media platforms and website, reaching thousands daily. “Working as a criminal lawyer in Sydney , having represented hundreds and hundreds of clients across Australia has been, and continues to be, a rewarding career. We’ve been able to help so many people get through very difficult times. As criminal defence lawyers, we have a duty to ensure that the law that protects all of our rights, also protects our clients’ rights. Otherwise no one would be protected by the same laws,” says principal lawyer, Jimmy Singh. Some of the most recent legal developments, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic especially, has been the courts implementation of using technology. This has included the use of remote video representation to replace some physical attendances in court. The use of video technology and email correspondences to communicate and represent clients at court has seen many benefits. These include, reducing client costs and dealing with matters in a more time efficient less time-consuming way for lawyers. These developments have allowed the CDLA team to adapt, by implementing the technology required to facilitate these new processes in their offices, which has caused a reduction in lawyers’ travel times, and an increase in productivity. Embracing these solutions is how the team ensures that it is fit for purpose. No matter what the circumstances, nothing will hold them back when it comes to ensuring justice is upheld.