Legal Awards 2020

14 APAC / Legal Awards 2020 , When investors get involved with companies around the world, it’s not surprising that they find themselves in a legal tangle. The challenges that come with working across different legal systems and cultures can be too much for some to bear. Since it first began operations, Horizons has operated as a gateway to emerging markets, making a name for itself as an international organisation. Having begun operations in 1983, this approach has seen many changes over the last few years. 2014 saw the firm transform its operations, maintaining the model of investment advice but adapting it to suit the needs of the present day. The challenge for many businesses has been to adapt to a rapidly changing state of affairs in the legal industry. Even before the impact of COVID-19 across the world, the landscape was undergoing a disruptive change. Alternative platforms and legal technology were already making inroads in the market and, in some instances, providing to be new, better options for today’s ‘real-world’ cross-border business environment. For the team at Horizons, therefore, the decision was made to focus on practical corporate solutions. They have made their offering thoroughly unique with a network that spans 20 global jurisdictions. In a newly globalised environment, the challenge for many businesses is finding ways of navigating through the numerous restrictions that now exist. The challenge for many businesses is not accounting for legal, tax and accounting structures, but to bridge the various cultural and language gaps that currently exist. As a result, the team at Horizons specialises in cross-border investment and serving the corporate lifecycle after an investment is launched in a new market. Their work plays a major role in assisting domestic and multinational companies and investors in all legal requirements and transactions. Horizons believes that the best solutions for most businesses revolve around the provision of local work to achieve global results. Best International Corporate Advisory 2020 & Leading Specialists in Transnational Corporate Transactions 2020 Advising on the world of corporations can be immensely tricky, with the need to account for local, national and international challenges creating incredible difficulties. The team at Horizons Corporate Advisory have held their own in this field for years, empowering businesses to achieve truly astonishing results. We take a closer look at this inspiring firm to see just how they’ve managed to stand apart in this specialist sector of legal expertise. Jul20653 Horizons Corporate Advisory Company: Horizons Corporate Advisory Name: Roberto Gilardino Web Address: With many businesses struggling in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, the firm have established a specialised service package for companies that need a bit more help weathering the storm. With governments all over the world taking different measures to stem the spread of the virus, it can be a challenge to stay on top of each limitation. In China alone, the team have recovered an estimated 855,224,357 EURO for foreign entities – this makes up approximately 3 million EURO per company. Moving forward, Horizons has made a concerted effort to focus on strengthening its digital marketing and social media presence. Usually the legal sector relies on referrals and reputations to thrive, but the potential of new technologies cannot be ignored. In fact, for many businesses, this approach will show how advanced legal and tax approaches and cross-cultural sensitivity and understanding are driving successful outcomes for today’s globally minded clients. This marketing strategy is targeted especially at SMEs looking to enter the Chinese market for the first time. The economic growth of China by 3.2% in the second quarter of 2020 makes it an ideal market for companies to enter during this period of tightening budgets but a desire for new areas in which to grow. Many businesses need a helping hand to thrive, and the knowledge that Horizons, as a company holds, could make a tremendous difference to many. By keeping up with the latest trends and changes across the industry, this is a firm that has thrived for decades, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.