Legal Awards 2019

9 APAC / 2019 Legal Awards , Sep19265 Dentons Most Feared IP Litigator 2019 - China Withmore than 10,000 lawyers in 175 offices operating in 78 countries, Dentons is the largest lawfirm in the world currently. We profile the firmand its award-winning Chinese office to find out more. Drawing on its immense legal market experience, Dentons is a global law firm driven to provide clients with the competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected marketplace. Dedicated to supporting a wide range of clients, Dentons can build agile and tailored solutions for all clients, no matter they are local, national or global, private or public. The firm’s Chinese branch consists of 45 offices, spanning all of the nations’ provinces and autonomous territories. These offices can provide global support and ensure that clients receive the assistance they need to succeed. Staff at Dentons’ Chinese offices can provide a full range of intellectual property, dispute resolution, and perennial legal counsel for these companies. For example, the firm is able to provide intellectual property services in China for many well-known multinational companies, and offer foreign-related intellectual property services for Chinese companies, including technology transfer in projects such as cross-border mergers and acquisitions. When judging the APAC Legal Awards, APAC Insider Magazine’s judges were particularly impressed by expert IP Litigator Mingyue Dun, who draws on immense market experience to provide clients with specialist support. For more than 20 years, she has been involved in intellectual property infringement litigation, intellectual property administrative protection, and the protection of trademark, copyright and patent rights, including trademark applications, patent applications, copyright registration, domain name protection, customs protection, and due diligence in management and technology transfer and accumulated rich experience in various intellectual property protection. Over the past two decades, Mingyue has aggressively pursued IP counterfeiters by utilizing raid actions in over a hundred cases to promptly stop infringement. To cope with the emerging threat of online counterfeits, she has developed several courses of action for clients to protect their IPR, including online complaints, investigation, administrative action, criminal action, and civil actions. This comprehensive approach has had great success in restraining online counterfeits. By representing large companies in various countries around the world, Mingyue has developed an international perspective and become a talented lawyer with global intellectual property protection experience. Today she is able to work closely with her clients and the team at Dentons to ensure that clients are constantly protected in the ever-evolving IP market. In recent years, as the legal landscape began to shift to favour the client-side a decade ago, Dentons saw the need to adapt to the accelerating pace of the industry’s permanent restructuring. Seeking to enhance its service offering, over the coming years the firm will be pursuing three core strategic combinations; focusing on client-collaborative solutions, and embracing inclusion and diversity (I&D). Dentons intends to continue to scale, innovate, and ultimately build a very different law firm that is always the law firm of the future. For Mingyue and her team, they will build more close connections within the global network of Dentons, in order to better utilize the D2Channel that helps connecting all the lawyers of Dentons globally. As a result of this focus, the team hopes to be able to provide better oversea services for Chinese enterprises and offer counselling for foreign companies over the years to come. Name: Mingyue Dun Address: 7/F, Building D, Parkview Green FangCaoDi, No.9, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Telephone Number: +86 10 58137705 Web Address: