Legal Awards 2020

13 APAC / Legal Awards 2020 , Established in 1904, Griffith Hack has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest specialist Intellectual Property firms, operating in offices all across Australia. Providing commercial and client-centric services predominantly in Patents, Trademarks and IP Litigation as well as Copyright, Design Right, Trade Secrets and Plant Breeders Rights, Griffith Hack works with local, international and multinational companies including Sony, Asahi Beverages and Puma. Since the company’s inception over a hundred years ago, Griffith Hack has continually adapted to the developments in the legal and commercial landscape of Australia, today offering holistic IP services that enable the team at Griffith Hack to advise on IP strategy whilst retaining the individual merits of each individual IP right. Griffith Hack is built around their central philosophy, ‘IP Amplified’, encapsulating the company’s approach to patents, trademarks and designs as risks, opportunities and possibilities. Griffith Hack partners with its clients to build, protect and grow their businesses through IP, not only protecting what they already have but using their existing IP to create new potential and fresh perspectives on markets and brands. While the protection of a client’s IP is Griffith Hack’s priority, they go the extra mile in helping to make the most of their IP through smarter development, performance tracking and management. After all, Griffith Hack would not exist without its clients. Working with a range of businesses that varies in size, industry, location and individual ambitions, Griffith Hack thrives on developing longstanding relationships whilst creating successful solutions in IP protection. Sharing in the commercial success of a client is a privilege for the team at Griffith Hack, who are invested in the outcome of each project. This devotion to providing the very best advice often means engaging in tricky conversations such as the abandonment of ‘passion projects’, but with a team of attorneys that are each lauded for their industry knowledge and commercial acumen, Griffith Hack is able to provide pragmatic advice, realistic risk assessments and open lines of communication to their attorneys at all times. With a team of almost sixty IP specialists including Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys and IP lawyers, Griffith Hack harbours an environment that encourages collaboration between experts of different legal specialities to provide solutions tailored to each client. Although offering a broad repertoire of services, Griffith Hack specialises in Patents, Trademarks and IP litigation. Antipodean IP Law Firm of the Year 2020 After over a century of growth and evolution, GriffithHack has established itself as one of Australia’s largest specialist Intellectual Property firms dedicated to providing commercial and client-centric services locally, nationally and internationally. Focusing on Patents, Trademarks and IP Litigation, GriffithHack offers IP protection strategies and solutions that are tailored to their clients’ needs, ratifying their reputation as a customer-focused lawfirm. Aug20679 GriffithHack Contact: Chris Hornby Company: Griffith Hack Web Address: Patents used to be the predominant feature of IP, yet over the years the details of what elements of IP should be patented have become more complex. Griffith Hack clients benefit from attorneys who are focused on commercial outcomes such as the definition of value propositions and the development of long-term businesses. Meanwhile, trademarks are central to any brand, differentiating themselves within a crowded marketplace. Griffith Hack’s team of trademark specialists are dedicated to getting to know the essence of a brand and offering advice to maximise the protection of their assets. Finally, IP Litigation is a daunting process for any business, and while Griffith Hack are often able to reach amicable agreements before resorting to major litigation, their lawyers also have a strong track record in protecting their client’s when matters proceed to trial. With over a hundred years of experience and expertise in any of these legal practices, Griffith Hack is able to produce the best service and outcomes for their clients every time. As Covid-19 affects not only the legal industry but businesses all over the world, many of Griffith Hack’s clients are taking steps to protect themselves and the firm is taking pragmatic but innovative approaches to help them do so. Internally, Griffith and Hack has also adapted its offering to continue ensuring their clients succeed despite the challenging social climates, including producing virtual seminars and publishing several articles and webinars offering advice to businesses. While operating in the midst of global pandemic presents challenges when looking ahead, Griffith Hack has been working hard to develop their proposition in better alignment with their clients’ needs. As well-known innovators in IP, Principals Sinclair and Hughes have been providing 360 IP perspective to help clients strategize the next step in the evolution of their businesses. Although the future is uncertain, there is no doubt that the services of Griffith Hack will remain vital to Australia’s business landscape.